Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Suit Up- Can you spell boring?

 Yawn.  Not only am I unbelievably bored with my lack of creative outfits I have gained weight and my pants and skirts are tight. Now, this is a somewhat usual occurrence each year since one can't expect to do hardcore ironman training for 8-9 months and then have a few months of off season with cross training exercise and NOT expect to have some kind of physical change.  When I say gained weight I mean 4-5 lbs and a change in muscle mass. IT FEELS DIFFERENT!  Anyway, thats a snapshot into my day today. Boring and fat. LOL

Hope YOU had a great day :)


  1. I know you notice small changes to your body, but they're imperceptible to the rest of us. We still think you're thin and beautiful!

  2. Awesome Boots 👢🔥 👢🔥 👢💕 👢