Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Work Uniform Experiement

Its been a crazy busy month. For unforeseen reasons, we had to move out of the building where our work office is. That is 10 staff and 10 years of stuff we had to sort, purge, shred, pack up.  Not much got done this month other than all the preparations for a move that had to take place in less than 1 month.  Between that and the rest of busy life, I've not even thought about outfits or fashion- its all been about whats comfortable for being in the basement sorting archives.

Anyway, our big first day at the new place is September 1.  We'll be sharing the space with about 25 other people doing similar work.  I must admit I've been feeling a bit of stress around having to dress better given I will be around alot more people on a daily basis. Don't you know its all about looking good? :)

I came across an article about Matilda Kahl, an art director in New York who got tired of focusing on
how to dress each day and chose to create her own work uniform so it took the thinking out of what to wear each day. She said that she was way more productive out of doing it and felt alot less stressed. You can read all about her story here.

I'm going to take this on for the month of September and see how it goes. My plan is to keep it simple and basically wear black and white as basics and can add accessories for color.  I'm planning on posting regularly so lets see how this goes!

Has anyone else tried something like this?


  1. I have to wear similar conservative clothes to work every day but I found a way to make it fun. First, buy good-quality clothes that will last longer and feel better. Second, accessorize with a single, easy-to-add item (for me, it's colorful neckties). That small addition feeds our soul.

  2. Thats great, and sounds like thats the idea of this. I'm going to try it at least for the month. After that I can always stick to the basics and shake it up once in awhile with something completely different vs trying to create fantastic unique outfits every day :)