Tuesday, October 30, 2012

$0.50 buys you a purple skirt

Lightweight cotton crocheted skirt with lining. I saved this baby from a cute little local thrift store between work meetings today. I had about 30 minutes to grab lunch between meetings and happened upon this new and cute little store.  Fifty cents for this skirt.

What would YOU wear it with???

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Walking in the Rain

Long walk in the rain on Saturday. Made me think of this old song:

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sneaking in the Halls

Happy Friday!  I have a packed day and evening today. When would I take outfit photos I ask myself? And how can I be more regular on my blog rather than logging in and dusting off the ol cobwebs  every few weeks?

I brought what I call my 'baby camera' today (Pentax Optio 70 tiny little thing) and my little gorillapod, both of which fit easily and discretly into my lunchbag.  I was thinking I could snap a photo from some great location downtown before one of my meeting but did it at work instead.
Now while the quality isn't the greatest (you may not know I am a perfectionist...) this is a little project I can play with-- how to get REALLY good photos from a baby camera.  Lets see how this project progresses over time in the face of not having my BIG and awesome camera.

I feel like a granny in this $0.50 skirt but do love it.  I rode my upright dutch bike to work and felt very Euro with the skirt flapping in the wind.

Hope you have a super awesome friday .I am wired on Yerba Mate tea already but hey, its a good start to the weekend.. yabba dabba doooo!!
xo J

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Going for Comfort

Not fun getting dressed in the mornings lately. My wardrobe occurs like it SUCKS. Boring. I am bored with it.  Do you go through highs and lows with your wardrobe and what you have in the closet. I mean, realistically I do not have a shortage of clothing.  It's a shortage of creativity with my outfits.

Maybe its just the season. Maybe its because I am so busy at work.  It feels like fashion takes a back seat these days.

How bout you?  Do you focus on your wardrobe more when you have less going on in the rest of your life?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Calling all Purse Snatchers

Dear Purse Snatchers. If you ever see me wearing this outfit again I am an easy target. Let me tell you I can NOT run in this skirt. JESUS I can barely walk in it!!  So I thought I got a good deal on a cute little pencil-like skirt.  Get up this morning. Put new skirt ON.  Leave for work (with only about 10 minutes before I am going to be late).  Can BARELY walk.  Is it just me? Maybe my legs are large like old growth forest cedar stumps or something- could it be that this was designed for someone with wide hips and spindly little legs?  I have no idea who the designer thought would be wearing this but I would sure like to see the person.  I had to walk with baby steps all the way to work and was exhausted by the time I got there (and YES I am a long distance triathlete!!).  AND THEN I had to walk up the stairs sideways!! I felt like a crab trying to scurry up to second floor.

At any rate, 2 compliments " cute skirt" and " I LOVE your ring".  At least if purse snatchers do come for me I have my gargantuan ring as my secret weapon!!!  Any suggestions for what to do with the skirt???

Hope you're all having a super awesome day! xo J

Monday, October 22, 2012

Reliable Leopard Skirt

Where to start?  Well, I do think that while it may say that I have X number of followers, not that many people actually follow this blog- well, I don't really KNOW. There are a few who comment, a few who read and don't comment but otherwise I really don't know what happens on this blog in terms of readership.   AND I often wonder if this is just some frivolous thing to do- take photos of myself in my outfits-- does it really make any difference for others or is is just some weird self gratitude in terms of seeing myself in outfits and provides guidance from an other perspective on how I see myself.  Hard to say.  I haven't been as active visiting other peoples blogs for quite a while- mainly for 2 reasons: 1.  Busy at work.  2.  Tons of triathlon training. That said. I do visit other blogs regularly. I do look for outfit ideas. I do want to know how my favorite bloggers are doing and see what they are wearing and hear what they are thinking.  I have NOT been posting comments on this favorite blogs regularly hough.  For those of you who I have not been commenting on lately, but did in the past- please do not take it personally- its weird- I may have never met you but I consider you a friend. I hope you are doing well. I think about the things you share. I wonder how you are doing. I hope we stay connected. You are a part of my life.  I love blogging for this  reason. The worlds away connection. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Oh, and about my outfit. I am trying to figure out how to wear longer hair. As you know, its always been short. Now I have longer hair and I ride my bike to work. How can I have a nice hair style and ride my bike at the same time? Messy bun with hairpins falling out. Thats me.

Love ya all, xo J

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Ride em cowboy!  I must admit. I love cowboy boots. The new version anyway.  Time to get out shopping for some new clothes- I am seeing alot of boho type stuff in the stores- furry vests, blouses with feathers and leather detailing. Not sure if this would suit me but a girl can try it on for fun right?

Hope you're having a super weekend!! xo J

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another day in paradise

 The expo opened so we headed around all the booths to collect some goodies and see all the famous pro's.  Just hangin with Craig Alexander :)
At the Kona market.  What I love about this place is that organic fresh fruit and veggies are LESS expensive than the stuff you buy in the store. In my opinion this is the way it should be everywhere. 

Went to a gathering for Slowtwitch which is a forum for triathletes.  There were about 400 people there and we got to chat with and get a photo with Chrissie Wellington. Photo quality is not great but so what!!
Hope all is well for all you fashionistas. xo J

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a date at 13,000 ft

 Today's adventure was above the clouds. We drove up to Mauna Kea, which is pretty wild being up above the clouds at 13,000 ft.  They warn about altitude sickness and we actually both did feel abit weird but not enough for it to bother us.  It was really windy as you can see.. and you can also see that this is another ' Jodi Unplugged' holiday. No I am not the girl with the maxi dress and flowers in her hair when I am in Hawaii. Instead I am in sporty clothes running, hiking and swimming every day, and its a pleasure to go without makeup and not care how I look!!  Give a girl a tan and she is ready to go!!

We are half way through our trip. Fiance does Ironman Hawaii on Saturday so that will be a big day. WOW all I can say is there are some absolutely enviable and drool-able bodies walking around town.  Top triathletes from around the world are here.. all the ones I read about in Triathlete magazine. and there they are in the grocery store buying gatorade and papayas. RAWR :)  In all seriousness, it is very inspiring and I am so close to qualifying to compete in this race myself I am going to continue to work hard to get here!!  Over and out from the deck of our poolside condo!! woo hoo

Sunday, October 7, 2012

What to wear when you say Aloha

Today's adventure was a drive up island to Waimea- rancher land and very beautiful. Theres this long red road (Mana Road) that we love running on so I had the pleasure of getting in a 1 hour 45 min run through Hawaiian ranchland and absolute peace and quiet.  That was followed by a stop at a funky coffee shop where I had a really great yerba mate/coconut tea.  On the way back to Kona we stopped and made a coral heart in the lava for a friend who collects heart and love photos (mentioning no RITA names:)

Finished off the day with a swim and now relaxing as the sun goes down.  Oh yeah, and I love my little skirt.. its the kind you would think is too short and your butt would hang out but its got the built in short  shorts so its all good :) woo hoo

Hope you are enjoying your sunday!! xox J

Friday, October 5, 2012

Conversations in my head- I'm fat

Aloha!!  And yes it took something to post this photo- who wants a photo of themselves 'plastered all over the internet' in a bathing suit?  Arrived here 1.5 days ago and we have the most awesomest condo overlooking the ocean.  We are here for Ironman World Championships- fiance is competing for the 3rd time and against top notch athletes from all around the world.  These are athletes who are absolutely the top of their games and they look unbelievable.. like 5% bodyfat and completely ripped.  Of course, even though I am proud of my athletic abilities being here is certainly humbling and also brings up a body issue from the past-- like the voice in my head that pops up and says  " I'm fat".

Now, don't get me wrong- I love my body and how I have transformed it over the years of being involved in competitive sports and extremely health eating.  That said, it has taken something to get to this place.  I am almost 6 feet tall. All my teen years I was told " You're so big", You're big boned",  "You're a big girl, etc.  And of course, this gives one a complex- especially when all through highschool your friends are petite little blondes:) I really appreciated reading Shybikers post The Gracey Show for this reason.

Fast forward to present day and even after being in the top shape of my triathlon season, having placed in the top 3 in several races this year and doing marathons and my 4th Ironman, I got this this creeping conversation in my head yesterday when I stripped down to the bikini to jump in the pool.  The conversation that says" I'm FAT".   The nice thing about this for me where I am in my life now is that I can have that come up as a thought but I don't have to listen to it-  I don't have to empower it. I am longer GRIPPED by it. I can just acknowledge that I had that thought and then quickly replace it with a more empowering one.  It no longer has the kind of grip it had on me when I was younger. And I no longer have to believe it like ITS THE TRUTH.

So right after I stripped down and had the thought I'm fat,  I then proceeded to do a running jump and cannonball into the pool. And it was awesome!! (don't worry, we were the only 2 at the pool :).  Can't wait to pull out the black bikini for today!!

What body issues have you overcome in your life? And how did you do it?

xox J