Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's about Time

I believe I've lost my fashionista-ness.  Yes, that's a word. Have you see the movie You, Me and Dupree?
Carl Peterson: What's with this "Carlness?" It's not even a real word.
Dupree: Yes it is.
Carl Peterson: Oh, it is?
Dupree: It's a verb. It's a conjunction. A preposition. It's a philosophy. A way of life. It's your name with "ness" attached to it.

I've been busy with work and again, just pull something basic out to wear.  I've been in a fashion rut for awhile now. I commute by bike which means I can't really do something special with my hair- the helmet just wrecks it anyway- if I can even get the helmet on.   I can't ride in pencil skirts either.  Guess I could change when I got to work but then I use my bike to commute to meetings downtown and outside of town.  Oh the problems with being fit and healthy :)  I've also been spending my money on new running clothing and new shoes etc vs going to thrift stores and watching sales.  I think I realized I already have more clothes than I really need so I just need to get creative with the ones I've got.

Anyway, thats my rant today.  Happy Earth Day on another note :)  I went for a fantastic train run with a friend afterwork.  What did you do to celebrate Earth Day?

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Adventures of J

Well hello!! Yes, its been awhile. We were away adventuring on a roadtrip/trail run adventure down in the US. How fun except that the $ is not doing so well and everything costs us about 30% more with the exchange rate :(   I've been busy training and racing which has been fantastic. Had a nice long break off of work and even a visit to Portland which was totally fun!  Back to work now and how can you tell I'm not ready for it?  I took my outfit photos then realized (after downloading them) that I had put my camera on manual and the last shots are all blurry. So, NO its not your eyesight.. its MINE.. hah hah.

Time for a haircut too.. am really shaggy these days.  Debating on going mid-length like I used to have it.  Not sure though. 2 more sleeps to think about it.

How are YOU doing? What have you been up to?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sassy Monday

Happy Monday to you all. It's finally beginning to feel like spring. Sunnier days, warmer weather.  I always feel sassy when I wear these kinds of skirts and boots. The skirt moves when I walk and my boots go "click click click" on hard surface floors.  I got tons of work done today as well so I think I channeled energy from my sassy outfit.

Hope you had a great start to your week?  YES?NO?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

No Meeting Day

I didn't have to leave the office today, was a planning day so I dressed for comfort and almost felt like I was wearing pj's or something.  Most of the girls in the office dress like this all the time as well but when I go out to meetings I definitely have to step it up a notch or 3.  Just got home from my run coaching and we did drills for the whole hour. My.LEGS.are.tired!!

Hope you had a great day.  Are you a runner or have you ever run for exercise?  Do you like it?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Leather Lady

I had to drive to work today since I needed the car for meetings which meant I could wear my skirt and boots that arent practical to ride my bike in. I don't know about you but I usually dress based on how I'm commuting. Usually I ride my bike to work and its not far so I can wear skirts and heels etc however, if I want to wear my hair differently or more fancy or a pencil skirt or higher heels it only really works on the days I need to use the car.  Bike riding in a pencil skirt doesnt work all that well (YES I DID TRY IT:)

Its rainy then sunny so we dont actually know if spring is coming or it still just a bit of tease from an early peek of spring. Hence I wont pack away my favorite dark colors for awhile yet!!

Hope you had a super day.  What is you main mode of travel to work and do you have to plan your wardrobe based on travel considerations?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Favorite little jacket

I know. I know. You thought, there she goes and posts a bunch of blog entries then disappears again! Sorrrrrryyyyyyy :(  I went off and did my trail race then last week was crazy at work and I fell off the fashion wagon and neglected to document my throw-together outfits!

All is well. My ultra distance trail race last weekend was fantastic! We had great weather and a great time overall then we went away on a little vacation to visit in-laws and do some skiing.

I love love love this little jacket and always feel good when I wear it. I had two random people tell me they loved my outfit today too so thats always a bonus :)   As you can tell I was also rockin the gangsta chain :)

Hope you had a super start to your week!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Ready to Run

Happy Friday. I'm officially on vacation for the next 5 days. We are doing a 50km trail race this weekend so I am here in the mountains with all my gear ready to run the race on Saturday.  Trail running is so amazing, I love being out in the trees and greenery and it also brings me a sense of peacefulness.  I'll let you all know how it goes.

Have a super weekend.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gangsta Chain

I'm seriously having a fashion crisis. Everything I put on these days just feels wrong. If a fairy godmother came along and granted me a a few wishes one of them would be a completely new wardrobe starting from scratch.  Sometimes I think I get limited by what I have and how I know to wear it and I can't see past that. Meaning, its outside of my realm of knowingness on how to mix items with something else.

All I want to do lately is wear my baggy comfy jeans, my favorite sugoi hoodie and my pink nike frees.   Maybe I'll work from home tomorrow so I can do just that!

What are your comfort go-to clothes?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Fashion Failure

Another day of hideousness. I am on a roll right now.  GAWD.  Another blouse I bought a couple of years ago. I pulled it out and thought I would wear something other than black for  change (lets try blue).  I thought it would look cute. Come home. Take my photo. EGAD!  If only I had time to take photos BEFORE going out in public.  On another note, I thought my daffodils looked cute on the kitchen table so you get a photo of that :)

This one goes into the thrift store pile. Unless one of you wants it?

Happy Monday.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Brown Capri's

Its been pretty busy at work lately and I hope you don't think I was hiding after the hideousness the other day with that striped tunic :) .  I must admit, I am embarrassed I even went to work dressed like that but you gotta mess up once in awhile right? LOL

We have guests this weekend and have our last long trail run before this 50km trail race I am doing coming up. I cant wait. Trail running is the BEST.  LOVE IT. FOR SURE.

Anyway, short note since its friday. Have a super weekend everyone!!