Saturday, August 20, 2011

Night Out

Happy Saturday!  I went out to a potluck last night so this is what I wore.  I debated on "do these jeans make me look fat"  but again I just remembered, its not usually the actual item of clothing that is responsible :)  That said, some things are definitely more flattering than others.   I do LOVE this cut of top though and it is on my "it suits me" list!!  Today we are hauling all the stuff you saw from Monday as well as all the other old branches and compostable  type stuff to the depot. AND THEN getting 2 loads of sea soil for our garden. So if you could only see me now (NO I am NOT posting a photo of it)-- my ragged old work shorts and tattered t-shirt. I am getting ready to ride in the big truck and work all day!!

Have a super day whatever you get up to!! xox J

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Peach Ahoy

Little bit of park action today... got to the park at lunchtime.  And then I go and cut my feet off in all my photos!! Not on top of my game today, thats for sure!!  I always feel like a peach when I wear this top and also feel like a sailor. So PEACH AHOY to you today!!  Not much else to say other than today is my friday, as I get Fridays off now.. woo hooo count down! :)
xoxo Jodi

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blue Denim Dress

You know how Kendi does that thing with her legs?? Well I tried that in my first photo today and boy I dont' quite pull it off like SHE does!  But anyway.. people were walking down the street when I was taking these photos and I was thinking about what LyddieGal was saying yesterday about people asking her if she is a model.  That certainly does not happen to me. Instead they just stop and gawk.  They don't even try to be coy and watch from a secluded location. They stand there with their mouth hanging open and stare.  Now I know what a zoo animal feels like. Or a gold fish.  SHEESH!!

Anyway, I have conference  calls all day today so since I am going to be sitting on my big YOU KNOW WHAT (not chair), I wanted to be comfy for sounding ultra important expert-like on my calls.  So good day to you.. I will likely be visiting you while I am on my calls-- I am good that way... can multi-task :)

xoxo J

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A little Nautical?

I apologize here. I have been too busy this summer to even really care about what I am wearing and have been going downhill with finding interesting backdrops for my photos!!  AND I guess the whole purpose of this blog is to share ideas and meet other bloggers to learn about new styles and outfit ideas... so lately mine have been ideas about what to wear when you dont care, and dressing on the fly.  Deze wouldn't leave me alone when I got home so of course had to get in one of the photos!!  I love this top but rarely wear it.  I think it would actually look cute with a white skirt I have. Part of my outfit woes lately is that I am mostly commuting by bike to meetings so I need something I can easily ride in.  A straight skirt doesn't cut it for this kind of travel!!

Hope you had a super day... What was the best part of YOUR day today?  Mine was finishing a big research paper I have been writing!! YEHAH!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Anne Klein in the House

See this big pile of brush? I cut down some small trees this weekend and tonight have to take this to the compost centre-- Just call me a lumberjack!!
Anne Klein skirt, thrift store find for something like $3.00. I feel abit like a conservative old lady in this skirt since I usually like something abit shorter (oh what a hussy I am!).  I had to ride my bike today too so wanted something that was easy to ride in.. and yes, I did ride to work in this outfit.  Panier bag on the side with my laptop and lunch in it.. the skirt kept blowing up around my thighs so of course passers by were looking with wide eyes.. Look if you must get a cheap thrill I say!!

And a pair of my favorite earrings. As you know I love turquoise and that kind of stuff.  My sign is Sagittarius and two of my gemstones are turquoise, lapis and they just so happen to be linked to my sign.  Also notable qualities of a Sag:  strong willed, courageous, successful, adventurous, ambitious and independent.  We are also healthy and (can sometimes be blunt??-this one MUST be a mistake :)

Hubba hubba have a super awesome day. What are you wearing that you LOVE today??? xox J

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Came to work early so got the 'man' to take my photos before work.  I am realizing how I am aging!! Bags under the eyes.. wrinkles.. sagging.. oh my! I  guess it only continues doesn't it? Even though we try in vain to make it all different than it is.  That said, I am in the best shape of my life-- meaning, I am more healthy and fit than I ever was when I was younger. I am more self aware, self assured and loving life than when I was younger. I know who I am and love it!  Actually, I even love me now too!!  As much as looking younger would be nice and all, so what? I would not trade my life in for anything.  While I have always loved my life and have done many exciting and adventurous things, the wisdom and knowledge I have at this time of my life is awesome.  

How bout you? Would you trade in any parts of your life??

xx oJ

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Haircut

My favorite red top from Anthropologie. We don't have this store here so the last time I was in San Francisco I got this and love the tone of red.  I also went to see my most favoritest hairdresser today and she fixed up my shaggy hair.  Now some more layers and thinned out and I feel fresh and spunky again!!  My coach also just sent me my half marathon training plan so I can focus on speed work over the next few months so I can run my fastest half marathon in October.. woo hoo.  Thats it for today lovelies!! xoxo J

Monday, August 8, 2011

Shorts Day

Shorts Day today.  You cant see my back but if you could you would see how sunburnt I am!!
I didnt put sunscreen on yesterday before my race an OUCH does it hurt!! BUT guess what?
I came in FIRST in my age category!!  Yesterday's race (my last triathlon of the season) was the HARDEST race I have ever done!! So I am quite proud that I did so well!!  That is 2 weekends in a row that I placed first (first time in history for me:).  Now I relax with 1 week easy training/recovery and then begin my half marathon hardcore training so I can focus on speed.

Not a new outfit, you have seen it before. Sorry to bore you :)

Have a super duper awesome kinda day!! xoxo J

Friday, August 5, 2011

Jodi Unplugged: Camo Top

Friday!! wooo hooo. Unplugged. I went for drive to do some early morning photography this morning, then on the way home saw this old truck and thought it would be perfect for my photoshoot.  Of course I had to be quick in between all the cars and people walking by gawking but I managed to get a few. My camo top was $2.50 at a thrift store find awhile back. Not sure about the gold sparkly trim but its okay for early morning wear if not many people will be seeing me :)  Am doing laundry and just relaxing for the rest of the day. Swim at the lake tonight in preparation for our race on Sunday and thats about it.

Have a super weekend everyone!! Love ya!! oxo J

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pink Skirt

One year later I am finally comfortable with getting my photo  taken. WHY oh WHY is it so hard to get the cat to agree? It is next to impossible to catch a good shot of Deze. Finally today I got a photo before she lurched out of the way!!  My hair is driving me nutso.  I didnt wear it like this to work, just when I got home and for my photoshoot... It was driving me crazy in my face. okay. thats my rant today. Hope you like the splash of pink and the Deze shot.  Love ya. xoxo J

How to wear a leather skirt

I love Angies blog, Youlookfab.
She has a great article today on How to wear a leather skirt.  I have 2 leather skirts, one you have seen, and one you haven't (yet).
(outfit worn in March)
Anyway, if you have some leather you dont know how to wear check out How to wear a leather skirt.

MWAH Happy Thursday (outfit post will come later :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pants Day

Okay... someone needs a haircut badly!!  I feel all shaggy lately.  I felt soooo comfortable in these pants.. they feel like pajama pants but I didnt have any meetings outside of the office today so thought it was okay. I'm also trying to not wear heels this week since I want to rest up my calves for my final race of the season this weekend.  I dont like flats but hey, what are the options?  Date night tonight. Am going to see a movie with lover boy.  Will catch you all later!! hope you had a super day!! xoo jodi

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Coral Black and White

Happy Tuesday!!  I went to the pool at 6am this morning to find out it was closed due to the maintenance guy putting too much chlorine in the water last night! So, whats a girl to do but to do a goofy photo shoot in the local park early in the morning! Feeling spunky today so did my best at trying to snap some action shots for your viewing pleasure.  AND I am going to do my best to wear more colors this week too. I have  been gravitating toward too much black and neutrals lately.

I have my last 1/2 ironman race this coming weekend so countdown begins!!
Have a super awesome day!  And a shoutout to a few more favorite bloggers today: Katherine at Styleidoscope, Terri at Rags against the Machine and Jo at Daily Jo Haiku.

Monday, August 1, 2011

BC Day

Happy BC Day!! Well, for those of us in BC anyway. Today was a holiday. Did some photography this morning, cleaned the house, weeded the garden, went to a late afternoon party. THEN. We were supposed to go out tonight but the fiance ate something that had nuts in it and he didn't know.  He is totally sick now! Poor guy, lucky he didn't puff up really bad. Anyway, so a quiet night with a bowl of popcorn instead.  I am watching the series BEING ERICA lately and its totally great for escape!!

Did  an Olympic distance triathlon yesterday too and placed 1st in my category even though I was not feeling well through the whole race.  All and all not a bad weekend overall!!

adios for today!! MWAH Jodi