Friday, April 20, 2012

Rock the Beehive

No, I won't be peroxiding my hair anytime soon, however I LOVE this look.  I have always really loved the bombshell's.  The clothing style for the curvaceous bodies (trench coats, high waisted, fitted tops) and the hair is totally awesome.  Keep your eyes peeled for me rockin this look.  I promise, Jodi and the beehive are coming soon ( I just hope I don't end up looking like Marg Simpson!!)

Happy Weekend Everyone. xox J

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Purple and Leather

Please help me understand. Why do we NOT have spring yet?? It is still so cold here, which is unusual.  I mean it, I am cold all the time and am still wearing my winter clothes!  New earring though :) brrrrr

Too much distraction in the office today so I came home to work for the rest of the day. So nice to have this flexibility.

How is YOUR day going???  xoxo J

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spotted Skirt

And the Jodi girl resurfaces!! YEAH!!  To catch up a little:
1.  Work is nuts and I am the boss so of course, all the responsibility ends up on my desk (going in early, staying late).  We are doing a total overhaul of our organization which is both fun and kindof unnerving at the same time.  Lots of learning, to say the least!
2.  Training is full ON. Training for Ironman is no small feat. It requires many hours of training and I am putting in a minimum of 18- 20 hours per week of training (not including Yoga and core/weights).  In fact, this weekend alone I rode 340km on my bike in 2 days!! What fun. Actually it WAS and I got some sun too (see the hint of a tan on my face? :)
3. Stylish outfits have been secondary.  I have been grabbing on the run (this is a fashionista's PROBLEM!!!)  Unless I think out an outfit the night before, I usually grab my clothes at 5am when I get up and then hit the pool for my 6am (4 day per week) 1.5 hour swims.  I also usually have MAJOR goggle marks under my eyes not not very photo worthy!!

Life is GREAT though. I am getting very lean, toned and fast. Good because I have some big race goals this season. I love training. The race is like the icing.  I train for the training itself and the race is just a way to gage my speed and strength.  Love it. Anyway, thats it for today. I need new clothes. Thats the next thing on the list.

Miss you all.  xoxo Jodi

Monday, April 9, 2012

Casual Day Off


And Monday day off!  Up early to 6am Bikrams with my 'man' and then we went to our favorite organic coffee shop for a strong americano and then down to the beach to hang by the ocean for a while.  We live in one of the most beautiful cities every.  We live 1 block from the ocean, with snowy capped mountain views across the waters, lots of healthy organic restaurants and overall healthy active lifestyles here. I love it and am so grateful for everything in my life!!  This weekend we went for a hard 4 hour bike ride, 2 hour hilly run and then drove up island for a family easter dinner.  Today I get to relax and do some gardening!!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!! xxoxo Jodi

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pencil Skirt Leopard Tights

Inside my world today:  Rode bike to work in the rain wearing a pencil skirt. NOT recommended. I  could hardly pedal for one thing (make sure skirt has some stretch in it).  Next, I couldn't put my foot down to the ground very fast in case of stopping quickly (yes this happened and I almost wiped out!).  Other issue: booties are slippery on bottom so kept sliding off the pedals as I was pedaling!  Lesson Learned!

Tangent: our cats breath reaks!  We have given her herbal remedies and even tried brushing her teeth with special stuff (THAT should have been video-taped let me tell you!).
* not our cat but this is kindof what it looked like  (LOL)

Anyway to today I am home early because  I get to take the beloved to the Cat Clinic for a check up.  Little does SHE know. This will be fun.  Imagine me driving with fur floating everywhere in the car and an unhappy cat sitting on my shoulder.   I will report the event after the fact! Wish me luck!!

AND what about the spring weather you ask?  Well apparently we are not getting any this year. Today still felt like a winter day. YES I am still wearing winter clothes!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Casual Sunday Ride

HELLLOOOOO! I finally came up for air!! I don't know if you have this same thing in the US but here there is  this big push for fiscal year end which is March 31 and all the government funding must be reported and closed off.  This means for the last few weeks I have been up late working (til midnight most nights) and into the office early.  Wrapping up projects, finalizing reports, organizing all the financials. Its been crazy.  AND to top it off the  weather has sucked big time so hasn't been noteworthy outfit-wise at all.   Basically I have just been grabbing whatever is in front of me in the closet and head to work.

Exciting news is that I found a new commuter bike.  After being in Beijing and seeing all the great bikes there I thought I wanted to get something cool since it was time to replace my old mountainbike hybrid anyway.  I just found this Dutch bike and it is so awesome!! I love it!!  It feels really strange riding upright when I am used to being in such an agressive low position on my carbon fibre cervelo triathlon bike.  It is totally fun to ride and in fact I was just getting home from the market when I got my man to snap these photos.

Anyway, I fully plan on getting back into the ol outfit posts since you guys keep me honest and creative!!   and LOOK, my hair is getting LONG!! Thats also been fun.

Okay. long post, but I missed you!!  MWAH xoxo Jodi