Friday, September 17, 2010

Daily Outfit: Rit Dye Kinda Day

Nothin like $2 bucks for a box of Rit Dye.  I bought this white top from H&M awhile back and wore it here, and felt too much like Robin Hood. Plus I personally don't find that white does much for me.  So I got some wine colored dye (come to think of it, why didnt I just dump wine all over it? no, that would be wasting wine.. okay okay...) and now really like this shirt.  So that was fun, the dying adventure.

Ladies, what I am curious about is how do you take better pics of yourselves?  I have a pretty nice camera and am learning, but man some of you look like you have professional photographers doing your pics... what's with that? I am so envious.. granted, you are all so gorgeous you look good all the time anyway but PLEASE, I need some help!!!  Any tips?  What are your secret self-photography tips?   I would love to hear them!!! Oh Yeah.. Happy Friday!!


  1. Hello. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I've edited the post to explain the process of converting my wrap dress to a top.

    As for photography, things get a whole lot easier if you do your photos outside (scary, but you get used to it), use a big depth of field (which means a lot of the photo is in focus and therefore you don't have to worry as much about getting the focus spot on) and for me, mix and match my backdrop.

    Having said that, your photos look good. And I love the colour combination on this look. I am seriously thinking that I am going to have to try burgundy and teal soon.

  2. Hi Jodi...LOVE you dye job babe:) I an see this being worn a TON:)

    As far as photos (mot sure if you re referring to mine, lol..just adding my 2 pennies) my 17 yr old daughter takes almost all of them. I have a Canon Digital Rebel....LOVE it. I agree about taking the photos outside if possible. I recently purchased a tripod for my camera, just in case my sweet one isnt home...I tried it, just felt like a bunny hopping back and forth to see if the pic came out.....I LOVE your pics...I think you are doing fab...and besides, there is always photoshop to lighten things up where nature couldnt outside:)

    Have a fabulous weekend!
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  3. Love the colors in your outfit! Just came across your blog is its petty cool. Nice style!


  4. Looking amazing as usuall... i love how those colours suit you! I really like your necklace...

  5. I take almost 90% of my own photos and I only have a sony cybershot point and shoot. Here is what I do:

    ALWAYS take them outside, natural light does wonders to your skin tone and that every once in a while a gentle breeze blowing through your hair does not hurt either. Plus, just a slight change of angle can give you a whole new background for your photos.

    I am no good with photoshop, so I use Picasa. It's free to download and very easy to use. If you have trouble with it, just email me of leave a comment and I'll share some more step by step instructions with you.

    Buy a tripod and if possible a remote. A tripod makes sure your camera is secured safely on the ground, the photos are straight. A remote eliminates the bunny hopping with the self timer.

    Oh and try not to face the sun directly, that might create harsh shadows under your eyes. Let the sun light you up from the back. Sometimes my sun facing photos come out gorgeous, but those must be by miracle.

    Hope this helps. BTW I'd love for us to keep in touch via google or bloglovin. Getting to know other Canadian fashion enthusiasts was my main reason for blogging. Let me know how you fel about that.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  6. First of all what an amazing outfit. The purplish top is beautiful, great dyeing job. I especially love the Turquoise jewelry. Also, your photos are nice. Mine from what you have seen thus far, my husband has photohraphed for the most part. However even-though he has had a ton of practice with me, he gets tired and it gets old. Men don't have time or patience for our fashion escapades, every day. I plan on buying a tripod and learning how to position the camera on its own and take my own photos. I really need too.

    I love how everyone above has given us nice tips too, especially Trishna. Thanks for your awesome tips Trishna and I am sure you're a fashionable lady. I plan on following your blog from now, on.