Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Remix 23: The'Emma'

 Day 23.  Today I am wearing 'The Emma'.  I have officially trademarked this look for Emma of Daily Clothes Fix, since she is the first person I have seen wearing a skirt as a top!!!  For those of you ladies thinking " What? I have done that too, it wasn't just Emma's idea..." don't get your shorts in a knot.. that may be true, and just for today, lets give Emma a few moments of praise for her unrelenting creative talents throughout this challenge!!  When I got dressed this morning I was thinking, " Oh, WTF, what the h*ll am I going to come up with today... and then I asked myself WHAT  WOULD EMMA WEAR?"

Thus today, I am wearing one of my challenge skirts as a top. You can see it worn as designed here.  And just for the record, I have only worn this black long sweater 3 other times. It feels to me like it's ALL I wear!!  AND I dont mind these pants (member, they are the ones I said I don't like) with this outfit!

Remix items: Polka dot skirt, long black sweater, capris, stretchy boots.

Off to deal with some HR stuff at work... if you know what I mean!! URGH. Stay tuned for that saga.

xoxo Jodi

Monday, November 29, 2010

Remix 22: The Gorge

Day 22.  I did wear the 30 for 30 clothes yesterday (Day 21) I promise!!  I didn't post because  I was at a Celebration of Life on Sunday that was really sad and really inspiring at the same time.  Joanne, who we were all there to honor, was truly an example of unconditional love and acceptance and was full of nothing but possibility.  Today I wear my pink scarf in memory of Joanne since she always commented on anything pink I would wear.

I want to take a moment to wave and say HI to my friend HOLLI B. who I ran into on the ferry yesterday and she said she loved reading my blog!! How cool is that, especially since I didn't even know she knew about it.  Thanks Holli, your words of encouragement were awesome!! :)

Remix Items: Grey long sweatery/dress?, black stretchy boots (the ones like socks with heels!)

I might have to lay off  or even fire someone on my staff.  It's been really really stressful.  I love her as a person, but its just not working out.  This is the part of my job I really do not like.  It's times like this I wish I was a well known independent fashion blogger making immense amounts of money blogging about my outfits!! :)  No visits tonight ladies... I have a session to go to.. I MISS YOU and will catch you on Tuesday.. promise :) hugs xoxo J

How did everyone do with their outfits today?? Do tell!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Remix 20: Circus time

Day 20. First day not liking the 30 Challenge. I just couldn't come up with something interesting especially when I all I was going to do was go to Future Shop to return something.  BUT I love this backdrop and have been wanting to go here for awhile, so bonus. AND I actually really like the first profile photo especially since I managed to take it myself. I am cool!

I wrapped my sweater around abit and pinned it with this flower to try to make it more interesting, and this brown belt has paid for itself at least 100 times over by now. I really don't know what I will do when the sucker wears out. How you all aren't thinking " oh crap, she's wearing that frickin brown belt AGAIN!! "  LOL    Anyway, I know its quiet in the US today, everyone's all slow from the turkey so will keep this short and not use any big words.

Remix Items: Long black sweater, long sleeve black t-shirt, skinny jeans, brown cowboy boots.
I have 2 items I have still not worn: pink fancy blouse and cobra print flat shoes. Maybe next week...

love ya xoxo J

Friday, November 26, 2010

Remix 19: Concrete Friday

Day 19.  I'm in the stairwell at work.  Had to be quick before anyone caught me, and so I could pack up and get to a meeting I have with the City.  I was wondering if I put leopard in the printer, would that mean whatever I print would come out leopard patterned? That would be SO COOL!! Friday. It's thanksgiving in the US.  We were present to how grateful we were in October here in Canada, well we get the chance again as our American friends remind us of this day.  Thank you to all my great followers/visitors and blogger friends.  You Rock. You have made this so fun!!  You have helped me to avoid getting fashion citations!!

Have a super weekend everyone and I will be visiting to catch up on your outfits and how I can shake it up for the last 10 day stretch of the challenge!!  Benny, these are your earrings again, well DUH as if you wouldn't know that!!!

Remix Items: Tweed skirt, purple top, brown knee high boots.

Hugs everyone and someone please have a turkey leg for me!!! MWAH xoxo J

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Remix 18: Colored glasses

Day 18.  I would never had paired the green sweater and leopard top.  Today I would have grabbed some boring old standby for comfort only and would have ended up looking and feeling frumpy. Frumpy is SO yesterday. I kicked Frumpy to the curb when I started this challenge. Thank YOU Kendi for the invitation to do this challenge.  I had a small window for the pics today so only got a couple that I really liked.  The snow here continues. Time to go out and  buy a ski-doo.  Or at least that's what they called them when I was growing up.  Now I  guess the cosmopolitan name is snow mobile.   For you American readers. Just for the record. Not all Canadian's ride dog sleds to work.  Some do. Those ones are from the north. Far far far far north. So far north you have to feed them with a sling shot (or so my mom would say:).

Remix Items: Black skinny pants, leopard top, green sweater, black boots.

And showcasing another pair of Bethany Jane Designs!! More to come.  Hey Bens, you didn't know I would be trying out all those earrings you gave me to sell at work did you???  oh I am SNEAKY...

Hi to new followers, SO great to meet you!!! MWAH xoxo Jodi

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Remix 17: Zebra and Red

Day 17.  My mom always said "Jode, Red's your color".  Red is supposed to be the best color when you want to raise attention.  Attention alright.  My coach recently told me how much of a leader I am. Well, no surprise I am a Leadership Coach and also the Director at work.  Lately I have been thinking about being a leader and how sometimes I don't want that responsibility.  People look to you.  People look UP to you.  OH the pressure to be GOOD all the time. To be perfect all the time.  To have it all handled.  And more than THEM putting the pressure on me, I PUT IT ON MYSELF.  Anyway, I am sharing these reflections with you right now because I have recently realized how much I hold back and don't let people get tooo close for fear that they will see that I am not perfect (Halaluya!).  By holding back though, I don't have the level or depth of relationships that I really want.

Do you remember in my 7 secrets post,  in #6 I said I was glad I didn't have a sister so I wouldn't be compared. Well, what has been missing for me is having girlfriends that are like sisters (I have 3 brothers).  Last night I really realized that I do have sisters!! TONS of them. They are all around me waiting for me to let them in.  HOLY CRAP that was like a lightening zap from the heavens above. HOW COOL IS THAT?  Anyway, today's post is an acknowledgement of 3 specific sisters that I LOVE and cherish (and don't tell them this enough)!!!  Todays' post is for Cinderita, Nicole H and Julie S.  Thanks girls. I love you!!

AND there are many many more that I will be mentioning in my next posts (I havent forgotten about you all:)

Remix Items: Zebra dress, red sweater, brown knee high boots
This is the first time with the dress for this challenge so time to wear it!!  Earrings- these are new from Benny (I love them!!).  And photo's taken in the basement at work because I wasn't will to freeze my girl balls off outside again!! LOL

Long post, but necessary today.  I really really really appreciate all of you who visit me regularly and for all the new visitors and followers.  It's been so amazing having a community like you who are so fun, supportive, creative and just awesome all around!!   Happy mixing.. 13 days to go!!!

xox J

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Remix 16: Leather in Atlanta

Day 16.  Today's outfit is for Mr. Leather from Atlanta :0  you know who you are... Yes ladies, one of my male readers!! Very cool- anyway, you commented last time I wore this skirt so this ones for you!  But let it be known I can only have a few crushes at a time and right now Colette is my BFF especially for interviewing me here (earlier post today)!!  After today I will of course climb over her to find someone else to take me to the TOP, yes the top, one day I will rule the fashion world....  oh Jodi, snap out of it, it must be the sugar rush from the "Hippie Bar" I bought at the coffee shop where I met Benny today.  Anyway, excuse me for that bizarre interlude.

More strange men on location today.  Look what I am wearing. NO Jacket. My hands are RED cold. So this guy stops. Leans on the railing and starts a good ol long drawn out conversation while I am trying to be quick and not freeze (my balls off if I had them).  Do you know that kind of smile you give when what you are trying to say "F off?" (politely of course).  I had that smile. He didn't get it. So I packed up and left. Sorry, thats why you get these rushed photos today!!

Remix Items: Leather skirt, long black sweater, black longsleeve t-shirt, knee high brown boots.

Oh, and by the way, talk about double double... I was also featured over at Sidewalk Chic as part of Joann's Readers Showcase today.  STEP back, no stampeding for autographs PULLLEEEAASSE.

toodle doo for now, will be by to visit in a bit xox J

Statements in Fashion: Day2daywear Interview

My girl crush has paid off!! :P  Colette from Statements in Fashion interviewed me! How COOL is that!!  Now I feel like I'm in the cool club.  I think it's a  first.  Except she's says I'm all funny and then you read my interview and I am all like "gotta get this right", "must sound composed", and while writing it I'm thinking I have to write this in a way so they don't know I am just like trembling with performance anxiety.. something like how I feel the hour leading up to a big Ironman Race... ohhhh my tummy...

Check out the interview!! Go. There. Now.  I love ya Col baby, thanks so much!!! MWAH... will be back later with my outfit for the day xoxo  J

In case you forgot already, see Statements in Fashion day2daywear interview by clicking on the link (yes, I know YOU know that!! :)

And by they way, I did send her a cheque for saying all those nice things about me... bwah ha ha

Monday, November 22, 2010

Remix 15: Down the other side

Day 15.  Down the other side.. now I  count 15, 14, 13.. days left of the challenge.  It is snowing today and people here are never expecting it. Road warnings and office closures. What the heck, I came home, it's a good excuse to work from home for the rest of the day.  It was tricky to get photos today, I had to act FAST, perhaps this is good practice for becoming a National Geographic photographer? LOL.  Let me say, I don't like these pants.  I did't before and I don't now. I thought if I forced myself to wear them during the challenge I would find creative ways to wear them. NOT. Boring!  They go bye bye in 15 days.

As you can tell, I came home, stripped down and got on the couch with my book. Now I am working though, really, I am. :).  Ella Fitzgerald, candy cane lane green tea and me. Thats the rest of my day. Oh yeah, and Deze, our cat.   Will be bye to see whatcha all wearin today for the challenge, and my other fav bloggers great outfits!!

Remix Items:  Black capris, green sweater, long sleeve white t-shirt, brown knee high boots.

HI to new readers, how exciting!!  I will be by to visit each of you real soon  xoxox J

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Remix 14: Day before the Middle

Day 14.  Tomorrow is the middle of the challenge. I must admit, I am wondering what outfits I will come up with.  I have alot of clothes overall and still there are many mornings I look in the closet and say to myself " I have nothing to wear".  Buying more clothes is clearly NOT the solution and I am appreciative of having this challenge to make myself be more creative with what I have.

I did yoga and weights first thing this morning and then got gussied up for a trip to my favorite health food store.  Basic black outfit, not too exciting but I failed to think of weekends when picking my 30 items!!

Remix Items: Black skirt, black turtle neck, brown knee-high boots.
I got the necklace and beads when I was in West Africa a few years ago.  I worked on a forestry project there for 1 year and it was amazing!!

Happy Sunday. Now I have to go out and hold the ladder so fiance can put up the xmas lights. Glad its him and not me :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Remix 13: A Reason to get dressed

Day 13. Bonus secret about me. Secret #9. I HATE sleeping in.  I am usually up early and active and busy. BUT today ladies, those of you morning lounge lizards will be proud of me. I was in my fuzzy pink housecoat until 12 noon on the DOT today.  WHY?  Well, Miss Cinderita called me and I ended up on the phone with her for a looonnng time and then I was visiting you on your blogs!  I was even thinking it would be pretty funny to post my pic today in the housecoat and just call it an 'accessory' so it wouldn't be cheating... hah hah thats pretty funny and so NOT like me.

The reason to get dressed was to go out and get some groceries, drop off due books at the library and of course do the photoshoot!

Remix Items:  Black longsleeve t-shirt, flowered dress, long black sweater, brown cowboy(ish) boots.
AND Emma would notice this, maybe you wouldn't but I tried to copy her to take my ring picture, like Ka-Pow! super hero fist in front of the camera!!  I love today's outfit by the way.  I feel FRISKY in the wind!   

Friday, November 19, 2010

Remix 12: Forest Diva

Day 12.  I'm back in warm land. 4 degrees here-- much nicer than blizzard, snow and ice.  Don't I just look like a little forest diva (thats the NICE way of saying sleezy forest lady or something like that).  I walked up the muddy grassy wet path in my leather heels and short skirt/tunic thing-a-ma-gig and had mud all over my shoes and now, wet leather.  But in the name of a fashion shoot, it had to be done.  Even though it is what WE would call warm here, my wet toes were damn freezing by the time I got home.   Seeking solace with the cat at home now. Tea. Day off. Stretch pants that ARENT on the 30 for 30 list.  I'm on strike for the rest of the day :) and I will say this quietly... {who cares how I look}.

Remix Items: Brown tunic, brown heels.  Yep. Only 2 items. Plain or what?

Colette baby... I am in dire need of some jewelry coaching. I mean, I look in my closet and I have tons of scarves, but not too much in the way of funkadelic jewelry.  I am trying to figure out if its because its just not the main statement for me and I am a plain kinda girl, or if it is that I am just so far off the mark that I need a jewelry intervention.  At any rate.... HEEEELLLLPPPP :)

ps.  2 followers took off... did I offend you with my reference to Be-Jesus???  Are my outfits too boring? Sorry, I AM trying to funk it up, thats the whole purpose of this blog.. anyway... I'm TRYING not to take it personally... sob. snort.  waaaaa  Happy Weekend everyone!! xoxo j