Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Are you there?

Hello!! Well, let's just say my outfit photos didn't turn out very well today ( I won't go into the details:).

I found this lovely lady down by the water sitting on a houseboat so I snapped her photo. So serene staring off into space.  Was actually a  good reminder for me to take time out to just sit and reflect.  And I must say, she does have lovely hair. Not sure I would dye mine that color but it suits her:)

Question: What do YOU do to help you not take work home with you?

Hope you all had a super fashionable day. MWAH. J


  1. I have to take work home with me...so I guess I am not a good one to comment. Since I ramped up my freelance writing...it goes on after I finish teaching. But, I like my work, so that is not too much of a problem. I also like the lady!!

  2. During the regular school year I try not to bring work home on the weekends. I protect that time fiercely. I'm less good at protecting my evenings and because I teach online so much, I have strict rules about only checking e-mail once every 24 hours and only logging on to each class, once every 24 hours. My students though think I'm a bot.