Thursday, February 12, 2015

Grey and Green

Okay, today I broke out the green table cloth. Don't worry... I have a few more colors left to go :)  One thing you did not know about me is that I am the Queen of Productivity! I am very well trained in productivity systems and in fact, I developed a comprehensive training program that I provide to all our new staff at work.  I love being organized!!  A few things that have made a big difference for me and that I have incorporated into my program are:

1.  The "Getting Things Done" System by David Allen
2. Evernote (Productivity App)

Using the system I've designed helps SO much in that you can always have confidence that you are able to manage a high volume of information coming at you (because thats just today's world) in a way that is manageable and makes sense. Now, this doesn't mean you are necessarily DOING something about all that information (from emails, meetings, phone calls, brainstorming, thoughts in your head at 2am, to-do lists and daily chores, etc) however, you have an excellent system for capturing and prioritizing all this information.    Anyway, Evernote recently came out with a laptop bag and since my old one was falling apart my hubs ordered this one for me for xmas and I JUST got it about a week ago.  Apparently it came all the way from Switzerland or someplace like that.

It's a cool bag in terms of shape and size. It's not the greatest if I need to carry a lot of documents though.  This is more a day to day bag and if I have to go away on business I would likely take something bigger.  I liked the color as well.  Take a look in case you need a new laptop bag (and NO... I'm not sponsored by them or anything.. dream on!! :)

PS I feel like batman in this shiny boots :)  UP UP and AWAY.

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  1. I've mentioned this to you before -- you are made for boots. They suit you perfectly. Boots add panache to every outfit and they echo/balance your top in this one. Love the design of the top.