Thursday, November 18, 2010

7 Secrets, 7 Bloggers

I was tagged by Marilou of Twenty York Street, (Thank YOU!!) which means I have to share 7 secrets about myself and pass this on to 7 Bloggers, so here goes (oohhh the self exposure.. )

7 Secrets about me:

1.  I have been with my guy for 9 years and only just got engaged last year (I have an aversion to being married!!

2.  About 70% of my clothes are from thrift stores and I love the exhilaration of finding a designer item for $10 or less!!

3.  My house is only 1000 sq feet big which means I have a small bedroom with an even smaller closet and it drives me crazy!!

4.  I have way too many leopard print scarves and I immediately gravitate to any leopard print I see in stores but have trained myself NOT to buy it!

5.  I have always wanted makeup lessons so I can get more creative and funky with eye-makeup.  Any offers out there? J

6.  I was always glad I didn’t have a sister because I didn’t want to be constantly compared to someone (she’s prettier, smarter, etc).  Am I bad?

7. I have a secret girl crush on Colette, Marilou and Angie (xoxox) 

7 Bloggers: Tag, You're IT
All you need to do is share 7 secrets about yourselves, and pass it on :0 
Miss Q--Snappy-Q


  1. Awww...arent you a doll??LOVE the graffiti pic...really super cool.....loved learning more about you hunnie....I think its totally fabulous that you can get so many wonderful things from thrift stores....your outfits are amazing....and fyi: I have a girl crush on you too!!! hehehe

    Have a great night dollie:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
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  2. My house is about the same size as yours, and I share my tiny closet with my husband.

  3. So great to learn some more about you.

    And thanks for the tag - I'll reply with my darkest secrets later.

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  4. 70% of your closet is thrifted?! go girl! Thats incredible. And married life isn't too much different from dating life, unless you don't already live together. Then it's a huge adjustment. But otherwise, it just means more security in your relationship. Congrats on being engaged!

  5. I cannot absolutely not feel all warm and fuzzy after reading Confession Number 7! Awww, thank you and I love you too!

    I'm really impressed on how you do it! Travelling and blogging and being so on top of things! You know it took me more than a month to post this tag?

    You're a SUPERWOMAN!


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  6. Thanks for tagging me!
    I'm with you on #5...I've finally just started experimenting and figureing things out (The most important thing is a good angled shadow brush...they're amazing!!)

  7. i love these kinds of post, always fun to learn more about fellow bloggers. Oh and I was with my guy for 6 years before we got engaged :)

  8. oh, thanks for the tag. I will definitely do this once I have a spare moment! I loved reading your secrets, and I also think I need make-up lessons since I never wear any except on special occasions.