Friday, February 27, 2015

Brown Capri's

Its been pretty busy at work lately and I hope you don't think I was hiding after the hideousness the other day with that striped tunic :) .  I must admit, I am embarrassed I even went to work dressed like that but you gotta mess up once in awhile right? LOL

We have guests this weekend and have our last long trail run before this 50km trail race I am doing coming up. I cant wait. Trail running is the BEST.  LOVE IT. FOR SURE.

Anyway, short note since its friday. Have a super weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stoopidest Purchase of the Year

An alien must have inhabited my body for a few hours on Sunday. I went to a store to pick up something for someone and walked out with this tunic. I even tried it on. I knew better than to even take it off the rack. I was thinking of Ally's comments "you look good in bold", I remembered Gracey's pattern mixing that I was so inspired by.  I took it off the hanger, into the change room, tried it on.  KNEW it wasn't flattering yet when I came out all the girls cooed and said, thats SO CUTE.  I even walked out with a smile on my face.

Tuesday morning. I get dressed.  Look like I'm wearing a sack.  The hubs convinces me I need a belt with it and tries to downplay the hideousness of it all.  I go to work dressed in it ANYWAY.

All day I just wanted to ask someone what they thought but I fought the urge to make them uncomfortable. I only needed 1, only 1 comment to reassure me that I didn't look like a complete clown. But I DIDNT ASK.

I even tried tying it in a knot at the side (Photo 4).  No returns.  Hopefully they might let me exchange it?

Do you ever return something if you have worn it for at least a few hours?
(At least I can laugh at myself here.... :(

Friday, February 20, 2015

Nordic Sweater

I was breaking the fashion rules for my body type with this sweater vest.  Its thick, undefined waist, drop sleeve design... all things I'm not supposed to wear.

I find its one thing seeing yourself in the mirror but for me, seeing myself in these photos gives me a much more objective view of how things look.  I actually don't mind this sweater even though in the mirror I was unsure.  The ring was a gift from my girlfriend Rita from one of her trips to Europe. I love big rings and I love turquoise. She always finds the best surprise gifts that I love so much!!

I was warm and comfy and felt great today.  Hey, and its friday as well! What more can one ask for?

Have a super weekend!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Brown Giant

Yes, spring is coming but it was rainy and cold today! I wanted to be warm so wore a warm (ish) color. The other change is that for the first time I tried wearing flats with these pants which I probably should have done right from the first time I was talked into buying these pants.  DUH.  Oh well. Live and learn (again and again).

Have you ever paired things together only to realize (WAY after the  fact) that you were not with the program? Hello, like did you NOT get the memo??

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Black Dress and Animal

I had about 10 minutes to get home, take my photo, get changed, grab a snack  and then head off to my run session.  Crazy busy at work right now but I'm still managing to get my outfits in order and take photos.  Its been great connecting with you all more lately as well!!

I don't wear this dress much cuz it  seems bait short for work but I broke it out today and added some animal print for fun. I love this scarf.  I actually really love black and brown together and would never have paired the 2 colors had I not been blogging. I get so many ideas from reading all of your blogs which is fantastic. So. Thank you to those of you who wear black and brown together. I got the idea from you!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Vintage Pink

I love this vintage jacket I got awhile back, its just got a HUGE pointy collar that I am abit embarrassed to been seen wearing it. I mean, I could spear an animal with the points on this darn collar!  Anyway, I was driving home from a meeting and stopped at this seedy kind of location to take my photo.  I forgot that I had these cheap sunglasses on (was the only thing I had in the car and had to wear because it was so bright driving). I look like a bug. So, now I look like a bug who could spear an animal with my jacket collar. NICE.

Happy Tuesday!   Did you wear anything crazy or embarrassing today?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter be Gone

The trees are all blooming here and the flowers are exploding with color.  Its almost but not quite time to pull out the spring clothes.  I will wear boots as late into spring/summer as possible though since its one of my favorite fashion items.

Do you have a fashion favorite that you wear all the time or would wear all the time if you could?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Friday Wear with a Gangsta Chain

I had a meeting on Friday so I thought I'd wear more classic look.  And I know I am not supposed to wear this kind of collar-- its boring on me. However, I thought the pop of color in the sweater would help balance it out.

I had bought this necklace awhile ago and the first time I wore it my man said "That looks like a gangsta chain"... I thought that was hilarious and ended up not wearing it. I pulled it out today and thought I'd rock it with this outfits since the meeting I was going to has a lot of politics going on between some of the players and I thought to myself- I could alway pull the necklace off and use it like they did in the Anchorman News Fight (#ilovethatmovie :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Grey and Green

Okay, today I broke out the green table cloth. Don't worry... I have a few more colors left to go :)  One thing you did not know about me is that I am the Queen of Productivity! I am very well trained in productivity systems and in fact, I developed a comprehensive training program that I provide to all our new staff at work.  I love being organized!!  A few things that have made a big difference for me and that I have incorporated into my program are:

1.  The "Getting Things Done" System by David Allen
2. Evernote (Productivity App)

Using the system I've designed helps SO much in that you can always have confidence that you are able to manage a high volume of information coming at you (because thats just today's world) in a way that is manageable and makes sense. Now, this doesn't mean you are necessarily DOING something about all that information (from emails, meetings, phone calls, brainstorming, thoughts in your head at 2am, to-do lists and daily chores, etc) however, you have an excellent system for capturing and prioritizing all this information.    Anyway, Evernote recently came out with a laptop bag and since my old one was falling apart my hubs ordered this one for me for xmas and I JUST got it about a week ago.  Apparently it came all the way from Switzerland or someplace like that.

It's a cool bag in terms of shape and size. It's not the greatest if I need to carry a lot of documents though.  This is more a day to day bag and if I have to go away on business I would likely take something bigger.  I liked the color as well.  Take a look in case you need a new laptop bag (and NO... I'm not sponsored by them or anything.. dream on!! :)

PS I feel like batman in this shiny boots :)  UP UP and AWAY.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

70's Skirt

This was fun today. I hung up an old plastic table cloth thing as a backdrop and it worked except for all the wrinkles and ripples.  I thought it would work well with this skirt.

I must say a big THANK YOU to Ally from Shybiker as the observation made was that I suited bold patterns the most and when I think about it I also feel better in these kinds of clothes so am now making more effort to create outfits based on that.  What a great bit of feedback that has made a big difference!

SO CRAZY-- I just wrote this then went over to Ally's blog and saw a post about me in bold patterns. NOW that is coincidence and so awesome. Wow oh Wow I am so honored!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Black High Top Pants

I almost wore this long tunic/blouse untucked today because these pants are really high waisted. I tried tucking it in and loved it.  I liked the plain simple lines and the flare of these pants.  I just had to be careful I didn't touch the cats before work or would have been covered in white fluff :)

Do you ever wear high waisted pants?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Sunday Lunch

photo: from Nourish Kitchen and Cafe

photo: from Nourish Kitchen and Cafe
Happy Monday!
Snapshot of Sunday:  I know I look owly (is that how you spell it?) in the photo above. Well, I was DARN COLD if you can tell I have purple lips :)  I had to act fast and take this since it was windy and cold and its the only one that turned out :)

I did a 30km trail run on Sunday and came home with about 30 minutes to spare to quickly get showered and out the door  to pick my friend up to take her for her birthday lunch.  Hence, the hair- I just threw on a hat  and off I went!  What do you think?  I'm not fond of me in hats and the hubs kind of laughed and said: " well, I guess its OKAY..." Nuff said :(

So my friend and I went to this amazing raw food cafe (Nourish) that is located on the grounds of the local horticulture centre that is so beautiful.  Most of the food is grown there and is otherwise from local farms.  Its all organic and so tasty.  I had borsht (the kind without the cream in it) and it was amazing!

We're lucky because today is a holiday (Family Day. Woot woot BONUS--so I'm working on the landscape plan for our front yard. Can't wait to share that with you.

Have a super day!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday Wear

2 more sleeps and I get my hair cut. I can hardly stand it. It's to the point where I don't even want to leave the house these days.  Never will I let this happen again!!  I did my long bike ride today and then came home, did some house cleaning and got organized to go for a drive and coffee with a girlfriend of mine.  She has been single for a long time and has recently met someone new.  She's nervous to get her hopes up and also very excited so I feel honored to be the only one who knows about this right now.  We went for coffee so she could give me an update.  I'm living vicariously through her as she shares about the exciting aspects of a bran new relationship.  Not that mine's not awesome, its just fun to hear the new-ness of it all and how excited she is.

Other than that, I'm now at home making a huge pot of turkey soup so we can freeze it and have on hand for the wet rainy days we are out cycling. Its so great to come home and have soups and chili's on those days.   Four hour  trail run planned for Sunday. I can't wait, thats always the highlight of my weekend, its so amazing being out in the west coast forest, rain or shine!!

PS. I LOVE This purse I have-- I bought it in Thailand in a small village and love the colors of it.

Hope you are having a great weekend so far as well!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Snapshot of a day

This morning I got up early (as usual), made a smoothy and then headed to the gym.  I had today off and had planned spending the morning working on my landscape plan for our front yard. My landscaping/designer friend was even going to come over and help me except she called to reschedule at the last minute.  So, I made myself a decaf coffee and checked my emails.  Then I thought that since I wasn't very fashionable instead I would give you a peek into my day.

Our kitty sat and watched me as she dozed off.

I checked email and listened to the radio (well, not THIS one:).  This radio was my grandfathers and it was the only thing I wanted of his when he passed away. Its a shortwave radio and I used to listen to international stations with him when I was young.

My favorite teapot I bought because I thought it was beautiful. Its not very practical though because the metal handle gets too hot when you have tea in the pot so you have to use a towel or oven mitt to lift it up to pour :(  probably why it was at the thrift store!

Our cute little vintage/retro salt and pepper shakers. The cat is salt and the fish airplane is pepper :)

I headed off into the pouring rain to do some photography and experiment with the new remote.

Jeans and jacket. That's me unplugged :)
I'm part of an online photography group and am currently doing a 365 challenge (a photo a day for 365 days) so I took advantage of having the day off to go practice my photography skills. I found a funky old vintage store with lots of cool things in it. What do you think?

Back home, I had a snack and wait til the man gets home and we are going for beer and a burger with an awesome couple that we train (triathlon) with.  Thats a snapshot of my friday.

What plans do you have this weekend?