Tuesday, September 13, 2011

en francais

What NOT to wear?? Maybe I would make onto one of the episodes with this outfit. HOWEVER... I am all sweaty because I just ran straight uphill up 496 stairs!! I raced a 13 year old up to the top of this long set of stairs to get to the top of Montmorency Falls (look at the set of stairs on the right of the photo).  They insisted on taking a photo of me at the bottom since the parents could not believe I could run like that (they are NON exercisers!!).  It was fun.  My outfit during the day was pretty fab if you ask me but I didn't get a photo of that for you :)

Until tomorrow... I hope to have an outfit post for you for Tuesday!!

Bon Nuit mes amies :)  xoxo J


  1. I think you look great in this photo! I can't believe you ran up all those stairs carrying your camera. and i don't see any stairs...

  2. Holy cow. If they took my picture after running that many stairs, they'd have to point the camera down to the floor where I'd be collapsed and moaning...

  3. wow! I get winded after a couple of flights, you're kind of like an Olympian!!

  4. I really think this picture of you is beautiful...and you always inspire me to work harder...I am so bad with exercise...but I went to Zumba last night...just need to take it one class at a time.

  5. i know you are going to make a face
    but your hair is adorable here!!!!!