Thursday, April 25, 2013

Casual Flare Pants

Another day of pants!!  These are from my new favorite dutch designer and from the boutique with the awesome sales lady. These pants are like thick cotton blend yoga pants and stretchy- no pockets.   I feel so free to move around in these and LOVE THEM.  I wore them last week with my tight zebra turtle neck.   What do you think of the necklace my MAN bought me in England as a surprise? It's handmade by an artist in a little english country village.  I love it too!!  Today's just an all around awesome day!

MWAH. xo J

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lizard Green Top

I recently bought this top and I asked the lady in the store what she thought of this color on me, that I was TOLD that this was not my color and I was asking for her opinion.  She was so cute, must have been in her late 70's and was volunteering at the thrift store.  She said " Dearie, don't EVER let someone tell you what you can and can't wear".  LOL I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day just because of the way she so boldly stated her thought.  Anyway, I did buy it and I do know its not amongst the best colors for me but sometimes you need to climb out on a limb and do something different.

Worked from home today and had a quick meeting downtown so casual attire for the day.  Not much else to report other than I had an absolute KILLER swim workout this morning. It was so hard I was puffing and wheezing through the whole set. Our coach then told us-- "This workout was designed for you to fail so that you know what you can improve on for next time".  OUCH and he is right but boy I don't like swimming so hard it feels like my heart is going to leap out and rip a big hole right in my bathing suit!!!  YOWSERS!!

Happy Hump Day!
xo J

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another Day Another 50's Style Skirt

I was born in the wrong era. I should have been living in the 50's with all those small waisted fitted skirts and pants. Sigh. At least I can find these items for under $5.00 at the thrift stores!!

Most eventful happening today: I was walking down the street and 2 young boys (about 13 yrs old) asked me if I had an extra cigarette they could have.  I burst out laughing and said: " Do I look like someone who smokes?" and just laughed my head off.  I think they thought I was crazy.  Anyway, thats like the biggest insult I could ever get. ICKY. I have never and will never smoke cigarettes in my life.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Victoria's Secret Pants

Okay, I must admit. I always referred to it as Victoria Secret. Well. It is actually Victoria's Secret with an S.  I feel like I am wearing someone else's pants today though by calling them Victoria's Secret Pants-- like they are Victoria's pants that are secret. I have felt abit weird about this all day like she (meaning Victoria) is going to phone or text me any moment and tell me she wants her secret pants back.  Anyway. I am still good to go. She hasn't called yet.

Happy Monday. You can't see my killer quad and calf muscles but I promise you they feel strong from my 400 km ride this weekend.. was awesome. I feel like WonderWoman!!

xo J

Friday, April 19, 2013

Fake Lace Skirt

Another rainy day. I am in dire need of some colorful tops. I would have loved to pair this skirt with something coral or robin's egg blue however I seem to be lacking in these items.  Time for some color intervention!!

I am doing our annual 400 km bike ride this weekend-- we ride up island 200 km stay the night in a hotel and then ride home the next day.  I ask you to join me in praying for sunshine this weekend and I am even being on my bestest behaviour today in hopes is helps me get some luck for good weather :)

Happy Weekend xo J

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Silk Pants Action

Hello Blogger Friends!! It seems to be raining pants in my life lately. For years and years I have had trouble finding pants that would fit me properly. In the last few days a few things have happened: 1) I went back to that store that I got the dutch designer pants and bought another 2 awesome pairs of (gulp) expensive BEAUTIFUL pants and 2) I just found 3 pairs of awesome pants at my favorite thrift store that fit perfectly.  Todays pants cost a whole $5.00 and are silk.  I felt very casual in these pants today and they are very comfortable.  I must admit I CAN'T STAND WEARING THIS KIND OF SWEATER. FRUMPALICIOUS!.  Okay, my rant is done.  And what do you think of my messy bun?  I've been having alot of fun searching hairstyle blogs and finding new ideas for how to wear my hair up.  Also check out my favorite crow painting- my bestest friend painted that for me-- this is a new secret I am about to share with you: I love crows!!

I hope you are all enjoying spring. We are still waiting for it to show up here!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dutch Style

I rarely wear pants. WHY? Because I have found it next to impossible to find pants that look good on me.  I was walking home from downtown the other day and for some reason saw this little tiny shop located in an obscure location, and was hardly noticeable.  It caught my eye because of some cute earring in the window and then I thought "I've never seen this shop before".  I went inside and the first thing the woman said to me was "OH< you are so tall!! You are so lucky!!  Don't bother looking over on that side- those clothes are too boxy for you.  COME over HERE".  I followed her direction and she went straight to one section and pulled out these pants and said "THESE would be beautiful on YOU".  I loved them at first sight and knew they would fit.  ALAS they DID.  I didn't even ask how much they were I just said I'll take them.  Turns out they are from a dutch designer and very well made (and expensive too!!) BUT worth it since I find it so hard to find pants to fit I was willing to pay more for these ones.

I can't wait to go back to the store and look around abit more -- especially because she quickly pointed out some other items she thought would look good and I agreed but didn't have time to shop.  The whole interaction from walking in the door to buying the pants probably took about 12 minutes total.  Pretty good hey??? NOTE: Fiance took the photos and the full shots of pants almost all turned out blurry!! soooorrryyy :)
Hope you are having an awesome week so far!! J

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Grey Bell Skirt

Happy Wednesday. Humpa Humpa (for hump day :P)
New skirt and first wearing of it. I got it in Montreal.  I felt alittle funky and flirty today.  OH so nice to hear the birds finally chirping out there. What a difference some sun and bird song makes to a girls day!!
Talk later. xox J