Monday, January 27, 2014

Static Wrap Top

This top reminds me of TV static. While I love the color and the concept of this top, it is extremely annoying to wear. The built-in scarf keeps sliding around  and even between the time I adjusted it for the photo and actually took the photo it was already not sitting the way I had it. It slides into this figure 8 configuration and then pulls the sides of the top down so I hang out everywhere. Very strange.  So. I am thinking about how I might be able to sew it to secure it somehow, OR cut the top up and modify the whole thing somehow.  Anyway- What do you think of the new boots? I got these ones recently as well. Nice soft leather and sooo very comfy to wear.  You know me. I love boots!!!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Everytime I wear this skirt I think "I'm going to make  this into a pillow cover".  This is the kind of skirt I have had for years and it started off longer and more A shaped.  I have taken it in at the waist, shortened it, narrowed the A shape of it.  And now I keep thinking I don't really like it and one day will make a cushion cover out of it because I like the polka dots.  One day. Maybe.  I AM excited that theres more room at the new house so I can set up my sewing machine and work on projects (one day when I have time :)

And see my new leather boots?  $200 on sale and with my store card ended up being $50!! I love those kinds of deals and just wait til you see the other ones I bought.  I DID promise myself I would let go of 2 pairs of old boots so I have pulled out my red ones to take to consignment since I barely wear them and they are abit too small and hurt my feet anyway.

What do you think... when you buy something new should you get rid of something at the same time?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friday Tunic and my Favorite Boots

I'm loving that I have more (and private) photoshoot locations with our new house!! It's awesome. These are the doors to our studio.  Its got a wood stove in it and lots of storage space. We will use it to store our big cooking stuff (Big Chief Smoker, sausage stuffer, Champion Juicer, Canner, extra canning jars, etc).  AND there's room for a big table so I can have friends over to have collage parties, and we can also set up our wind-trainers on bad weather days and ride our bikes indoors!! This can be a total fitness room as well.  So exciting!!  

These grey boots are among my favorites. I got them a few years ago when everything was going on sale after xmas.  They are almost $300 and I got them for $70.  I love those kinds of deals!!

I'm off for a 3.5 hour bike ride today (Saturday) and fingers crossed the weather holds out.  Today is focused on hill repeats. URGH!    Have a super awesome weekend, whatever you do!

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Okay I will not complain. I will not complain.  I got home and changed into my comfy stretchy pants and hoody right away. I am NOT going to my scheduled coached run workout. I just want to be home cuddled up with some heat and cats. That kind of day.  That kind of outfit. Frumpaloo.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Suit Up- Can you spell boring?

 Yawn.  Not only am I unbelievably bored with my lack of creative outfits I have gained weight and my pants and skirts are tight. Now, this is a somewhat usual occurrence each year since one can't expect to do hardcore ironman training for 8-9 months and then have a few months of off season with cross training exercise and NOT expect to have some kind of physical change.  When I say gained weight I mean 4-5 lbs and a change in muscle mass. IT FEELS DIFFERENT!  Anyway, thats a snapshot into my day today. Boring and fat. LOL

Hope YOU had a great day :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Brown Tweed Pants

I love/can't stand these brown tweed pants. I got talked into buying them from this expensive store that sells clothing from a Dutch designer.  I love these pants because they are great for tall people- they fit well and are nice and long.  I can't stand them because they have front pleats (supposed to be a no no for my body) and they wrinkle up and look like I just crawled out of sleeping in a car or under a bridge or something!! AND they were expensive so I feel that I SHOULD wear them more to get my money's worth.

As you may remember, I love crows.  I got this necklace from Santa for xmas and I love it.  Especially because I guess Santa thought I was a good enough girl this year to warrant giving me my first 'crow' jewelry.

I hope you all had a super day and felt more fashionable than I did today. URGH.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Homemade Cowl

Happy New Year... Yes, I'm abit behind but better late than never right?  It's been a crazy few weeks with moving and all. My first day back at work I got up in the morning and realized I had no idea where all my work clothes were so was rummaging around in all my boxes trying to find some kind of outfit. OIY!  Still unpacking boxes and arranging the new place. ONE of the great things is this big wall in our office. I want to leave it a nice long bare wall so I can use it as a clean backdrop. Our old house was 780 square feet and not so great for finding indoor locations due to space constraints!!

I'll post a bunch of my upcoming DIY house projects soon. Many many ideas and lots to do which excites me!!  Anyway.  This is the cowl I made and I quite like it. I got 3 compliments on it today even. Last year I learned to knit and this is the 2nd thing I have ever made.  I have another one I made over xmas to show you soon as well.    Now that I have a better area to take indoor photos that might help me dress up abit more creatively so there are some worthy outfits to show on here!

Hope you are well and having a cozy evening wherever you are!!