Thursday, May 26, 2016

Grandma Dress

 I bought this dress back when I went shopping with Sheila.  I got lots of compliments on it today too so thats nice. I would never have picked it out myself. Is nice and flowy and was fun riding my bike to work in it with the skirt flapping in the wind :)   I had a great weekend. Did my big ultra race.  I feel really good too, not even limping around or anything.  All that hill training certainly paid off. Next big race is one in the interior of BC at a ski hill, alpine and very very steep, 7 peaks we have to climb.  I have about 6 weeks to do tons of squats, lunges, hill repeats to get in top shape for that killer race.

I hope you all had a great weekend, wow, its already almost the weekend again. Gotta love THAT!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ship Ahoy

 Last day at work and we are packing the last bits of run stuff and nutrition, clean the house, dump the compost and then head out on our trip for our big ultra adventure.  My in-laws get to stay with the fuzzy white granddaughters this weekend (its a long weekend here in Canada this weekend), and I mean they are here with the cats of course :)

Forecast is for rain where we are doing our run.  Running 100km in the rain. Please let it NOT rain.  Good karma come to me now. PUL LEASE.

Have a super weekend and I'll report back next week.  I love this outfit by the way.  I love fitted clothes and I love these pointy red shoes and I love pencil skirts.  I need to find the equivalent of this outfit in terms of how I feel wearing it so I feel this way every single day (at work at least :)

Over n out.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Flowy Dress

Not my usual kinda dress. I love wrap dresses but all the ones I have are in stretchy material. This one is more flowy.  I actually felt really girly wearing it.  It kindof swooshes when I walk.  I'll try it with different shoes next time since I still need to pull out all my summery shoes.

Am just starting to pack for my big trip to the US for my 100km trail run.  It's a little nerve racking when everyone around me who is not an athlete keeps commenting by saying "You're NUTS", Thats CRAZY", "HOLY SH&T" and stuff like that.  Okay okay, I get it. But the comments aren't helping.

I am both excited and nervous. You never know what to expect on the day.  I could feel awesome. I could get a blister.  It could rain.  You just NEVER. KNOW.  That's the fun of it. Life is unpredictable.  If your life has become too predictable you may want to check your pulse and see if you are still alive.  Time to shake it up abit. Get outside of your comfort zone.  Like me in this girly dress.  Ha ha. Yeah Right :)