Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daily Outfit: Oh Vogue


Notice the very technical effect of the tripod shadow. That was a carefully planned out manuever on my part <she laughs secretly- they will never know this was a mistake>  I thought it was kindof Vogue-ish for some reason.. anyway.  Can you believe I got this dress for $7.00!!  Not just $7 but 7 Canadian dollars at that!! What a deal. What a steal!!  I love this dress and just recently got these red shoes and just had to pair the two before the last of the warm weather.  I think of these shoes as my Wizard of Oz shoes for some reason.  When I was out on my morning run I also made it fun by finding about 6 more new photo shoot locations.  It gave my run a whole new level of fun.  So you just wait and see, more new great locations coming to a computer screen near you. 

I'll be over with some wine to visit you all tonight!! Toodle dooo for now

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daily Outfit: Git me a GeeeTar

Happy Humpday.  Humpa Humpa.  What a weird way to relate to Wednesday.  Anyway.  I went to Bikrams Yoga this morning and boy was it hard.  Not physically. Mentally.  I had ALOT of chatter going on in my head.  I didn't want to be there, hated some of the positions. Was like Monkey Mind.  Anyway, while finally laying on the floor I had this amazing outfit AHA moment.  That's when I created this outfit in my mind.  I LOVE this dress.  I remember my mom wearing it when I was little.  When I was a teenager I bugged her enough until she gave it to me.  I have worn it off and on over the years and have vowed  to never get rid of it.  I came home and dug it out from under the bed, sprayed it with some mist and threw it in the dryer so it wouldn't smell musty.  I feel like a country and western singer today.  Maybe its the boots. Maybe the dress.  Maybe memories of this old dress and my dad's love of Johnny Cash.  Not sure but at any rate this is my Bikrams inspired outfit today!!

Do you have any clothes from your mom or even your dad that you love and still wear?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daily Outfit: Problems bigger than Greasy Hair

Well hello there! As you can see, I am looking tired and I have greasy hair today.


1. Covered with an oily substance.
2. Producing more body oils than average.

I actually thought my hair looked okay until I saw these pictures.  Oh well, if you stop reading here and now I get it. And just FYI the grease is from all the product from yesterday, yes.!! As for the dress, I got it at the consignment store I went to on the weekend however, notice that the gathering in the front makes me look like I have a pouch hanging in front of me.  Kind of like my aging cat, who when she runs her little stomach pouch sways back and forth. This might have to take a trip back to a different consignment store. The backdrop is at a school and while I was taking the pics this morning there were a bunch of kids doing some kind of running drills and they were running back and forth huffing and puffing right close to my tripod, meanwhile I am thinking "little buggers, you'd better not knock my camera over" hah hah.  Disclaimer: I DO like kids :).  So anyway, I do promise to wash my hair tomorrow to look all clean and presentable for you all and in the grand scheme of things, Think Globally, Stop Racism and Don't Think Small are all much more important things to get our attention anyway.  Happy Tuesday night, off to eat my salmon and steamed broccoli for din din.

Buck Nekkid

Aha! did I get your attention?  Anyway, I just got an email from an friend of mine, Rita, over at Adventures of Cinderita about a photographer friend of hers who does very tasteful  photo shoots for women with no clothes on.  No, the photographer wears clothes silly, YOU have no clothes on.  Meaning, you are naked!!  The whole purpose is to have freedom to 'look good naked'' whatever your body type or your conversation about your body is.  I have never done something like this before and to be honest, not sure if I would. Rita wrote a really great post on her blog about her experience doing this a few years ago.

Would you do something like this, or have you already?  Why/Why not?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Daily Outfit: Quick Feet


These boots are like Wonder Woman boots.  I have super powers wearing them.. I have a heel that means business when I walk (click click click) and I can walk fast, almost run.  All I need is a cape and off I go.
This week is skirt and dress week.  I will be wearing skirts and dresses all week.  I usually do anyway but just thought I would point that out as some useless information!! I have trouble finding pants I like. Either they are too conservative, or they are too tight in the quads (because of my monster leg muscles.. look out!!).

Do you want the chance for a little free shopping?  Then you have to go over and visit Colette at Statements in Fashion and post her a really really really good question, and maybe you will win a gift certificate for Forever 21 (online). You need to become a follower to enter and you should.. man this lady has some awesome style!!  I have a super awesome question for her.. how bout you?  Click here to enter her contest.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daily Outfit: Are you in there?

Happy Sunday. Today I went for a run, then cleaned the house and ALAS, got to go out grocery shopping, which meant an excuse to snaps some pics of an outfit. This blog has made the most simple tasks seem more fun now that it's all in the name of 'more resources for the blog' .  The good (and bad) thing though, is that I took a BIG bag of stuff to the consignment store and they took all of it (good) but I ended up finding new stuff to bring home (bad. well. good. but you know what I mean :).  I have also put myself on a black ban, meaning I am not allowed to buy any black clothing. I have enough black and intend to have more color and pattern in my wardrobe (this certainly helps to justify buying the new olive colored suede purse right??).

Toodle doo for now.  Chat with ya'll (my pretend American accent) this week.  Mwah. xox j


Saturday, September 25, 2010

What to Wear Ideas -September

Am sitting here drinking my tea and getting ready to head out for the long Saturday bike ride. Here's a few What to Wear ideas that I've seen over the past weeks on all those amazing blogs.
Thanks to all the new readers of my blog, its been really fun getting to know you as well as getting new ideas from you.  In fact, I have had several people comment on how much my wardrobe and style has changed over the past months, so mission accomplished!!  (Well, its an ongoing process actually but I guess I am on track!!)

Here's some goodies:

Friday, September 24, 2010

Daily Outfit: Unidentified Animal

 OKAY. What kind of animal print is this anyway? Or is it?  When I wore the matching tank top back in August, the Fiance said it was turtle print, and I thought cow.  But I don't really know.. Any ideas?  So this sweater is angular on the sides so it can work for my body type, and with the belt it is held together.  I actually have a pink belt I need to punch a few more holes in and then thought it would look awesome with this sweater.  Anyway, its Friday, jeans day at work and I am feeling uber productive after our workshop yesterday and am getting tons done today.  Off to a party tonight so I might even post an evening outfit for your viewing pleasure!!  Five hour bike ride scheduled for Saturday and long run for Sunday.  Have to be bikini-ready by the time we head to Hawaii (2 more weeks!!).

Question for the day: What IS this print anyway?  Happy Friday lovely readers, MWAH.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Daily Outfit: You can't See Me

Good early morning ladies (and Pete and Wilbur :)  I was up and out early this morning to catch the 7am ferry to Vancouver for a Productivity Workshop and in fact, I am on the ferry writing this now!  You can't see me, but I am waving to you.  Hi Jess!!  Hey Colette, you would love the earrings I am wearing... :)  Rita- don't call me at work today, I'm not there!! Anyway. I am wearing this loose blouse with a pair of straightleg jeans and my snakeskin patterned flats.  This is comfort wear for a day of looking at where and how I waste my time at work and in my life (nooooo, never) and how to be more peaceful AND productive.  My colleague and I are doing this course so it helps with effective time and project management and we are both really excited about it.  She is wearing Lululemon clothes so will be ultra comfortable as well- and I am jealous of her since she is gorgeous and ALWAYS looks good- even with no makeup!!.  Vancouver is a pretty gorgeous and clean city with lots of mountains and of course, GOOD SHOPPING!   
I will be back tomorrow with a proper outfit for you, I promise!!  Have a super awesome day and if you are interested in being more productive I am happy to share what I learn.
*Side note : I think they might tell me that reading fashion blogs during work hours is a distraction but I beg to differ :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daily Outfit: Throwing Rocks at Birds

Oh you caught me. I was throwing rocks at birds this morning on the beach... Hah hah, well, not really.  I live close to the beach but don't go down there for photo shoots cuz it's always crawling with people.  Good visual isn't it. Can't you just imagine people crawling all over the beach?  Why do people say that anyway?
Local ladies- you would have seen this outfit the other night at our seminar.  Yes, I am wearing this 2 x in 1 week. If you think that's gross, well, I am saving water!
This is one of my favorite outfits for several reasons:
1.  I love black
2.  While I am wearing a sweater (even after saying yesterday I don't like sweaters.. oh what a hypocrit) this one is fitted.
3.  I LOVE this scarf.  And please, anyone that knows where I can get tights with this print you have to tell me NOW :)
4.  I could live in these boots.  I bought them 2 years ago in San Francisco and they feel like a glove.  Me thinks I need different socky-things with them cuz the ones I am wearing look like gramma compression socks.
4.  I LOVE Turquoise.  I have a necklace to match this and want more and more turquoise!!

Hi to new followers!! This is SO exciting.  I have been keeping this blog somewhat secret.  I have been being stingy and not sharing about it with people that I know really well.  I have been feeling shy about them maybe thinking I am self absorbed by photographing myself (I know, its probably crazy).  Anyway, so I am really happy to meet new other bloggers and friends. And I promise to tell my friends about this.

Did any of you you feel shy/embarrased/? about sharing your blog with people when you first started it? 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daily Outfit: Trying to copy a copy

Alright. I saw an outfit on Kendi that was a copy of  Vanessa and I really liked the outfit. Hmmm what can I do to copy this?
1.  They have long hair, mine is short so no luck there (for a few years anyway!
3.  I am clearly alot bigger than both of them. Oh well. Okay so no chocolate tonight :)
2.  I can't wear the boyfriend blazer.  For the hourglass figure open jackets do not work (and besides I got rid of my long blazers in the 80's.  So I had to go with a sweater, green one at that. With a few buttons done up to give some shape.
3.  Leopard Skirt-- Well, Vanessa's is animal spotted, Kendi's is kindof Flintstone spotted and mine is more like 60's circles.. so kindof close :).  Fitted skirt- bonus for my body type.
4.  Shoes- Vanessa's black flats- I don't do flats with skirts- My legs are too muscular and with large ankles it  looks like I stopped and crushed the heel down. Oh No.  Kendi's shoes- well I don't have nude or camel pumps so went with the neutral slide
5.  I don't live in Texas (Kendi) or an Australian living in London (Vanessa). Instead I live about 1/2 km from the Mile Zero marker in Victoria, BC.

And half way through the day I am reminded of how I do not like wearing sweaters like this. All I can say is Frumpy. That's how I feel in this sweater so it's good to note in terms of things to get rid of or keep for the 'feel good' factor.

What clothes do you have that give you the "Feel Good" Factor?  Those items that you know look good on you and you naturally feel good in? (Collette- I bet the answer is Jewelry. Period. End of Story :)

6 Wardrobe Items Your Style Can’t Live Without (YouLookFab)

Great post from Angie over at YouLookFab

6 Wardrobe Items Your Style Can't Live Without

Fabulous Colour Expert and Designer Maria Killam from Colour Me Happy inspired this train of thought with her recent newsletter article on 5 Accessories Everyone Should Have in Their Home. I tried to come up with an equivalent list, but outfit accessories are such a personal choice that I found it impossible to suggest the 5 accessories everyone should have in their wardrobe.

Instead I’m doing the 6 wardrobe items your style can’t live without. I don’t usually generalize about this sort of thing, because age, lifestyle and fashion persona play such a crucial role in determining what wardrobe items are best for you. But just for fun I gave it a bash! So here they are:
  1. A jaw-dropping pair of jeans: Any silhouette, any wash, as long as you feel KILLER when you wear one of fashions most extraordinary clothing inventions.
  2. A beautiful pair of boots: Luscious handbags aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but boots evoke lots of positive emotion. Any style, any colour, as long as you feel powerful when they grace your feet.
  3. A delectable dress: A women is ultra-feminine when she wears a dress and it’s as simple as that.
  4. A jazzy jacket: To quote Kendall Farr from her new book, Style Evolution, “a jacket that fits well defines the body and is the most essential wardrobe miracle worker for women of every shape and size”. I wholeheartedly agree that a superb jacket does incomparable things for one’s style.
  5. A happening hairstyle: Your hair can make or break your look. Our outfits feel most fab when our hair feels fab. Not so?
  6. A spectacular smile: This isn’t exactly a wardrobe item but you do wear a smile. When I catch a glimpse of warm and genuine smile, I don’t even notice the outfit the person is wearing. Instead, I’m totally captivated by their face. You don’t need to have perfect teeth or luscious lips to have a spectacular smile. A brilliant grin straight from the heart does the trick.
Does this list resonate with you? How would you change the list? How many of the items do you have covered?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Daily Outfit: Purple People Eater

Oh I love fall.  The colors. The sun. The leaves. Sweaters. Boots. Kale. Spaghetti Squash. Beans.Trip to Hawaii! I spent a good portion of the weekend writing  a funding proposal for work.  I was up late last night and early this morning and didn't plan out anything to wear.  So today, I am wearing a dumb outfit. Dumb, I say, because it isn't a good one and I look frumpy and boring. BUT I am smiling. SEEEEE? I am smiling. At least part of a smile.  One thing I really LOVE about this blog, and taking pics daily is actually seeing how outfits look from a one-dimensional perspective, without the emotional aspect that seems to come with looking in the mirror.  Do you know what I mean?  I guess I mean it seems more objective looking at a photo instead of judging how it really looks in the mirror.  It is easier to see what difference a belt would make, or that you should just kick those pants to the curb.

How bout you? Do you notice a difference between seeing your outfits in the mirror versus seeing the photo of you wearing it?

Sunday, September 19, 2010


~ Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been. ~  Mark Twain

Happy Sunday. I was just looking through my blog and really see how much I don't smile in my pictures.  I'm a happy person and I do laugh and goof around alot.  In fact sometimes I try to be a bit less goofy.  I always just think I don't have a naturally smiley face, but maybe  that's not true?  Maybe I am just not capturing the moment well when I take my own pics. Hard to say.  But what it makes me think about is, if this is how I look in pictures, maybe this is what people see on my face on a day to day basis.  And if so, maybe I don't look all  that friendly (at least that's what I think :).  Anyway, I am going to ponder this abit as well as play around with smiling.  Today is my smiling experiment (not sure what exactly that means but I will come back and let you know :)

Do you consider yourself 'naturally smiley' and if not, how do you capture your smile for photos?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Daily Outfit: Ripping Kale one Leaf at a Time

Happy Saturday.  I did a 3 hour ride with 2 friends who are training for Silverman which is an ironman distance triathlon in Nevada coming up.  Then off I went grocery shopping for some kale and other ingredients for this amazing Kale Salad that is sooo goood.  I am going to one of my training partners house for a girls dinner and a movie night (we are going to watch Sex and the City) tonight.  I love the odd time I get to go out since now that I have this blog its an excuse to dress up (gotta do it for the blog, right?). Tomorrow is a 2 hour run and then I get to take a  girlfriend shopping.  She called today to see if I could give her some suggestions for outfits so I can't wait.  I am totally excited and will take my camera and get some shots of her.
If you happen to be so inclined to break out and be healthy, the recipe for that salad is below.. I LOVE it.
Bye for now chicky-poo's, I've  got a salad to make!!

Emerald Kale Salad
2 heads kale
1/4 cup olive oil
3 T. sesame oil
1/4 cup nama shoyu, soy sauce or tamari  ( I use Tamari)
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 cup sesame seeds
Wash kale and break into bite size pieces. Place kale pieces into sealable container with both oils. Shake container HARD to bruise kale. Add tamari, garlic and sesame seeds. Shake a bit more and eat.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Daily Outfit: Rit Dye Kinda Day

Nothin like $2 bucks for a box of Rit Dye.  I bought this white top from H&M awhile back and wore it here, and felt too much like Robin Hood. Plus I personally don't find that white does much for me.  So I got some wine colored dye (come to think of it, why didnt I just dump wine all over it? no, that would be wasting wine.. okay okay...) and now really like this shirt.  So that was fun, the dying adventure.

Ladies, what I am curious about is how do you take better pics of yourselves?  I have a pretty nice camera and am learning, but man some of you look like you have professional photographers doing your pics... what's with that? I am so envious.. granted, you are all so gorgeous you look good all the time anyway but PLEASE, I need some help!!!  Any tips?  What are your secret self-photography tips?   I would love to hear them!!! Oh Yeah.. Happy Friday!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daily Outfit: What's over There?

This is the coolest top. You can wear it like a cowl neck, or a wrap, or as a hood. The other shots that would show you  this  didn't turn out because I was hurrying. There was a group of Japanese Tourists coming toward me in the park and I didn't want to be a Canadian specimen for their photo albums back home.  I was inspired to break out the leggings after the post on leggings the other day and have been thinking about the leopard or animal print tights I HAVE to HAVE.  Yes, I have a one track mind today. Animal print tights and I will mow down anyone or anything in the way of me getting them.. Ha ha.  What fashion items do you have a one track mind about?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daily Outfit: Hand me your Boarding Card

I always feel like I work for Air Canada when I wear scarves like this.  I am really behind at work right now- had to work til late last night and then was up early this morning and off to 6am Bikrams Yoga.  I had someone tell me I looked tired today and I don't know about you, but in my world they might as well say "You look like crap".. but anyway, thats just what I hear when I see their lips flapping.  After seeing Sal's post on leggings (that I posted earlier today) I am now on the lookout for some animal print tights  to wear with my new boots and a tunic... the hunt begins!!

How to Wear Leggings (by Already Pretty)

You must go over and check out the comprehensive post on leggings.  A reader request, Sal outlines many different ways to wear leggings.  My favorite are her black animal print ones with the ankle boots!! Oh Yeah!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daily Outfit: Sandals Weather

I like to squeeze in wearing sandals as long as possible.. even though you all know I LOVE BOOTS, I still love having my little piggies free (didn't your mom ever call your toes little piggies? You know, this little piggy went to market... this little piggy stayed home...?  If not, please ignore me :)  Anyway, came home at lunch and the light was weird for photos so I did it in B+W.  My top is brown and white pinstripe, brown belt (I practically live in this belt) and taupe/carmel colored skirt, camel colored sandals.  And I have a bad hair day today- cant seem to style it like the hairdresser did, that's another thing I would love to learn is good hairstyling skills.  Hello to new readers.. would be great to see you on the follower list so that we know you, and would love to say HI.- ps. I am friendly, I just don't smile in photos :O

Monday, September 13, 2010

Daily Outfit : San Fran

San Francisco was great. I was  there for a leadership course and had limited shopping time so I had to be very intentional.  Of course I hit Anthropologie (that's where I got this CUTE red top!!) and then went boot shopping.  I must admit, I am not completely sold on the flat boots yet. To me they look like RCMP (cop boots). I like the riding boot look but most of the ones I saw were so masculine looking.  At any rate, I did get a cute pair that you will of course see me wearing really soon.  I also got some really great tights and can't wait to come up with some ideas for those!!

Fall 2010 Colors

I just met with a friend who does color consulting and she listed a bunch of the colors that are the trend for Fall 2010 and I just saw them listed on Inside Out Style.  Here they are:

Image from: Inside Out Style: Colours to Look out For

For me, I am better in rich, darker colors and my best ones include: Living Coral, Lipstick Red, Purple Orchid, Chocolate Truffle and can wear Rose Dust.  It makes shopping so much easier and more fun knowing what colors look good on you, AND you get to look good in everything you wear- how cool is that!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fashion 101 Tutorials from Academic

Happy Sunday from San Francisco!
If you happen to have some internet surfing time this weekend, here's a really good resource from Academichic.  Its a Fashion Tutorial with 15 different segments.

Also, if you have any clothing in your closet that you don't wear, but would like to- perhaps you just need some ideas for what you could wear it with, you have to get Collette from Statements in Fashion to do a revamp for you.  If you send her some pictures she will put together some outfit ideas for you.  She has awesome ideas and especially rocks the jewelry!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Daily Outfit:Mrs Doubtfire

When I opened the suitcase under my bed this morning to begin packing for my trip to San Fran I realized it was full of clothes.  On top of the pile was this old dress I bought at a thrift store and never wore it cuz the fiance called it the "Mrs. Doubtfire Dress".  Well, nothing a wide belt can't fix.   I have to say I love wearing boots and skirts of all kinds.  Now, I don't think this outfit is too radical by any means, but when I went in to work this morning I had this feeling people were looking at me, almost annoyed that I'm not just dressing in a white shirt and plain skirt like they do.  Luckily, they don't work for my organization (yes, I am the Director), they are just other's sharing the building. Here's to you, people in my  building- this dress cost me $1.50 and I LOVE IT. So there. Yeah!

Lovely Ladies: Trish

My Seriously Sparkly Tour de France

I recently traveled for a month through France and found the pack for the trip the most simplistic I have ever experienced. Due to the airline regulations of baggage and the fact I was going to be train hopping, I was committed to easily managing bags on my own.  I packed for 7 days and made sure I could mix and match each item. My most favorite items that I wore daily on my trip were my sparkly bling shoes, my seriously sparkly back pack, and one of my 7 colourful silk scarves.


My bling sparkly shoes ended up being perfect for walking, even though I had brought ‘sensible sandals’, I ended up wearing my bling ones as they had me feel so feminine and sexy no matter where I was or what I wearing.  My seriously sparkly back pack became the theme of my whole trip, hence ‘Seriously Sparkly Tour’.  I loved the sparkles as well it was a very sensible item to have. And did I mention how much I loved the sparkles.?  Sure beat dressing down with a pack from MEC.  And my silk scarves....ooooo....the moment I would wrap one around my neck, my inner goddess immerged.  In fact..she took over.  I felt sexy and capable where ever I was...and if I ever had a moment of feeling lost on what ever road I traveled, I would just touch my scarf to remind myself of sexy capable me. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Daily Outfit: Need some Pop

You will never catch me with a pop that's FOR SURE.  I stay away from the stuff.  Apparently I stayed away from pop for this outfit today too.  After I saw the photos I realized I didn't add anything to highlight or make this pop. Well, live and learn.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE boots though and I really adore wearing them with shorter skirts and can't wait to buy a few new pairs on my upcoming trip to San Francisco.  These Fryes are cute- chunky and abit bad a$$ if you ask me...

I am curious to know what kind of boots you have or want to buy for this Fall/Winter season? What do you think is hot?

Defining your body (from Already Pretty)

I just saw this great post on Sal's blog at Already Pretty and thought I would post it for you here:

Defining Your Body
The world expects you to define your body in certain terms. Waist size, bust size, height, weight. These measurements should figure into your holistic view of your physical self, but they needn’t be the only factors. And spending some time in front of the mirror looking at and learning about your shape can completely transform how you conceptualize your body.

Why is it important to become familiar with your personal physical terrain? Well, how can you love something that you don't understand? Seeing yourself is key to accepting yourself, and accepting yourself is a huge first step toward loving yourself.

So. Get naked. Or if you’re not fond of naked, strip down to your undies. Now haul out a full-length mirror and make sure you’ve got some decent light in the room. When you peer at your reflection, what aspects strike YOU as your defining physical traits? Which bits are markedly large, small, or relatively out of proportion? Do you have a prominent stomach, long neck, tiny feet? Do your arms seem short, your shoulders broad, your breasts small? Does your torso seem much longer than your legs, or vice versa? Look at everything, not just the major quadrants like hips, midsection, and bust. Examine your wrists and ankles, leg and arm length, calf circumference. Try not to judge yourself and DO NOT use someone else’s body as a point of comparison. Just take a long hard look, and note the features of your physical form that seem to define it.

Let’s use me (Sal) as an example. I have fairly broad shoulders which makes my B-cup breasts seem relatively small. My hips and thighs are full, which makes my natural waist appear bitsy. My feet are well-proportioned to my muscular calves, but my hands and wrists are small compared to my arms. My face is large and rectangular, but my enormously bushy hair offsets its blunt angles.

Notice how I am describing my features mainly in comparison to my other features. What’s the point in comparing my boobs to Salma Hayek’s? Even if I had her boobs, I wouldn’t have her stature, her shoulder span, or any other aspects of her figure. Her boobs would look totally different on my frame. I’d rather focus on how my boobs interact with other aspects of my frame.

Ideally, this type of examination and evaluation should feel enlightening, scientific, and informative. You should be sating curiosity and gathering knowledge about how you are truly formed, comparing personal proportions with interest and tenderness. If you devolve into trash-talking yourself for having a prominent stomach, long neck, or tiny feet, remember: You are giving yourself a lesson in yourself. How can your stomach, neck, or feet be bad or wrong? They’re yours, and always have been, even if this is the first time you’ve recognized and acknowledged them. Welcome your defining traits into the fold like old friends. Because they are, and always will be.

Disproportionate is not bad. Big is not bad. Tiny is not bad. Uneven and unusual and unexpected are not bad. Familiarizing yourself with your body, just as it is, should prove your individuality in the best possible way. No other body is like yours, and that’s fantastic. FANTASTIC, I tell you! Stop comparing your figure to the figures of other women, and don’t define yourself wholly on the dry, soulless numbers that explain your dimensions. Decide for yourself what makes your body yours.

And then decorate it and celebrate it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog Award: Thank You!!

Well, this is totally cool.  I just got a "Blog with Substance" Award from Rita over at The Adventures of Cinderita.  How exciting, even though I don't have many followers showing on my blog list, there are actually quite a few people who come over to visit me here.  Rita has been one of my biggest fans and friends since the beginning so Thank- You Cinderita!!!

I am passing this award on a variety of people who inspire me- either I borrow outfit ideas from them, I learn  tips and tricks, I am just wow'd by their style or I laugh like crazy when I read their blogs.  The idea is to pass this along to those who inspire you (like pay it forward).  Drum roll please....

Angie at YouLookFab
Amazing tips and resources. This was the first fashion blog I began reading and have learned so much from Angie!

Sal is so generous and always has great posts with thought-provoking questions and comments, not to mention tips, tricks and outfit ideas.

Kendi Lea at Kendi Everyday
I copy Kendi's outfits alot (or at least try to).  And man she makes me laugh!!!

This was also one of my first fashion blog finds and  I am hooked. Kasmira always has creative and funky ideas, GREAT color and pattern mixer!!

My fashion friend from the UK. Emma has great photo shoots and outfits. Me wanna visit there!!

Gorgeous and Amazing style!! Wish I was so elegant.

Londyn at Blogfashion
Friends with Kasmira, Londyn's blog was also one of the first ones I stumbled upon and have gotten some great ideas from her.

I just saw Marisa's blog recently and boy I was inspired. She is making a dress a day. She takes old clothing and makes new outfits out of ie. tent dresses and moo-moos. She is ultra creative!!!

Daily Outfit: Scramble

What a scramble this morning!! I went to be late last night and didn't plan out any outfits, fall outfits that is. I went off to Bikrams Yoga first thing this morning and when I got home ended up with an explosion of clothes all over my bed after rummaging through the closet trying to find something weather-appropriate while also trying to get ready and to work ontime.  The first few attempts resulted in frumpy pants (all my pants are too big now and saggy in the arse) or one of the boring ol non-descript outfits I used to wear.  ALAS, Bombshell always works for my body type so I was proud to put this together in a mere few seconds.  Apologies for the backdrop as well.  I guess now I need an outdoor overhang or some fantastic patterned umbrellas for my photos.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Confessions of a Closet Fashionista

I am not sure if I can go as far as calling myself a Fashionista, but here goes.  About 5 years ago I was a participant in a leadership course and after about 5 months of the 7 month course I had this positively life-altering AHA moment.  I got this to the bone. Have you ever gotten something 'to the bone', like you totally got it?  Well, what I got in the moment was that people are going to think whatever they think about me, no matter what.  And no matter what I do or say, I have no control over what they think.  I had always known that conceptually but in this particular moment  a huge space opened up for me to be free to be completely and utterly myself. Nothing else. To not worry or care or let what others might think of me stop me from doing, saying or wearing the things I wanted. I had the experience of being so free and alive and unstoppable.

I also realized  that up until that point, I had  been dressing carefully.  I didn't want to stand out too much, or not fit in, or be too fashionable, or be too plain.  I wanted to portray a really neutral image so that no one would notice or judge me.  I had grown up being the only girl with 2 brothers and because I was tall and strong I was also athletic.  I dressed in sporty and outdoorsy clothes and thought that clothes that were too girly would make me look like I was helpless and fluffy (I know, I know I am rolling my eyes too!!) or maybe even too sexy.

Anyway, so about 5 years ago after this AHA moment and having this space open up for me to be free and self expressed- whatever that expression was for me, I began to get more excited about clothing, jewelry and fashion and colors overall.  I bought my first pink skirt, I began buying great shoes with killer heels,  I experimented with funky jewelry and leopard print scarves!!  So many people have commented over the years about how much I have transformed my look and wardrobe, and girlfriends even ask me to take them shopping and help them pick out great outfits now.  I love this, and I love it when we see something new about ourselves and be generous in sharing what we saw with other people, it can make a difference for others too.

My question to you, dear readers, is what would you really love to wear that perhaps you don't give yourself the permission to wear (for whatever reason).

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daily Outfit: Long Weekend

What a relaxing long weekend. AND it happens to be our 9 year anniversary today.  We went to brunch with our fellow teammates to celebrate our Ironman finish and then fiance and I went for a long walk with the camera to walk off all the food we ate.  Shhh but heres an idea of what I ate: bacon, croissants, smoked salmon, eggs benedict, brie, pecan pie and chocolate banana pudding with LOTS of whipped cream.  What you don't know about me is I never eat this kind of stuff!! We are organic, raw foods, very healthy eaters so this was a binge-fest.  I must admit, I loved it!!!  On our walk I of course stopped by a couple of shops and am so excited about the 3 new items I got at an extreme sale: snakeskin print wide belt, animal print scarf and a long multiple-strand chain necklace.. can't wait to put together some new outfits!!  The pic above isn't so flattering and I am defying some of the rules for my body type (avoid this kind of top and lower-waisted pants) but whatever, its the weekend :).  Hope you are all having a great one too!!