Friday, September 30, 2011

Hi from Eastern Coast of Canada

Reporting live from eastern Canada. Today was beach walk exploring and it was very windy as you can see. My hair was crazy and not so stylish outfit but OH so comfy!  We walked all along the boardwalk and along the beach.  Likely a similar looking outfit for tomorrow but can you blame me, I am on holiday (at least for the weekend :).

Good night from New Brunswick!! And YES I had seafood for dinner!!!
xoxo J

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blue Spots

I am leading a storytelling workshop for youth today so thought I would dress a little sassy. This scarf makes me feel sassy alright. Of course, Animal print always has that effect on me.  So I was hamming it up in the park today.. bored of my same old poses so was goofing off.  I was even trying to get some action shots by throwing the scarf up in the air  but it didn't really work out and then I realized I should get my butt to work!!!

Off to the east coast later this week so I hope to get some fun photos and outfit shots in good locations for you.  I love this time of the year for photography- the light is perfect and of course, its time to pull out the boots and scarves so I am a happy girl!!

Hope you are all well. Someone asked me on the weekend if I was a model. I laughed about that, but then realized I guess  I actually am. For myself!! LOL She said she thought because I was so tall and graceful and that I had such nice clothes that I must be a model. Well. Nice compliment. But only a model in my own mind.

Do you get crazy compliments like that ever??    xoxo J

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Leather Skirt

Hanging out in the school yard ... I felt weird going there with my camera and tripod but it was a good location on my way home from a meeting today.  I LOVED this outfit.. my leather skirt that I haven't worn to work before and got lots of compliments on was totally comfortable.  I need to find a few more things to wear with this baby.  I read INSTYLE while waiting in the grocery store line up today so got some more ideas for this fall. I love that magazine. I used to buy it as a treat to read at the airport while I was traveling but now I just read it in line ups in the store. Save the environment, I say :)  I love fall and winter colors and styles so bring it on--cant wait for boots and scarves!!!

Hope you are enjoying your summer/fall transitions!!   xoxo Jodi

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Dots

Hello there!! I hear polka dots are in this season. Good thing I keep clothes for years at a time.. this means I will always have something in fashion as it cycles itself through!  I cleaned out my closet this weekend and packed away all my summer clothes, pulled out the darker, thicker fall stuff.  Brrr its getting cold now.  BUT this means time to start wearing BOOTS!! As you all know, I have a love for boots and scarves so I do look forward to that park of fall/winter.

GUESS WHAT??  We have booked our tickets to Thailand!! We are going for 6 weeks and I can not wait!! More details to follow!!

Hope you all had a great start to your week!  I did Bikrams this morning and felt awesome all day!!
MWAH xoxo Jodi

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

en francais

What NOT to wear?? Maybe I would make onto one of the episodes with this outfit. HOWEVER... I am all sweaty because I just ran straight uphill up 496 stairs!! I raced a 13 year old up to the top of this long set of stairs to get to the top of Montmorency Falls (look at the set of stairs on the right of the photo).  They insisted on taking a photo of me at the bottom since the parents could not believe I could run like that (they are NON exercisers!!).  It was fun.  My outfit during the day was pretty fab if you ask me but I didn't get a photo of that for you :)

Until tomorrow... I hope to have an outfit post for you for Tuesday!!

Bon Nuit mes amies :)  xoxo J

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Coral Sleeveless

And another item from the crazy parking lot sale...  I think I paid about 50cents for this top and I got tons of compliments on it today.  The fiance took my photo today after work so apologies- it was a quick one.  Not much to report other than I am heading to Quebec for 1 week for work so will have some french looking photos over the next while for you :)

love ya xoxo J

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Peachy- The Moneca Skirt

Hump Day!! Humpa humpa.. I went to this really cool sale on the weekend. This consignment store in town holds a fundraising sale every year. When people don't come back to claim clothes that didn't sell rather than take the clothes to the thrift store, the consignment store keeps them for this big annual fundraiser they have.  On the day of the sale, they rope off a big section of parking lot and dump big bags of clothes in sections all over the place.  You pay $10 per bag and you can fill the bag with as much stuff as you can pack into it.  As the piles of clothing  go down, they come out and replenish with more stuff.  All the money gets donated to a good cause like Feed the Hungry, or the SPCA, etc.  What a cool idea.  I went with my friend Moneca and we had so much fun.  I kept finding stuff for her and yelling out " Hey Moneca- what about THIS??? " She actually found this skirt for me and I love it.  So now its my official Moneca Skirt :)

Thanks to Cinderita for taking my photo today as well.. always fun to have an official photographer since that person is usually me :)

Ciao and have a super awesome fashionable day!! oxoxo Jodi

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nautical Nellie

Happy September!! Yes, I am back. I didn't really go anywhere other than on a relaxing holiday and hanging out with friends and family, gardening, canning peaches, drying apricots, making applesauce, cycling, swimming, yoga, reading... actually LIFE stuff!!  It is my off season for a few months which means I don't have a regimented training plan and I have alot more time to hang out and do spontaneous stuff!!  So I think I read somewhere about some rule to NOT wear white after Labour Day??  Whatever! Rules are to be broken. Just like I am wearing flats and a skirt. My ankles are big so I am not supposed to wear flats with skirts or capri's (looks like my gargantuan legs smashed the heel flat on the shoes apparently :).    I have to walk downtown a few times today so comfort comes first!!  Ideally I would have worn my red patent sling backs but nope. Not today!!  PS-- see that cute little necklace I am wearing??  Marilou gave it to me when I came to Ottawa... it is the key to Ottawa :)  LOVE IT.

I MISSED YOU ALL.  Can't wait to read up and find out what you have been wearing and whats new in your lives!! And of course, what you have been planning for your FALL wardrobes!!!
MWAH, double MWAH xoxo J