Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ever Been to Sea Billy?

Still trying to get the hang of this... and have been playing with poses. The other thing I am learning is how serious I can be.  I look at the photos of myelf after the fact and think I look really serious.. like- this posing is SERIOUS business.. too funny, then I just laugh at myself.  so, here are some goofy poses.  As for this outfit- I like the pants- the top is okay.  Today was finally a hot one too so was good for some white.  I also have a few ideas for people I can ask to write some informative pieces for this blog and some project-like ideas about inviting other people to share their transformation around their wardrobe and way of being.  Otherwise, thats it for now. And be careful, see the grip I have on the handbag.. I could easily use it for self defense...

1 comment:

  1. I love this outfit! And I love how you've got your model face on!! Models don't smile. You know that. SO I think you have it down pat!!