Thursday, October 23, 2014

Train Tracks

This is a typical example of an outfit I put on without trying first and felt great all day. THEN I saw the photos I took and realized this would have been much better either a) tucked in and with slingback shoes or  2) untucked and with tall leather boots.   I do love the color of this top especially- I may look to buy more blue in the future.

I was going out in the evening so I tried the boots option and it looked pretty good- cognac colored boots, knee-high.

It just started pouring rain as I was packing up my camera so I quickly packed up and ran away.

Hope you had a super day.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Black Leather Skirt

I got sassy and wore one of my leather skirts to work. AND with bare legs- I'm still squeezing out the days that I can wear bare legs.  I actually got quite a few compliments on this outfit so guess it worked out okay.  I felt official yet stylish, sassy yet smart.

I'm also trying to get more outdoor photos again.  It's hard to find discrete places and unless I have my car at work its a bit of a challenge these days.   Other musings.. well, time for a hair cut and I'm super excited because my awesome hair dresser is finally back from maternity leave.  She's so awesome and I can't wait to catch up with her soon and hear all about her new life as a mom.

How long have you been seeing your hairdresser? Do you have a great relationship with him/her?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

That Leopard Skirt

I noticed that I have the habit of calling anything even remotely Leopard, "Leopard".  Looking at this skirt its clearly not leopard yet I call it that.  Guess I should just call it my animal skirt.

Had to do a quick presentation to the youth group that we host at work and so I thought I'd wear something abit more fun than slacks and turtle neck :)  They all just stared at me with blank faces anyway so I dont think my outfit mattered anyhow... :(   maybe I just have to face the fact that I'm getting old.  hmmm no, I don't like THAT idea.

Off to create an outfit for a party we're going to tonight.  Maybe will get photos if lucky.

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Work from home= Casual

I work from home occasionally and so this is what I wore when I went out for a wander during my lunchbreak.  I live close to the ocean and I love taking photos down there however there are usually so many people milling about I am too shy to do so.  Today I had a moment when it was raining lightly and no one was around.  I love poncho's as well and have since I was in Grade 2.  I had a big poncho collection of all kinds of great colors and patterns.

I've managed to break yet ANOTHER remote control too.  Do you have problems with remote controls for your camera???

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


After my rant about not liking cardigans I go and buy this sweater. Go Figure!! This actually reminds me of a style I wore back in the 90's- the long sweater and matching leggings (mine assemble was hot pink) AND I had BIG hair and BIG earrings to match.  A bit of the Madonna carry over I guess :(

I actually like this sweater and thought it looked quite clean and classic. Gotta wear it quick to important meetings before it gets covered in white cat hair!

My stance in the last photo looks like I just came from riding a horse.  BOW LEGS.. hah hah how NOT to pose :)

What fashion items do you still wear that are carry overs from past era's?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Shorts

I wore this on Friday. It's ALMOST getting abit cold for shorts now. I will hold out til the very last drop.  Getting my favorite boots all re-soled/re-heeled in preparation for boot season. WHOOOPEEE.

Am trying to cut down on the clothing I have and plan on only shopping for basics this season. Remind me I said this will you ?? hah hah.  And see that picture on the wall behind me? Its one of my favorites. Its a giant cat in venice.  You can see the buildings in the background and they're really small. Almost like Cat-zilla.  Yes. I am a cat lover. Will likely end up a crazy cat lady.  Thats okay by me.

Happy Weekend everyone!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

What NOT to Wear Day

I started my day dressed like this and I was in a good mood until I got  dressed. Then I began to feel frumpier and frumpier by the minute.  Funny how clothing can enhance how you feel (or maybe thats just psychological?).  Anyway, I have never really liked wearing cardigans and even though I love the color of this one I feel not quite right when wearing it.  AND, while I love the idea of this skirt, I've never felt Fan-Frickin-Tastic in it either.  So.  I am thinking I might have to add these items to the give away box along with that blue and white striped sailor t-shirt I wore on here awhile back.

Upstairs I went and got changed.  This is what I came back with and felt MUCH better.

These pants are much better however they do remind me of the kind of pants police officers or security guards wear.  Good and durable for fighting, running, kicking doors down, etc. Never know when I might have to do that at the office:)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

All Beige

I was told to "never wear beige". Well. I'm wearing it. I'm also wearing a monotone outfit. I've never really done this other than with black.  What do you think?

Do you ever wear monotone outfits in a color other than black (yes, in my books black IS a color :)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Black and Blue

Isn't that just a fashion faux pas! The last post I did I was wearing the SAME PANTS. URGH. Well, the point is, its getting abit cold and time for covered legs.  I will break out the boots soon.  Am trying to be patient.  I basically try to wear bare legs as long as possible and then go from that to boots.  As you know, I have a boot fetish.  I'm also playing with new locations in the house to take my photos as it will soon be getting rainy outside.

If you take your photos inside, what room do you take most of your outfit photos in?