Friday, November 19, 2010

Remix 12: Forest Diva

Day 12.  I'm back in warm land. 4 degrees here-- much nicer than blizzard, snow and ice.  Don't I just look like a little forest diva (thats the NICE way of saying sleezy forest lady or something like that).  I walked up the muddy grassy wet path in my leather heels and short skirt/tunic thing-a-ma-gig and had mud all over my shoes and now, wet leather.  But in the name of a fashion shoot, it had to be done.  Even though it is what WE would call warm here, my wet toes were damn freezing by the time I got home.   Seeking solace with the cat at home now. Tea. Day off. Stretch pants that ARENT on the 30 for 30 list.  I'm on strike for the rest of the day :) and I will say this quietly... {who cares how I look}.

Remix Items: Brown tunic, brown heels.  Yep. Only 2 items. Plain or what?

Colette baby... I am in dire need of some jewelry coaching. I mean, I look in my closet and I have tons of scarves, but not too much in the way of funkadelic jewelry.  I am trying to figure out if its because its just not the main statement for me and I am a plain kinda girl, or if it is that I am just so far off the mark that I need a jewelry intervention.  At any rate.... HEEEELLLLPPPP :)

ps.  2 followers took off... did I offend you with my reference to Be-Jesus???  Are my outfits too boring? Sorry, I AM trying to funk it up, thats the whole purpose of this blog.. anyway... I'm TRYING not to take it personally... sob. snort.  waaaaa  Happy Weekend everyone!! xoxo j


  1. Taking it personally will do you no good. Trust me. Like someone said to me, they could easily have just deleted their blogs and took themselves with them. If that makes sense. It's not about you. I delete myself on occasion if I realize that the topics aren't relevant to my life or something that is of interest. Not to worry!! You will reach your goal of 100 by December 10th. I have a lot of faith!!

    And I can't believe you wandered out into wet grass in boots. Yikes!!

  2. I like your scarf! and don't worry about the 2 followers, people come and go, some just join because of giveaways etc :)

  3. Scarves can work like jewelry it lots of cases...basically it's your way of funking up an outfit, and I LOVE it!
    I totally get the whole taking things personally...once I noticed my number had went down...and I checked my peoples to see who left...and figured out who it was...I decided to do a bit of a test, went to her blog, left a nice comment on one of her outfits...and within 20 mins I had her back...pathetic I know!! Basically that shows you that some people are only following you with hopes that you will continue to read/follow your blog. I've learnt a lot over the last while with blogging...bascially (whether people want it to be or not) it's a numbers game, and everyone wants higher numbers...basically I'm sure half of my followers aren't actually readers, they're just hoping I'll read theirs...make sence? I dunno...that's just my views...don't take it personally tho, it happens to us all...and really they're not the kinda people you want to waste your time over anyways!

  4. awww thanks ladies... I have sure noticed that some blogs are a popularity contest and I am not doing this for that reason, would much rather have regular visits back and forth with mutual blogging buddies.. and I was kidding above when I said I was TRYING to not take it personally, I totally understand.. and yeah, maybe my blog isnt the most exciting for some people.. all depends on what the needs are. I am still trying to figure out what exactly my goal with this is myself..!! lol

  5. I love your Blog Jodi!!! You have great style and I enjoy your humor! I am having so much fun with my Blog and I can tell you are too! So keep it up and don't worry about ppl leaving.
    Now those shoes you have on are super cute with the little button on the side I love them!!!! As for Jewelery Colette shops a lot at Forever 21 and I was just to the website the other day and they have some super cute necklaces and bracelets!
    Whenever I order my stuff only takes 2 or 3 days to come. Hope that helps. :)

  6. Hey forest sleeze...hows it hanging?? look great in this grassy area....hope your shoes are going to be OK:) would love to help you....Im going to go pick out a few things and post you the will be fine, I promise, hehehe.

    B....followers...I agree w/Natasha....people come and go all the time...I would much rather have someone following me for my blog...and no just for the hopes of me following them are doing perfectly!! I have a feeling you will be having lots of new traffic here in the very near future:)

    You are being yourself....dressing like yourself and not trying to be something/someone you are not....and THATS what keeps my coming here...not the numbers..its you doll...Ill email some pics of some cool statement pieces I think would look fab on you:)


    Statements in Fashion Blog

  7. I love how that scarf brings a pop of color to your outfit! And I'm not so great at jewelry either, I have a ton but I always reach for the same couple of really simple necklaces. Places like F21 are a nice place to go because if something doesn't end up being your style, it's okay because it was probably only $5.

  8. New reader here, a fellow remixer. This is my first read, but goodness gracious--you look so strong. I am impressed.

    I'm a clutz at the statement jewelry too.

  9. I love the pops of color- the plum and turquoise are so pretty together!

  10. I love that color of the scarf! So pretty!

  11. Hi,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, appreciate it very much.
    I think your look is edgy and the pink scarf pops the outfit. Wow walking in wet mud in heels, that's determination.
    I would love to see that outfit in the with some lace or ribbed colored tights. How about a hat? The skies the limit, you can remix your outfit in so many ways.
    Don't worry about the two followers (I understand though) stay true to yourself. I will be checking in on you to see your remixing 30 for 30 looks.

  12. That scarf really adds a splash of color and spices up the whole outfit! Purple is certainly one of your colors!

    Froso from Style Nirvana

  13. great scarf and shoes! xx