Thursday, July 28, 2011

Black and White Skirt

Hello!!! And another formal-type meeting today so I had to look abit business-y.  I sure haven't been wearing anything too exciting lately, and alot of black, at that!  Today I mainly want to make a point of thanking those of you who come by regularly.  I am not so regular at visiting you (which does not mean I have forgotten you by any means), and you keep coming over here, which I really LOVE!

So, my love and kisses go out to some of my fav bloggers today: Pam at over50feeling40 , Gracey from Fashion for Giants, Brett at Silvergirl, Nathasha at Required2BeInspired, Ralph over at Shybiker.

Happy happy, xoxo Jodi

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Group Shot

Today we had a professional photographer come in to take a group photo of all of our team at work (everyone who works in the building). So, I had to dress professionally and not to wild or else I would have stood out like a sore thumb. I thought the pop of red would work.  Lots of compliments on the new necklace too, which I love (the necklace, sillies, not the compliments.. well.. yeah, I LOVE the compliments too!!).

These are my most favorite shoes.  There is something to be said for waiting. I was always wanting red shoes and I could never find the perfect ones. I just knew they would show up sooner or later. Then, over the winter, there was a clearance sale and all the summer stuff got put out and sold and really low prices. I got these for a really great price and I love them!!

Hope everyone is having a super awesome day today-- I know I am!! MWAH lovelies... xoxo Jodi

Monday, July 25, 2011



Guess what I woke up to this morning? No kidding, but there was a dead teddy bear hamster on the floor at the end of my bed!! Somehow one must have escaped in the neighbourhood and our cat got lucky!! Especially for an old senior cat to drag in a rather large and very fuzzy hamster. While I was shocked and thought it was totally bizarre, I was also sad that somewhere some little girl is likely crying about ol missing fuzzy.  Very very strange, especially since hammy wasnt even beat up or biten (that we could see)- he was just there with rigomortis setting in- all stiff and such...  YES, strange start to the day!!!

I have lost my mojo for both outfits and photography these days. I havent even done a good job capturing my full profile (feet cut off). How half a$$ed if you ask me!! Sorry ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when one is in a hurry and has little to no wardrobe inspiration!!!

That said, I got tons of compliments on how great I look and how I have such great clothes and jewelry when I was away this weekend. While I dont want to admit it, that ALWAYS makes my day!!!

Happy Monday!! oxoJodi

Friday, July 22, 2011

On the Ferry

Heading to Seattle for the weekend!! woo hoo! Here's a shot from the ferry using my macbook pro.  Will be posting outfits soon!!  Happy Weekend everyone!! xoxo Jodi

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cycling to work

WHOA, I look Sleepy today!! is it just me or do you get bags under your eyes as you age?? WTF? LOL, guess I should have gone to bed earlier last night!!

I'm riding my bike to work more often these days rather than walking since I have alot of meetings around town to get to (Check out Sal on Wheels over at Already Pretty for a fun post on commuting).  Riding days dictate what I wear to work. I, unlike Sal, ride my bike in my regular clothes because I don't have far to go (can't be bothered changing).  Yesterday I wore a coral dress and when I rode my bike (in the dress). The wind ended up whipping the bottom of the dress almost up around my waist.. was pretty funny to see the peoples reactions from their cars as I rode past them.. heh heh. Some would say thats so "Euro".  First I pick the shoes (what  shoes can I easily ride in?) and then create my outfit around the shoes. As you can see today- flats and shorts. I am SO bored with my clothes right now. Sorry there is no outfit inspiration on this blog lately.  I guess you keep coming back for my...? humour? good looks? interesting life?  I have no idea! But those of you still visiting, well. It is MUCH appreciated. I know you don't just love me for my clothes!!

xoxo Jodi

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blue and Camel

Is it just me or is it quiet in Bloggerland? I don't know about you but I feel tapped out of creativity when it comes to snazzy outfits these days. I look in my closet and just sigh- what the h$ll am I going to wear?  And I do not need new clothes.  I tried the 30 for 30 this time around (for the 3rd time) and this time I lost interest after about 3 days. Thats not like me.  I have also sent personal emails to a few bloggers who have gone AWOL just to check in and see if they are okay.  I think it's good to take some time for other things and sometimes just a refresher break. Lately I haven't had alot of time between work and training to get out and take my daily photo anyway.  And sometimes wearing the same outfit as last week doesn't feel too bad afterall :)

Anyway, I am hoping you all are having a great summer and having fun mixing up the outfits (or not!!).
Talk later xoxo Jodi

Monday, July 11, 2011

Let me say I RODE MY LEGS OFF this weekend! OIY. Hills or what?? My legs were like rubber when I got home after my long hilly ride on Saturday, and then I had to turn around and do a ride/run on Sunday as well.  Today was legs off. NO workout for me. Ahhh.  Simple outfit for Monday. I had several meetings out of office today which meant alot of walking. On days like that I plan my outfit around my shoes. Which shoes are most comfortable for walking in.  Then I create the outfit to match.  You are likely getting bored with my plain skirt and top combinations (I am!). I will try to spice it up abit more for the rest of this week, I promise!!

How do you plan your outfits??
xox Jodi

Friday, July 8, 2011

Brown Stripes

Happy Friday!!  So they are changing blogger AGAIN. Just when I think I have a grasp on how to use it they go and change it again. Wasn't it just last week I was talking about how we (humans), by nature, are resistant to change??? LOL.  I love this dress. I  scored it at my fav consignment store for $8.00 and it is Banana Republic.  Its heavy weight stretch material and hangs really nicely.  I am breaking my fashion  rules again-- I am not supposed to wear low V, cap sleeves, or stripes.  I think the dress doesn't look to bad if I don't say so myself.  Anyway, last photo is "Jodi Unplugged" taking my photo with the remote that I got fixed!! YEAH for remotes!!  You may wonder why my hand is often behind my back in my photos? Well, that is because I dont have pockets to hide the remote so I pose with my arm nicely placed behind my back.. hah hah how sneaky!!

Okay. I wish you all a super weekend. I have a 5 hour (hilly) ride on Saturday so will be working my legs big time!!  Later Gaters MWAH xox  Jodi

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Animal Affairs

And a good Thursday morning to YOU!!  I took these yesterday but was in back to back sessions that I had no chance to post them!!  And someone told me " I love your outfit.  You have to have a certain stature to pull off animal print".... hmmmm what exactly is that supposed to mean? She was short- thats hopefully what she meant-- that I was tall???

Today's summer school season is on health literacy. Should be interesting!  If it's not I'll be roaming around visiting you all :)

Have a good one- looks like some rain here in Victoria. sigh.  xoxo J

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pay Phone

I was phoning you but you weren't there!! HEY. Answer the PHONE!!! Well duh, its ME calling!
Pay phones are almost vintage now, its crazy!  I was driving home from this Summer School Session I am in all week.. looking for a shady spot to take my photo. Can you believe it was hard to find a shady spot?  Well. I certainly had better not complain since all I was doing before was complaining about wearing boots to work in JUNE.  I'm in courses all this week and I feel like a student. Nice feeling actually, and also nice to be out of the office (even though I was sneaking looks at my email while I was in my course!!) Bad Jodi Bad Girl.

I swam this morning and then ride tonight. I love Tuesdays. Tuesdays are ride nights.  I also have an acupuncture treatment tomorrow- which I love. I love acupuncture too. I love alot of things. Actually my new love is StumbleUpon. Some fabulous things on there, you should check it out.

Okay. thats all for now-- gonna love ya and leave ya. kisses J

Monday, July 4, 2011

1 Year Anniversary

Hello my pretties!  Today has been giving me many many opportunities to just roll with the day.  After swimming the bags under my eyes were MAJOR today. What could I do? Wear my nice Ralph Lauren sunglasses all day :).  I had the day off and planned on going out to the beach.  Car won't start.  What could I do? Stay home and weed the garden instead.  Go to take outfit photos after I got all cleaned up.  Remote control not working. What could I do?  10 second timer and run.

I am just rolling with it today. And they say it comes in 3's so I am done for today.  Oh, and by the way. Two things:
1.  My outfit costs about $ 30 (not including earrings)- top, skirt, shoes (oh, not including bra and undies either!!)
2.  June marked the 1 Year Anniversary of day2daywear!!! Can't believe it!   My little of piece of the internet has come a long way. And better YET-- my wardrobe is 100 times better.  My very first blog photo:
Holy smokes it must have been cold last June, I was wearing a trench coat back then!! EGADS what's the weather come to!!! LOL

Over n out my fav readers!!  I look forward to another splendid year of learning from you all-- MWAH xoxoJ