Friday, July 8, 2011

Brown Stripes

Happy Friday!!  So they are changing blogger AGAIN. Just when I think I have a grasp on how to use it they go and change it again. Wasn't it just last week I was talking about how we (humans), by nature, are resistant to change??? LOL.  I love this dress. I  scored it at my fav consignment store for $8.00 and it is Banana Republic.  Its heavy weight stretch material and hangs really nicely.  I am breaking my fashion  rules again-- I am not supposed to wear low V, cap sleeves, or stripes.  I think the dress doesn't look to bad if I don't say so myself.  Anyway, last photo is "Jodi Unplugged" taking my photo with the remote that I got fixed!! YEAH for remotes!!  You may wonder why my hand is often behind my back in my photos? Well, that is because I dont have pockets to hide the remote so I pose with my arm nicely placed behind my back.. hah hah how sneaky!!

Okay. I wish you all a super weekend. I have a 5 hour (hilly) ride on Saturday so will be working my legs big time!!  Later Gaters MWAH xox  Jodi


  1. Love that wrap style on you. I think the dress works great, cap sleeves, v and all! Funny how some clothing items can have all of your no-no's but be the best thing in your closet sometimes!

    ~ B

  2. dress looks great
    and a wrap is good for anybody type on earth they say!
    I think it drapes beautifully on you.

  3. that is a great dress!! How long have you been biking?

  4. Fashion rules are made to be broken! Who said you should not wear stripes or V-necks ???? Excuuuuuzzzz me but you lookrrrrrrrroarrrrrr great!

  5. wow, this dress looks amazing on you! love it!

  6. This is an incredible the structure and the stripes! My greatest frustrations with social media are all of the changes and additions...I just do not see how anyone participates in everything...Twitter, Face Book, stumble, and on and on...It's crazy...then when you think all is right with the world...BLOGGER CHANGES. I actually think I like the changes...but hopefully they will stay the same for awhile!

  7. Good luck with strenuous ride. I like the way the stripes fall at all different angles. Beautiful drape.

  8. We should definitely get together!

    My gal pal and I co-author the blog and love a good coffee.

    Do you work downtown?

  9. I love this dress on you! Absolutely amazing...apparently I'm a little late posting this..haha...that's what happens when I'm on vacation I guess....

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired