Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's about Time

I believe I've lost my fashionista-ness.  Yes, that's a word. Have you see the movie You, Me and Dupree?
Carl Peterson: What's with this "Carlness?" It's not even a real word.
Dupree: Yes it is.
Carl Peterson: Oh, it is?
Dupree: It's a verb. It's a conjunction. A preposition. It's a philosophy. A way of life. It's your name with "ness" attached to it.

I've been busy with work and again, just pull something basic out to wear.  I've been in a fashion rut for awhile now. I commute by bike which means I can't really do something special with my hair- the helmet just wrecks it anyway- if I can even get the helmet on.   I can't ride in pencil skirts either.  Guess I could change when I got to work but then I use my bike to commute to meetings downtown and outside of town.  Oh the problems with being fit and healthy :)  I've also been spending my money on new running clothing and new shoes etc vs going to thrift stores and watching sales.  I think I realized I already have more clothes than I really need so I just need to get creative with the ones I've got.

Anyway, thats my rant today.  Happy Earth Day on another note :)  I went for a fantastic train run with a friend afterwork.  What did you do to celebrate Earth Day?

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Adventures of J

Well hello!! Yes, its been awhile. We were away adventuring on a roadtrip/trail run adventure down in the US. How fun except that the $ is not doing so well and everything costs us about 30% more with the exchange rate :(   I've been busy training and racing which has been fantastic. Had a nice long break off of work and even a visit to Portland which was totally fun!  Back to work now and how can you tell I'm not ready for it?  I took my outfit photos then realized (after downloading them) that I had put my camera on manual and the last shots are all blurry. So, NO its not your eyesight.. its MINE.. hah hah.

Time for a haircut too.. am really shaggy these days.  Debating on going mid-length like I used to have it.  Not sure though. 2 more sleeps to think about it.

How are YOU doing? What have you been up to?