Thursday, May 30, 2013


Okay. Here's the story. I couldn't decide between 2 tops to buy. The sales lady told me, just take them home and try them again and you can return anything you don't want.  So I did because I wanted to see if this blue top could be styled creatively with some things I had (and because it was different than my normal style).

HOWEVER, even though I had asked about the return policy before I left the store, when I went to return the top they told me they would NOT return the top (the original sales lady had given me wrong information).  Not only that but the 2nd top I bought was missing a button and they would also NOT allow me to exchange the top for one with all the buttons (and no extras were included)!!!  The sales lady had called the head office and this was the instruction they gave her. I felt bad for her because I could see that she wanted to help but couldn't.  This is clearly not extraordinary customer service- it barely even rates as customer service at all!!!

SO I have this ugly blue top (ugly because a) it is not the greatest color on me and b) it is NOT flattering on my body type- I need very emphasized and high waisted stuff.   I must say that from an objective perspective this outfit  is not flattering at all on me.  Weird because I even got a few compliments on it.  I also felt not like myself today and I think its simply because I felt like a fish out of water (Jodi out of regular outfit :)

Have you had this kind of experience wearing clothes that aren't really YOU?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Still waiting for Spring!

Okay so we are STILL waiting for some decent weather around here. Yesterday I wore shorts and got soaked and frozen. So much for wishful thinking!! I had an awesome weekend training in Whistler. Great riding and running and many beautiful views. I only wish I had time to go for a drive and do some photography- many great shots to be taken, such little time :)

Hope you are all enjoying a warmer sunnier kindof spring!! xox J

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Training Camp

Photo by Laurazee

Happy Weekend!! Yes my weekend starts now, am heading to Whistler for a challenging Triathlon Camp!!  Can't wait as I LOVE hard workouts!!  Of course I will be sportin 'spandex' (as my mom calls it) for the whole weekend! Wish me luck.

Details to follow. Be good Lovelies :) xox J

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hair Down

Went for my much needed hair appointment this afternoon. First thing fiance said when I got home was "FARAH HAIR"... I got flashbacks from when my brothers and I were allowed to stay up late on Friday nights to watch Dallas and other similar shows.  I doubt I will wear my hair down much but this is how my stylist did it up nice for me.

Have a super weekend everyone!! xo J

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


A while back I was playing around with taking photos of my reflection in the mirror.  I know I can share these with you fellow(ess) bloggers since thats what we all do is take photos of ourselves, right?  Is a strange hobby I guess. Especially when you aren't someone who is conceited!!
Hope you had a super day!!  I did TRX yesterday and could hardly move today. OIY it sure works!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The old jean shirt

Happy Sunday. Well, you might wonder what my weekends are like?  Starting in November through to August my weekends consist of Saturday long bike rides (between 2- 6 hours) and on Sunday a run (anything from intensive hill training to 4 hour runs).  Today I went for a fast 10 km run where I had to run each of the 1km increments faster than the one before it so in theory my last 1 km stretch of the 10 should have been my fastest.

I come home, shower, have a 20 minute nap and eat. Then its time for gardening, housecleaning and grocery shopping.  Sometimes I schedule to do a photoshoot for someone in the afternoon (I take their photos).  On the weekends my outfits are not usually very creative given I am pretty tired and really only care about comfort.

I bought this jean shirt from the mans section of the thrift store and brought it home for fiance. When he put it on we realized it was fitted and actually a womens shirt. A bit bigger than I usually wear but I ended up keeping it.  An old jean shirt is always a good thing to have in the closet if you ask me.

I have also always wanted a necklace with the letter J and I recently found a store with a few different designs of letters. The design I liked best didn't have any J's available so I got this one instead. I'm glad I did because I actually am liking it alot!!

Time for dinner and a movie.  Then pack my lunch and swim bag for my Monday morning 5:30 am swim.

Have a super rest of your day!! xo J

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blue and White

Hi ya! Not much to report today other than I felt pretty good in this outfit. Couldn't walk much though.  I did a 2 hour hard run on Sunday and ended up getting a HUGE blister on the back of my foot so not very good for wearing fancy shoes at work.  I kinda walked with a light touch on one side so a stylish limp.  I am also now recently certified to teach TRX classes.  If you can believe it, I not only did a 2 hour run on Sunday but then did 4 hours of hands on Advanced TRX course so that was alot of exercise for one day-- talk about sore core!! OUCH!!  If you want to know anything about TRX email me!!  Wish I could find some blouses in the same color as the running top I am wearing-- very nice color if you ask me!!

Toodle doo for now lovelies!! xox J

Friday, May 3, 2013

Bow Tie Blouse

HAPPY FRIDAY!  Jeans day today and I thought I would do the girlie thing with a little floral action-blouse was $3.00 at my favorite thrift store!! New coral fingernails also and I am ready to go!! I swam 5km this morning and have a long bike ride and run on the schedule for the weekend. Otherwise going to be working in the garden!!

Hope you have a super weekend yourselves!!  xo J

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sporting the BIG glasses

And the movie star sun glasses. HUGE. No one will recognize me with these on! LOL  My casual look for a day in the office today. Holed up in the office preparing materials for the board meeting.  AND my new nail polish color. Had a date with one of my BFF's yesterday to go get our nails done. Was super fun and we will have to do it again! This is super woman polish- lasts for about 3 weeks!!

Over n out on Wednesday afternoon. xoxo J