Monday, August 15, 2011

Anne Klein in the House

See this big pile of brush? I cut down some small trees this weekend and tonight have to take this to the compost centre-- Just call me a lumberjack!!
Anne Klein skirt, thrift store find for something like $3.00. I feel abit like a conservative old lady in this skirt since I usually like something abit shorter (oh what a hussy I am!).  I had to ride my bike today too so wanted something that was easy to ride in.. and yes, I did ride to work in this outfit.  Panier bag on the side with my laptop and lunch in it.. the skirt kept blowing up around my thighs so of course passers by were looking with wide eyes.. Look if you must get a cheap thrill I say!!

And a pair of my favorite earrings. As you know I love turquoise and that kind of stuff.  My sign is Sagittarius and two of my gemstones are turquoise, lapis and they just so happen to be linked to my sign.  Also notable qualities of a Sag:  strong willed, courageous, successful, adventurous, ambitious and independent.  We are also healthy and (can sometimes be blunt??-this one MUST be a mistake :)

Hubba hubba have a super awesome day. What are you wearing that you LOVE today??? xox J


  1. Recently I took my Mom to cape cod and we got matching bracelets. Everytime I look down at my wrist I smile and rememer the fun day spent with my mom. We're going back for a second one next week. Can't have too much of a good thing.

    I actually like that skirt on you, I think it looks very flattering. Also gotta love checks, makes me feel like having a picnic.

  2. Beautiful earrings and the blouse is really fun!

  3. That's a great outfit. Love the close rows of dots on theat blouse. Such a flattering fit. And the skirt is still sassy, even if you feel like it's a little long.

    I'm wearing a thrifted red blouse. $5 Banana Republic. My sandals are red patent leather. Shiny shoes help me cope with the fact that it's Monday.

    Did I tell you I'm training for a half marathon?

  4. What? I didn't know you were a Sagittarius too! So am I! I don't think I realized turqoise was one of our stones, but that explains so much about me!

  5. I like the colorful shirt. And wish I could have seen you bicycling in that skirt!

  6. I'm going to try for the Seattle 1/2 Marathon in November. We'll see if I can go from 3 miles to 13.1 in three months. Scared/excited all at once.

    If that's a success, Seattle has a Rock n Roll marathon next summer that sounds like your Portland experience. What a hoot!

  7. I love your outfit. The earrings are gorgeous!

  8. I really love your belted looks (almost everyday) and just thought I'd tell you that.