Friday, July 30, 2010

25 Fall (Autumn) trends for 2010

Some great tips here from YouLookFab 

25 Fall (Autumn) trends for 2010
by Angie

I know, I know. In the northern hemisphere temperatures are soaring and the last thing you want to wrap your head around is Autumn merchandise. But that’s the way the crazy retail cycle works. So without further ado here are the trends for the next six months of fashion. Some of it is already in stores:
  1. Boots, boots, boots and more boots: From flat heels to towering sky scrapers, skinny stilettos to the chunkiest of wedges, ankle booties to over the knee lengths, super feminine styles to tough masculine looks, casual to dressy, black to cream, and everything in between. Start getting your collection up to scratch because your cold weather wardrobe will be incomplete without a great pair of boots and booties.
  2. Pants, jeans and leggings: This is not much of a skirt or dress season because it’s all about pants, jeans and leggings. That’s okay. Last season’s skirts and frocks will do just fine and I’ll continue wearing them and hope you will too.
  3. Longer and roomer skirts: I’ll believe that when I see it.
  4. Masculine shoes: Like flat oxfords and rugged boots to tone down feminine pieces. Love that.
  5. Leather or pleather jackets: A must have in my book. And it’s not only about cropped biker styles but rather any type of leather of pleather cover-up that tickles your fancy. Edgy, retro, classic or avant-garde so take your pick.
  6. Drapey long sleeved blouses: Love this silhouette tucked into skirts or worn loosely over sleek bottoms.
  7. Floppy drapey tunic shirts: Just as fab as drapey blouses. Have many and wear them frequently.
  8. Military influences: My all time favourite jacket and shirt look. Think rolled tab sleeves, double breasted buttoning, cargo pockets, strict tailoring and camouflage.
  9. Strong extended shoulders: Both on jackets, dresses and blouses. Another trend I adore and have been sporting for a year.
  10. Tuxedo jackets: I just bought a cropped tuxedo jacket and I’m going to wear it with just about everything.
  11. Green: Strong military influences make olive green a no brainer. But there’s also chartreuse, forest green and teal.
  12. Blue: In all its hues from the lightest of baby blue, to the richest of cobalt and the deepest of navy.
  13. Red and purple combinations: This is how I like purple best. Rock on, red and purple.
  14. Lace leggings, gloves and handbags: Expect to see lace trim on everything, not just dresses, tops or skirts.
  15. Fur: Both real and faux.
  16. Tweed Chanel-esque jackets: Fabulous. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was full of them and that’s just the start.
  17. Sequins: Daytime sequined tops and skirts show up every season, but I see few people actually wearing the look outside evening occasions.
  18. Feathers: Expect to see bags, shoes, hats, dresses and skirts with feather trim. How do you wash an item with feather trim? I guess you don’t.
  19. Moto jeans: A fringe trend for the more daring among us.
  20. Capes: Cute when they are cropped but I will pass on huge overwhelming styles. You need to be tall to pull off a long, voluminous and dramatic cape.
  21. Muted tonal coloured tights: This is still not my thing but can appreciate the look on others. I’m sticking to black and grey hosiery and letting my boots and scarves do the talking .
  22. Structured handbags: Retro and very lady-like. Move over slouchy styles.
  23. Silver mixed with gold: I am a recent convert and enjoying the versatility. Can’t believe it took me 20 years to feel comfortable mixing metals.
  24. Waist-bags: As a bag lady I feel compelled to find the perfect one.
  25. Pearls: YES! The best trend of them all. Not just plain classic strands but as a standalone bead mixed into all sorts of new combinations on rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Clusters and layered pearl necklaces are big too.
Pick out the trends that tickle your fancy and add your personal style stamp to the look. Remember that fashion unites us but style sets us apart. So make these trends your own. I sound like a broken record but at the end of the day it’s HOW you wear something that makes the difference.
I blossom in Autumn rather than Spring, so I’m always excited about Autumn trends. How does the list grab you?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daily Outfit: Kendi copycat

I got this outfit idea from Kendi Everyday.  Did I mention I love her clothes?  Someone commented today that my legs are looking skinnier. Well, just a coincidence that I happened to weigh myself this morning, something I rarely do, and I have lost over 10pds.  I haven't been trying, I have, rather, been eating really healthy to support all  this training I'm doing.  I must admit, I came home and celebrated with a big piece of dark chocolate.   I like this outfit in theory, but the pain was the slice of stomach that poked out all day. I felt abit like a hoochey momma.

Last night I also emailed a bunch of people to let them know about this blog project, and that I would love to profile them in my weekly Lovely Ladies section and only 1 replied.  Here I went and put myself out there and risked sharing about this blog and nobody is interested.  Oh well, I guess in the very least I will have a nice online catalog of all my outfits.  And 3 followers- or, hey, look at THAT.. 4 followers :)  Yes, I am still a closet blogger.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daily Outfit: I love bombshell

Grammy always told me I was lucky to have such good 'child-bearing' hips.  Nice and curvaceous. This body type is perfect for Bombshell.  Well known bombshells are Marilyn, Brigette and Scarlett.

Bombshell wardrobe must haves:
  • pencil skirts
  • pedal pushers
  • fitted short jackets
  • tight, knitted tops
  • full length gowns
  • leopard print
  • narrow stripes
  • fake fur
  • satins
  • sequins
  • lots of PINK

Other tips: accentuate your waist and wear sexy heels, luscious lips, curls and heck, you could even make a fake mole on your face!

Here kitty kitty kitty.. come here my precious...

I do have to say I have always LOVED the 50's to late 60's curvy styles and am SO happy that high waistbands and fitted clothing is in.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daily Outfit: Sweet and innocent

I used to go to San Francisco almost every 6 weeks.  I LOVE that City.  Luckily another trip is in the very near future and I can hardly wait to hit the shoe stores and great restaurants.  I also just found another fantastic blog that is all about SF street fashion called The SF Style  Makes me feel ultra conservative .

Today I had my nice crisp white pants on and it only took about 10 minutes before I had orange highlighter pen marks all over them. sigh. Can dress me up but can't take me anywhere!!!

Lovely Ladies: Kimberley

I bought my scarf last summer when I wanted something new and colorful in my wardrobe. I was tired of the same old, same old and when I saw this on the mannequin, paired with a jean jacket and a white top, I had to have it. I actually tried on all 3 pieces - the jean jacket, the top and the scarf and ended up with the jacket and scarf (and they had to re-wardrobe the mannequin!).
I love the vibrancy of the colors in the scarf. The fringe is a fun addition as well. When I wear the scarf, it attracts a lot of attention - people love it. For me, the hot pink lights me up. It gives me energy, it just makes me feel good when I wear it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Daily Outfit July 19, 2010

Went to Deuce Days car show yesterday and got some good pics.  I thought I would coordinate them with my outfits.  I love these pants but hardly wear them since I never know what to wear them with.  My coworker who is a style goddess suggested green or blue.  I felt like I was wearing pj's today.. oh so comfy.

What to Wear Ideas

I love Wardrobe 911.  People write in and ask for ideas on what to wear for ie. a first date, formal dinner party, etc.  Here are some good ones I like:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Daily Outfit July 17, 2010

Saturday was our 90/90/90 day.  What that means is we had to do a 90 min run followed by 90 min bike followed by a 90 min run.  As you can imagine, I was tired when I got home.  Quick shower and get ready for a guest to come over.

Here's my quick attempt at cleaning up for company. H&M shirt dress with black dressy flip flops.

I LOVE these turquoise earrings, they were made by a friend- her stuff is gorgeous-- you can see it at Bethany Jane Designs.

Colors to wear with Turquoise Jewelery
Colors that look good with turquoise necklaces and earrings include:
Black (of course!!)
Blue (various shades)
   Good next to gemstones that are silver or white.

Fashion Stylists say that "turquoise looks best this season (2010) paired with cognac, white or black diamonds or with lapis or malachite set in feminine designs that are not too ethnic or chunky."

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Daily Outfit July 16, 2010

According to my body type I shouldn't wear stripes around the shoulder, upper body area.  This is my renegade side- wearing them anyway.  I got this outfit ideas from Kendi Everday , she is ultra cute and I love her ideas.  Another hot day and I gear up for another weekend of long workouts.

What do YOU wear that you are supposedly NOT to.. how are you a fashion renegade?

Necklaces that don't compete with your Belts

Angie at YouLookFab always has excellent little articles on her site:

Necklaces that don't compete with your belt 
by Angie at YouLookFab
There are no hard and fast rules on the type of necklace you should pair with a particular style of belt, and an almost infinite number of workable combinations. But you do have to ensure that the two accessories aren’t in competition with each other.
The two main variables you have to play with are the contrast of the belt against your outfit and the length of the necklace. Here are two safe options (the principles apply to both waist-cinching and hip slung belts):
  1. Pair any belt with a short necklace: The belt can be any width and either low or high contrast against your outfit. With a short necklace (above the bust line), the two accessories are far enough apart that they don’t compete.
  2. Pair a low contrast belt with any length necklace: The belt can be any width, but when it’s low contrast against an outfit the necklace becomes the focal point so the two accessories live in harmony.
This is not to say that it’s impossible to make a long necklace work with a high contrast belt, but this combination is more risky and harder to get right.
Another problem arises, especially if you are short-waisted, when long necklaces touch your belt. I find that long necklaces clank against my belt when I sit down. It drives me batty so I only pair belts with short necklaces.
If you’re still doubt, leave off either the necklace or the belt. Or leave off the necklace and wear earrings.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Daily Outfit July 15,2010

Nothing special, other than these pants are ULTRA Comfortable and I got tons of compliments on them.As for the Red Door... just something that caught my eye. And as I look at this again, I see I actually match the door picture.. very strange.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rubber Outfit

I bet THAT title got your attention. No, I don't normally wear rubber clothes except in this case!!  As you can see from the bags under my eyes, I didnt sleep well the night before- it was SO hot and hard to sleep.. a contemplative look here- ready for the big BANG of the gun at the startline.  I came in 6th in my age category so am happy with the results.

Daily Outfit July 14, 2010

And another outfit.  When I cost this one out it probably totals about $45.00 with the highest cost being the skirt (new, linen).  Otherwise good finds a little shops here and there.  My foot is missing but thats okay.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Daily Outfit July 12, 2010

I just came from a weekend of 35 degrees, home to cold windy weather.  The thing that peeves me the most about that is that I have some great sleeveless tops and nice skirts and its too cold to wear them. Come on now, its July!!! I did my second 1/2ironman in 6 weeks and had a good but challenging race.  This time it was the mental chatter, and let me tell you ladies, I wasn't thinking about outfits or anything like that.  At any rate- I came in 6th in my age category which I am pleased about.

Here's my outfit for the day.  Still playing with the camera settings. I feel like Robin Hood in this outfit, and it makes me think of the twins I went to highschool with who were both involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism.  At the time we didn't know about the Society, we just wondered why they wore tights and carried smudge pots around with them... wonder where they are now...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wardrobe Challenge

You have to go over to Kendi Everyday and see what she's doing. She is creatively remixing 30 items of clothing over a period of 30 days.  This does not include items such as scarves, jewelery, pj's, etc.  I would consider taking this on after the summer is over, and with a bit more thought about the items I have in my wardrobe.  I love the idea since it can open up new ideas for how to mix and match and for shopping your own closet in a whole new way.  I have alot of clothes and I often hear myself open my closet in the morning and complain (out loud) that I have nothing to wear.  Shame on me!!   If I got more creative I could actually have more fun and flair to what I wear.  Go visit Kendi for ideas, she's great!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Daily Outfit July 8, 2010

Another smokin hot day, I am not complaining as the weather here has been largely overcast and little to no sun.
I did a bike ride/run transition workout this morning before work and it was even hot at that time of the day.  I cropped this photo so you wouldn't see the nice chunk missing from my knee from when I wiped out running.. yes, the hazards of exercise and the impacts on outfit planning can be tricky at times!  I also got my hair cut after this was taken so not so shaggy anymore.  Am off for the weekend, heading to a race so maybe will even share some nice photos of spandex stretchy shorts (as my mom still calls them!!!).  I really like the combination of coral and turquoise together and am even looking for a bigger, chunkier necklace turquoise necklace that would look good with black as well.

Seasons of Clothing Retail

Understanding timing in retail is really valuable. When I first began exploring color for each season  I was told that seasonal colors are established for 5 years into the future. Wow, it really isn't any kind of random creative thing.  Angie of YouLookFab posted a great overview of the best timing for buying clothes.   As you will see, the end of July is the best time for end of summer sales.  August is the time to begin buying Autumn and Fall outfits- especially important to take advantage of in smaller cities where merchandise options are fewer, and go fast.

The Two Seasons of Clothing Retail posted by YouLookFab
There are four seasons in a calendar year, but only two seasons in the clothing retail year. The fashion industry focuses on Spring and Autumn collections. Here’s what this means for the Northern Hemisphere (this is basically inverted South of the Equator):
  • Spring is about the warmer seasons. The collections run from February to June. July, at the end of the season, is the biggest sale month. You’ll find real Summer merchandise in stores from April onwards.
  • Autumn (or Fall) is about the cooler months. The collections run from August to December and January is the big Sale month. Winter merchandise is in stores from October onwards.
You won’t hear designers and buyers referring to Summer and Winter collections because in the fashion world, they don’t exist! Summer merchandise is included in the Spring Collection, while Winter merchandise is packaged with the Autumn collection. When the fashion industry refers to the Spring trends, this includes Summer (and the same holds true for Autumn and Winter).
From a retail perspective in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ll soon be putting Spring 2007 to bed as Autumn collections start to hit shelves in mid-July. Stay tuned for what’s in store for us for Fall!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ever Been to Sea Billy?

Still trying to get the hang of this... and have been playing with poses. The other thing I am learning is how serious I can be.  I look at the photos of myelf after the fact and think I look really serious.. like- this posing is SERIOUS business.. too funny, then I just laugh at myself.  so, here are some goofy poses.  As for this outfit- I like the pants- the top is okay.  Today was finally a hot one too so was good for some white.  I also have a few ideas for people I can ask to write some informative pieces for this blog and some project-like ideas about inviting other people to share their transformation around their wardrobe and way of being.  Otherwise, thats it for now. And be careful, see the grip I have on the handbag.. I could easily use it for self defense...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Learning how to pose

Okay, so I look like a dork.  Trying to take a photo of myself in the morning before work when I have a time crunch isn't the best scenario, especially when I still feel embarrassed that I am even photographing myself like this...This was my outfit on Friday and as you can tell, even though it was July 2, there was no sun or warmth, hence the coat. Crazy!!

I was just cruising blogs to see if there are any tried and try tips for how to photograph yourself and I haven't yet come up with anything.  One thing I have found, is many of the girls have husbands, significant others who are photographers. YOU ARE LUCKY!!  Anyway- one of my other goals is to become a better photographer- just waiting for the new battery charger for our nice camera.

Some quick tips I have found, and will try for posing:
1.  Play around taking pictures of yourself to determine your best angle- what side is more flattering?

2.  Get rid of a double chin. Tilt your head up slightly and try to position yourself so that the camera is a little above your eye level. This will hide a double chin fairly effectively. Also try resting your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

3.  3/4 pose One trick models often use is to present a 3/4 pose to the camera (turn your head so that 3/4 of your face is exposed to the camera, as opposed to a full frontal shot).  Do this rather than have your nose face the camera full on.

4.  Be asymmetrical.  Tilt to the side slightly, bend slightly, have arms at a different height or each arm doing something different.

5.  Arms away.  Do not press your arms against your body. Apparently it squishes the flab and makes your arms look bigger.

6.  Legs placing.  Place one leg slightly in front of the other with your weight abit more on the back leg.  Lifting your front foot abit (up on your toe) makes your legs seem longer.

7.  Sitting pose.  If sitting, sit on the edge of your chair and angle your legs to the side with one angled in front of the other.

8.  Get ideas.  Go to What I Wore Today.  She has rockin ideas for poses and makes it so fun!!!

I also just remembered my cousin IS a model. I could ask her for some tips.. Why didnt I think of that before!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Some Pop

As you can see, I have a nice farmers tan on my arms from training, but alas, this does not stop me from wearing short sleeves.  We had a bbq to go to and I pulled this dress out to wear since it is finally warm enough to wear something like this.  My dilemma with this dress is how to add some PoP to it.   I carried a muted pink colored bag that was nice, but am looking for other ideas.  What kind of jewelery would be good with this dress??

When I first entered the world of blogging and began reading other peoples posts I was quite surprised that there were people that went to the trouble of photographing themselves everyday.  I even thought " how self absorbed".  As I kept going back and reading the blogs I could see a transformation occur, and creativity expand, and even see how the authors were getting more adventurous.  So this blog for me is just that- an adventure in self expression and documentation of my transformation over time.  Its already interesting looking at myself in these photos and seeing how I look- Maybe I am not as fat as  I thought I was, maybe my red shoes would go with such and such an outfit- so I am seeing how blogging can give a whole other perception of self. Interesting!!  

We are waiting to receive the battery charger for our new camera as well so I can play around with taking better photos.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Beginning of Something New

I finally broke down awhile back and went to see a fashion consultant. I had always been curious about what other styles and colors would work for me and while I thought I was pretty intuitive about what suited me or not, it was incredibly helpful to give myself the gift of a wardrobe consultant.

As I said, I am tall and athletic- I am not someone with spindly little delicate legs like a spider, or long graceful fingers and beautiful hands. Nope. I am someone who grew up chopping firewood and playing sports with the boys. Someone who could piggyback their drunken girlfriends back home after a girls night out on the town. I pride myself on being strong, and I have more recently began experimenting with what a funky, sexy wardrobe would look like for me.

Body Type
From all my reading, I am typically the 8 shaped or hourglass body-type. Not really a pear, since my weight isnt really down around my thighs, its more in the hips- nice wide hips (good child-bearing hips as my grammy would say). So based on the feedback I was given, these are some things for me to keep in mind while shopping:

Clothing Guidelines
Neckline: soft scoop, V or U, rolled collars, bias cowl or turtlenecks, mandarin or stand up collars, soft open blouse collars
No-No's: polo collars, tailored collars, boat neck, square, jewel, crew neck. No shoulder pads (this is a no-brainer!!)

Shoulders: set-in sleeves, halter style
No-No's: dropped or dolman sleeves

Arms: long sleeves at correct length, sleeveless, cap or higher 3/4 length

Bustline: detail in tops, piping, pockets, ruching, plackets, softly fitting bodice, cardigans with high-med V, scoop necklines
No-No's: boxy styles

Waistline: medium-wide width bands, medium-wide belts, belts in monchromatic colors, fly front slacks with flat front

Hips: cutaway front or side vents in tops, jackets, etc, tunic tops, 3/4 sweaters and tops, tops no shorter than mid hip, straight or A-line skirts
No-No's: pleated front pants, cropped jackets, tapered pants

Legs: slim- medium pant leg width, straight, bootcut, flare leg, capris below full part of calf, cropped 2" above ankle, skirts above the knee.

My goal is to funk up my wardrobe with color, jewelery and maybe even a new hairstyle so lets see where this journey takes us...