Thursday, June 28, 2012

Coffee or a Dress?

Okay, I was smiling when I walked out of my favorite secret thrift store with this dress tucked in my bag.  I could have bought a coffee for the same price of this dress ($3.00).  While the color of the coffee and cream are the same as the colors of this dress, I thought that the dress would be: less acidic on my stomach, calming rather than pump me up, less calories because I like cream over milk, and longer lasting.  Oh, and one more thing, provide pleasure for longer than it takes to drink and then forget about the coffee (at $3 bucks the coffee is likely not all that noteworthy :).

Anyway, I am happy with my new and low cost purchase which makes me think of this famous quote:

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort"
 ~Franklin Roosevelt~

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Are you there?

Hello!! Well, let's just say my outfit photos didn't turn out very well today ( I won't go into the details:).

I found this lovely lady down by the water sitting on a houseboat so I snapped her photo. So serene staring off into space.  Was actually a  good reminder for me to take time out to just sit and reflect.  And I must say, she does have lovely hair. Not sure I would dye mine that color but it suits her:)

Question: What do YOU do to help you not take work home with you?

Hope you all had a super fashionable day. MWAH. J

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Coral Black and White

Got the fiance to take my photos today after work. So much easier than hauling out the tripod and lurking around the neighbourhood looking for a private place to take photos of myself. Sounds abit self absorbed I must say, however, that's just what a girl's gotta do when she is a fashion blogger. Not that I REALLY think of myself as all that fashionable, OR a blogger.. but that's a whole other stream of thought.

So, its a no brainer the days I feel good are the days when I am wearing something that just looks good (when its good its like intuition-- you just KNOW).  For me looking good means a few things.  If by chance any of you are learning from me, those of you who have somewhat of a similar body to me, here's some things I have learned:


  • high waisted skirts (flare, or pencil)
  • skirts above the knee
  • wide belts
  • belted waist
  • fitted, tailored tops
  • mandarin collared blouses
  • cap sleeves or sleeveless (like tank tops)
  • round neck line, not too low
  • colors that look good on me
  • heels
  • silver, copper, colorful, ethnic jewelry
* disclaimer: I do not deliberately dress like this, however sometimes I fight with myself trying to make items of clothing work and it ends up disastrous!!
  • most pants, especially classic cut
  • long skirts below the knee
  • baggy loose flowing tops and t-shirts
  • blouses with shirt collars
  • regular t-shirt sleeves
  • square necklines, deep v-necks
  • kitten heels
  • drop sleeves or bat arms

Friday, June 15, 2012

Cycle Chic


So, this is my new favorite blouse. I love it for some reason. To me it's kind of boho and that's one look I am  experimenting with now that my hair is growing longer.  I also rode my bike downtown to run errands and meet a friend (HI LIAM).  When I was browsing in the bookstore I saw this book called Cycle Chic and I flipped through it, and very interesting and great outfits people are wearing when riding their bikes.  I do have a bike that now allows me to wear all kinds of outfits HOWEVER the helmet does no justice to the hair let me tell you.  Here's the link to a site that has some great Cycle Chic outfits if you are looking for ideas :)
Actually there is even a World Naked Bike ride, and it happens here locally every year too. Can't say its something I think I will ever do, but I guess you should never say never :).

I hope you all have a super weekend. I have a 180km bike ride and a 20 km run to do this weekend... wish me luck.. well.. I don't need luck, SEND ME ENERGY :)

Love ya MWAH xoxo J

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Patterns and Ruffles

Hello there. I was on a panel of experts this morning for work today and earlier this morning when I was getting dressed I asked my man " does this top look too loud?". He replied " um, it's a little BUSY, yes".  And I wore it anyway!!  And did I tell you that last week I was invited to a provincial planning meeting. I show up in my wraparound zebra print dress only to find out I am part of a big launch and a political announcement and will be on TV!!!  Well, amongst all those black suits I DID stand out!!!  LOL So today I thought what the h#ll, I am going to wear BUSY anyway.  Thrift shop outfit: shoes $8, skirt $5, top $3.  Not bad if you ask me:)

And then the intimate moment in the garden with our cat... not quite so easy to get a shot today.. see the struggle?  Too funny.

Anyway, hope all is well. I am still on the mend so am trying to take it easy and relax.  Thanks for the words of support everyone!! xoxo J

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What I wear in the Water

Well, I have a war story to share from the weekend. There I am in my wetsuit taking a gel just before the 2km swim start.  Innocent enough...

I had a bit of a crash and burn for my race. As you know, I have been feeling sick. I went into the race feeling 90%. Long story short I swam, biked and only ran about 5km and had to stop I was feeling so bad.  I was struggling to breath throughout the race and got to the point where I had to pull out. I haven't had to do this before and it was very disappointing.  YES the honest truth is I even cried as I walked the 5km back  toward the finish line. And all  the stuff runs through your head like " I am a loser, I'll never get better, I won't  have what it takes to do the next race... how will I ever do Ironman like this?... fatass...loser..."... you get the idea.. you know.. those little gremlins in your head that are oh so quick to rush in and fill your head full of not so nice thoughts!!!  DO YOU EVER HAVE THOSE??

Am on the mend this week, taking it easy. Eating perogies and I even had ice cream. Where is the real Jodi???? YIKES!!  :)

Hope you are all well and looking fabulous as ever!! xoxo J

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Race Weekend

Happy Weekend! I have my first race of the season today. A Half Ironman.  2 km swim. 93 km bike. 21 km run.  I'm as ready as I can be. I plan on giving it everything I've got out there. Leave nothing behind :0.

We saw this crazy painting on a wall near a place we stopped for lunch on our drive out of town for the race.  I did a pose where it looked like I was shielding myself from the spray but alas, it didn't turn out all that well.  Just a Jodi Unplugged outfit- comfy clothes for a roadtrip!!

Talk next week!! What are YOUR plans for the weekend??
xo Jodi