Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Simple Grey Dress

I know, I know, I don't post often enough... I have been wearing some decent outfits... just preoccupied with work lately. Well. And I must admit I was away for over 2 weeks in Maui. Wishing I was in that heat right about now thats for sure!  Two of our team members at work are both leaving on parental leave at roughly the same time so thats causing a big gap at work.  I'm sure going to miss them both as well- they are both awesome to work with and I work very closely with them.

Okay about the outfit. I love this dress!   I don't have many dresses but this one is so simple and (I think) chic.  I bought it on sale at the end of the summer and when I went to pull it out to wear it realized they had left the big plastic security tag on it.  Not sure how I even made it out of the store but anyway.  So I had to dig through all my receipts to see if I even had it any more and then go back and ask them to remove the thing.   This dress was an awesome deal too... a $200 dress and I got it for $45 since it was at the very end of the season.  Guess thats really the way to shop isn't it?

How are you all doing?  What are you plans for the holidays?