Sunday, May 27, 2012

Drying Clothes

This is amongst one of the favorite photos I took in Thailand while we were going down the river in a boat.  It was early evening and I loved the light and the bit of pink on the clothes line.

Hope you had a super weekend everyone!! xo Jodi

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tri Training Day

Happy Saturday! I am still not feeling well so today instead of doing this mini triathlon our team organized as a training day I volunteered instead. I was the official photographer, timekeeper and snacks provider.  It was totally fun and (shh don't tell them this) I was sortof secretly happy I was sick because it was a really hard route. COLD lake swim and HILLS both ways on the out and back ride and on the run.  One girl even looked abit purple when she came out of the water and I was like.." hmm, that's would be a nice color for a blouse".. no, seriously, I didn't think that but was glad I was onshore with the camera instead.

Tomorrow I'll get out and run despite this stoopid cough.. First race of the season coming up next weekend (1/2 Ironman distance) so I need to get better (HURRY UP NOW!!).

Hope you had a great Saturday yourselves. xox Jodi

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Morning at the Beach

I have been sick for the last few days (as you can probably tell  by how rough I look and no makeup -yes, Jodi Unplugged!!) and am hardly even able to speak my throat is so sore. This morning I had to get out for some fresh air so took my cup of homemade ginger tea and my journal and camera down to the local beach.  I have the pleasure of living 1 block from the ocean and while the close beaches aren't all white and sandy, they are pretty nice for reflecting on life and listening to the sound of the waves.  Lots of Oyster Catchers out this morning as well.  I love their red beaks.

Hope you all have a super day!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Professional Attire

Okay, so lately we have been working on a project with alot of high-powered 'consultants' as they have been referred to as <roll eyes>.  They are all men and are all wearing dark business suits.  The nature of the work I do is business casual, however, it has been hinted that we 'step it up' a notch for this particular job we are working on.
All I can imagine is all the creativity stripped from me and being reduced to dressing in this kind of outfit.  Please spare me!! Don't get me wrong, some ladies enjoy wearing this kind of outfit but personally I find it very dull and unimaginative.
I am finding it hard to have to believe that to accomplish results you sometime have to 'play the game' and dress the part.  I don't even own these kind of black and white suit-type items and collared shirts don't suit me either. Now I have to come up with some kind of 'power suit' to move forward with this project and work with some of the players involved.

I'm curious about your opinions and experiences with this kind of thing.  And forgive me if this sounds like a rant.. I guess it is though :)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!! xox J

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hair Ideas: Summertime Twist (A Beautiful Mess)

* Photo from A Beautiful Mess
I have been researching new ways to wear my longer hair and I am excited about it growing even longer so I can wear some of the great hair styles I have been finding.  One of my favorite sites is A Beautiful Mess.  There is so much amazing stuff on that blog I get so excited and then envious of all the great ideas and projects and the overall talent going on over there!!

A cute style I'm going to try is the one above.  You can find out how to do this style yourself by  going on over to A Beautiful Mess:  How to Style a Summertime Twist.

Hope you are all having a great day!! I'm at home sick, hence no outfit photo today (imagine me sitting here at the computer in raggy old sweats and hoodie :)

xox Jodi

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Work from Home

Happy May 1! its May already?? Crazy!  I must admit I am lacking in creativity these days. My outfits are blah, my flare has become a dimly lit little spark.  It seems all my focus has been on 2 areas of life lately:  Work and Workouts.  We are undergoing some rather large organizational changes these days and its taken considerable time and focus on my part.  My outlet has been my training.  As you all likely know, I am training for an Ironman again this year so this equals a minimum of 12 hours per week of working out.  It's my saving grace and I love it, however, I can honestly say I have not done the best job balancing the other areas of my life of late.   Anyway.  This is a huge ornamental cherry tree close to our house and I got a nice casual photo of my 'work from home' outfit for you today.  Hope you like- the only makeup I am wearing is mascara and otherwise- what you see is what you get!!

Hope you are all well and here's to an awesome May.  Oh yeah, this morning a random peacock walked through our yard. That has GOT to be good luck!!!
xox J