Monday, December 31, 2012

My first KNIT

Well hello everyone!! I spent a good amount of time visiting family over the holidays and where my mom lives she is not connected to the internet so it was actually a good break from being on the computer.  One of the things I DID do was teach myself to knit.  This is my very first knitting project and I had no pattern or anything.

Ingredients: 2 fat knitting needles and 2 balls of wool from the thrift store.  This infinity cowl cost me $2.00 in wool and about a day of time to knit.  It was fun to make (and yes there are lots of mistakes in it :) but was a learning experience.  I am now half way through my second one (grey wool) and will show you the results soon!!

I hope everyone enjoys your last day of 2012!!! xo Jodi

Friday, December 28, 2012

Are you a Fashionista (}

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Are you a Fashionista?
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Red Bird Scarf

Busy weekend. Just came home from a brunch with awesome girlfriends followed by a baby shower. Had no idea what to wear and came up with a black tunic, leggings and my favorite red bird scarf.  Very comfortable Sunday attire. I looked great aside from when the baby spit up on me :)

Happy Sunday!! xo J

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Flying Grey Squirrel goes to the market

My new flying squirrel cape. Thats how I felt today, like i could jump out of a tree and fly like a flying squirrel. Don't worry. I won't actually do it. Well not before a few glasses of wine anyway.. LOL.  Market day and we have an xmas party tonight. Will get some party outfit photos to share later!!
xo J

Thursday, December 6, 2012

That 70's Top

I was driving through one of the neighborhoods in town that is abit rough and lower income. I saw this mural on the wall of the school so stopped along the pathway. There is alot of bullying at that school so they have painted all kinds of anti-bullying murals along the walls.  Sad that not only kids but adults can be so cruel to each other, and often as a way to cover up their own fears about things.

On another note, breaking another fashion rule. I am not supposed to wear empire waist type clothes. Some days you just want to be a renegade. AND I bought a new cape today too, another item I shouldn't wear. I look forward to seeing how it looks via outfit photos. That always helps to put it in perspective. Like that purple tunic vest I tryed a while back.  I took that sucker back after seeing these photos!!!  The other stupid purchase was the Chewbacca Sweater. Oh well, at least I am learning!! LOL

xo Jodi

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Army Green Pencil Skirt

This weather drives me crazy-- so dark and hard to get out to good photoshoot locations hence I am not getting very good backdrops anymore.. got to dial up the creativity...

Hope you are having a great day everyone!! xo J

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Green Leather Skirt and HIppy Top

The second wearing of my green leather skirt. Click here for launch of this skirt last year. It was $4.00.
I must admit, I did feel abit weird going into work wearing this today since the other organization we share the building with all dress is very conservative business attire- they are all policy-analysts and very business-like.  My group all wear different clothes so we always stand out.  Nice to give someone else something to laugh about over dinner I guess :)  Maybe when I tire of this skirt I can cut it up and make wallets for all my friends... LOL.. or maybe not :)

hope you are having a day worth someone else talking about ;P
xo J

Monday, December 3, 2012

Purple Skirt

Bad weather = white sheet.  Quick photoshoot with a sheet taped to the wall. Not the greatest light but you get the idea.  Yes I was on the run today.  This is that bargain skirt I posted here that I bought for 50 cents.
Swam this morning, got lots done at work, went for my running drills coached workout and now home. Hope you had a super day and looked marvelous too!! J