Friday, June 18, 2010

Virgin Blogger

This is my first day of blogging about fashion. As you can see, I'm not a photographer... and not much of a fashion queen either. I am mainly starting this blog so I can post on other blogs since there are several that I read regularly and feel like I know the people. There are 4 in particular that I would like to say thank-you to:

Kasmira: you are hilarious and wacky and I love your ideas and your generosity on here. Even your tips on how to take photos are so great!! And I love it that you are a runner/swimmer...triathlete perhaps??

Kendi Everyday: you are too cute and so funny. I love not only your great wardrobe ideas but your great humour- I always laugh reading your blog posts!!

AlreadyPretty: Sal, thanks for your great informative posts and the intention you are out to fulfill- creating a space for women to love their bodies the way they are. You must certainly come across as a very caring intentional person.

YouLookFab: Angie, your website is so great.. and I like all your ideas about color, patterns, and style overall. I especially love how you are collaborating with interior decorating ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.

I am tall, muscular and very athletic. I have been self conscious about my body my whole life.. blah blah blah.. so this is an attempt to get more creative and adventurous with my wardrobe and play.. heck, maybe even inspire some ideas for someone else.