Friday, March 28, 2014

Beige Attack

My week is done. Am off for a long weekend with girlfriends. Don't get jealous but I'm heading to Tofino! It's amazing up there. Rugged surf and lots of beautiful beaches, great restaurants.  Relaxation (and some running) here I come!!!  Have a super weekend!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

High Top Pants

A rare occasion that I wear pants. I love these ones but they are abit too fancy to wear that often. AND I need shoes with them, not boots.  Remember me, I'm the girl with the boot addiction :)

Not much to report other than I have sore legs from all the trail running I've been doing lately.  Just did a 3.5 hour trail run in a beautiful west coast forest.  Talk about peaceful :0
Hope you had a super day!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Straight Hair Day

My hairdresser said... (doesn't that sound so pretentious?) that he wanted me to try styling my hair so I can wear it down and straight.  I have some new Bumble and Bumble product and everything. VERDICT? Nope. No can Do.  I am an updo girl through and through.  If my hair is down it needs to be shaped around my face, not long as it pulls my already long face down.

Anyway, just my opinion and I won't be wearing it like this again anytime soon. PLUS I can't stand it flying around in my face.  Gets in a busy active girls way!! <stomp feet>  hah hah

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Going for Comfort

Another day of report writing, budget planning.  I was going for shear comfort today and it worked. I got alot done and could go up and down the stairs quickly for breaks to grab a cup of tea or pre-made beet juice!  Got my hair trimmed yesterday too so am feeling alot better!!

Happy Day Happy Day.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Zebra and Flair

30km run on Sunday meant sore legs Monday so I wore comfy pants and flats to work.  Fitted animal print top and ready to go. Time for a refresh of my hair though. Stayed up til 1:30 am working last night.. was on a roll trying get a report and some financials done.  Oh what's a fashionista to do?

Hope you had a super day today!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Slouchy Day

Well Hellooooo!!  I am so guilty of being too busy to take outfit photos and to be honest, even worry about how I look these days.  Its crazy season-- getting close to fiscal year end means lots of budgeting, reports to write, planning to do.  AND on top of that I am training for extra long distance races this year.  We have our first long race in a few months that is a 60 km cross country running race.  Yes, I said sixty kilometers. Running. My base run these days is 2.5 hours running and the duration is slowly going up over time.  As a way to get a good cleanse in before things ramp up too much I've been doing alot of Juicing with my Champion Juicer.  I've had this baby for over 20 years now and it's still going strong.

Today's lunch was green juice made of: apple/kale/spinach/celery/ginger/lemon.  And let me tell you it was some YUMMY!!

As for the outfit- I worked from home and had to run out to the bank so this is what I threw on instead of going out in my stretchy pants and hoody :)

Miss you all and will do my best to get by for a visit soon!! MWAH

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mexico Unplugged

Hello! or should I say HOLA. I just got home from a little over 2 weeks in Mexico.  Last year I finally got my mom to go on a trip and she loved it so much we agreed we would make it an annual thing. I told her I would much rather she spend some money on herself doing something she always wanted to do and so that we could spend some time together instead of her holding on to her money and me getting an inheritance once she's gone.  My mom and I are really close and have always been more like sisters so we had alot of laughs, long walks on the beach, giggle sessions in our room at night and even had a few too many margarita's one night!  I didn't get many photos overall and not many of myself since it was mom taking the photos and most turned out blurry (hah hah).  A few shots of my casual wear.

I did run ALOT when I was  there, almost every single day at least 1 hour and there was a 5km stretch of beach where we were staying. Let me tell you, running 5km in the sand is good training alright!!  I had to lay by the pool all day to recover :)

I hope you are all doing well and having an awesome week!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Static Wrap Top

This top reminds me of TV static. While I love the color and the concept of this top, it is extremely annoying to wear. The built-in scarf keeps sliding around  and even between the time I adjusted it for the photo and actually took the photo it was already not sitting the way I had it. It slides into this figure 8 configuration and then pulls the sides of the top down so I hang out everywhere. Very strange.  So. I am thinking about how I might be able to sew it to secure it somehow, OR cut the top up and modify the whole thing somehow.  Anyway- What do you think of the new boots? I got these ones recently as well. Nice soft leather and sooo very comfy to wear.  You know me. I love boots!!!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Everytime I wear this skirt I think "I'm going to make  this into a pillow cover".  This is the kind of skirt I have had for years and it started off longer and more A shaped.  I have taken it in at the waist, shortened it, narrowed the A shape of it.  And now I keep thinking I don't really like it and one day will make a cushion cover out of it because I like the polka dots.  One day. Maybe.  I AM excited that theres more room at the new house so I can set up my sewing machine and work on projects (one day when I have time :)

And see my new leather boots?  $200 on sale and with my store card ended up being $50!! I love those kinds of deals and just wait til you see the other ones I bought.  I DID promise myself I would let go of 2 pairs of old boots so I have pulled out my red ones to take to consignment since I barely wear them and they are abit too small and hurt my feet anyway.

What do you think... when you buy something new should you get rid of something at the same time?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friday Tunic and my Favorite Boots

I'm loving that I have more (and private) photoshoot locations with our new house!! It's awesome. These are the doors to our studio.  Its got a wood stove in it and lots of storage space. We will use it to store our big cooking stuff (Big Chief Smoker, sausage stuffer, Champion Juicer, Canner, extra canning jars, etc).  AND there's room for a big table so I can have friends over to have collage parties, and we can also set up our wind-trainers on bad weather days and ride our bikes indoors!! This can be a total fitness room as well.  So exciting!!  

These grey boots are among my favorites. I got them a few years ago when everything was going on sale after xmas.  They are almost $300 and I got them for $70.  I love those kinds of deals!!

I'm off for a 3.5 hour bike ride today (Saturday) and fingers crossed the weather holds out.  Today is focused on hill repeats. URGH!    Have a super awesome weekend, whatever you do!