Thursday, October 17, 2013

Going Nowhere

I felt pretty darn good in this outfit as I made my way to the seaplane terminal this morning. Was heading to the Big City for a meeting. EXCEPT.FOR.THE.FOG. Thanks Fog. I got sent home because all the flights were cancelled. What a waste of a great outfit not to mention missing out on my stakeholder meeting. Sigh. What's a girl to do?

I sure notice the difference between wearing an outfit that I feel awesome in compared to one that I feel frumpy wearing. UGH.  I just need to pre-plan and put together more of the GOOD ones so I feel hot more often :)

High waisted pencil skirts are on the top of my list- as worn previously here Pink Top Pencil Skirt.
Nothin like some whoopa$$ sass in your day.

Have a good one,

Thursday, October 10, 2013

80's Flashback

New Blazer. I had this on my list last year and could not find the right boyfriend blazer to fit me. Low and behold I recently found this one on a sales rack. I love it however the minute I put it on I feel like breaking out singing Karma Chameleon.

Race season will be done after this weekend and I get to chill for about a month then get back into it. I'm going to be teaching TRX this year.  Have you heard of it? It originated with some knarly military guys getting stuck in the middle of nowhere for a long time with nothing to do so they put together a bunch of ropes and straps and made up some workouts to keep them fit while they were waiting for help to come.  Great story and if you do the exercises you get a killer bod too!!

Not much else to report today. Over n out. Hope you had a great day yourselves. J

Friday, October 4, 2013

The big move

Happy Friday!  Our exciting news is that are buying  a wee bit of a bigger house.  And, its just down the street so we get to stay in the neighbourhood.    We have a few months until we move in which means I can be well prepared. I am already going through all my old stuff and cleaning out.  I'm the kind of person who likes to have the boxes packed and neatly stacked in the corner for weeks before moving. Everything organized and  tidy.

I have realized that I certainly do not need to buy new clothes for a long time. I have TONS of clothes.
Interesting- I have a big box of scarves.  I love scarves.  As I was going through the box I realized there were scarves in there that I forgot I had.  I get bored of things and its not like I NEED something new but its like the novelty of having a new item.  Even if its new to me but from the thrift store, thats still something different. Don't get me wrong, I am not a materialistic kind of gal, I just like alot of variation.
Anyway, I am being intentional about cleaning out alot of the stuff I dont wear or don't really need.  It will feel really freeing to let go of alot of the unnecessary stuff.

Of course I have been scouring the internet for house ideas and already envisioning how I am going to be setting up the new rooms. AND there will be a bigger room that I can set my camera up and leave in there so its almost like my photographic studio. I hope that it is easy to just snap shots in the morning before I go to work.

Alright, back to my room I go and back to sorting and tossing.
Happy Weekend everyone!! I will share house photos in a few months once we move in.