Saturday, September 22, 2012

Time to Fly (again:)

Happy Saturday! No I haven't gone MIA... just relaxing abit after my race season AND I am having trouble with outfits these days.  I have slimmed down over this past year due to training and a few tweaks to the way I eat.  I have gained more lean muscle and as you likely know, that helps to burn fat.  Over the months I have been bagging up clothes that don't fit and either taking them to the consignment store or putting them on the curb for Big Brothers Big Sisters to pick up.  I didn't really notice it little by little but now that fall is coming I hardly have any clothes left in my closet. Everything is too big or its just plain ol time to update.

It's time to fly again!!  I am exploring the latest fashions and wondering what  I could do to shake up my style.. wondering what kind of styles would look good on me that I haven't ever tried before.  I like the boho look as long as its got some shape and structure since I can't do baggy.  I also really love the 50's ish fitted styles with high waistlines.  Looks to me like furs, leathers, matching tops and bottoms, appliques and defined waistlines are in this season.

Off to Montreal for 1 week for work so hopefully I will find some funky stuff there. Stay tuned. Next report will be from french part of Canada :)  Fingers crossed I don't come back looking like a Sasquatch in some big furry coat.. LOL

xo Jodi

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And the next challenge

Hello fashionistas! September is one of my favorite months- still sunny and warm and colors begin to turn.  Boot season is just around the corner!  My triathlon race season is officially over. I had a really tough final race, however when you are out there battling the elements and you always have a Plan B in your backpocket- while you can train for months and be physically and mentally ready, you never know what you will be faced with on race day.  I have now been competing for 7 years- only seriously racing for about 3.  This year I placed 4th in a half ironman distance and 3rd in an Olympic distance race.  My hope for this recent long distance race was to qualify for the world championships in Hawaii but due to having to resort to PLAN B during the race I was really thrilled to even finish.  Lots to learn and always grateful to be safe out there on the swim, bike and run- and of course, celebrate all our accomplishments with my teammates.

We head to Hawaii in October for fiance to compete in Ironman in Kona so I'll be training with him to keep him company for the next 6 weeks along with yoga, weights and running a few half marathons. (Got to get bikini ready right??)

As for the outfit.. this is one of my favorite skirts and just by accident paired it with this top and kinda like the color combo.  As always- a wide belt helps to narrow the waist!

Hope all is well with each of you!!!  Happy Tuesday. xox J