Thursday, December 15, 2011

What to Wear in Beijing

And hello from Beijing!!  We flew here 1 week ago and I got to spend my birthday climing the Great Wall.  We explored tons and let me tell you... China is cold right now!  I am wearing 5 layers in this photo if you can believe it!!  We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary and are just now heading to a secluded island in Thailand.  I am not on the internet much so not sure when I can post another photo but wanted to pop in and say hi and let you all know I am still around!!  And I also must admit I am not exactly all that stylish for this trip since I am carrying a small day pack for the whole trip.  This means very simple, limited clothing items!!

I wish you all well til the next update!! over n out reporting live from Beijing!! xox Jodi

Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf (in 4.5 minutes)- WendysLookBook

This is totally fun. Cinderita sent this to me this morning. As you know, I love scarves so this is awesome!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Animal and Bling

And I pulled out my favorite top from the drawer (how could I have forgotten about this one???).  I felt sassy today.. with my boots and  tights all I needed was  a cape to feel like a full Superhero!!   Inside photos today... not my specialty but you get the idea about the outfit.  It's freezing here tonight so I am now all bundled up in stretchy pants (as my mom calls them) and a big thick hoodie on- oh yeah, with some rooibos vanilla tea also!!

I am also going through my closet tonight to try to find something to wear to our Triathlon team xmas party this weekend.... ohhhh I don't know what to wear!!!

xoxo J

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Green Black

And hello. Hump day. and guess what? I have 1 week til I seat my butt on a big airplane and leave for...drumroll please... THAILAND!!  Yes, fiance and I are going on a 6 week holiday and I  CAN. NOT.WAIT!!  I have been really busy traveling with work and trying to finish projects leading up to going away on this trip so haven't been posting on here very much as a result.  Outfits have been pretty good but by the time I get home its too dark for photos-- sorry about that!!!

I have my leopard tights on today but you can't see the subtle pattern.  and I actually am annoyed with these ones (from le Chateau) as they have stretched out and are way too big and baggy after only 2 wears. Not a recommended brand in my opinion.

Happy Wednesday everyone.. I hope you are having a super day so far!! xox oJ

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Red and Leopard

Well hello my pretties! Yes, its been awhile! I was away with work and a family visit and ended up getting snowed in for 4 days with no flights leaving. The first few days were nice but then I began feeling like I was held hostage with no way to leave!!  AND the worst thing about it was I had no internet so couldn't come by to visit you OR post outfits.  Not that my outfits were fancy- I was mainly lounging in comfy clothes or outside bundled up in the snow.

Anyway, I am back and its the weekend. That's all that matters.  Am off for my Saturday ride and then running errands in preparation for our big trip.    Hope you are all doing well!!! xoxo J

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Green Leather Skirt

Well, I thought this leather skirt was a good find, and a good price ($4.00).  Mixed reviews.  Someone told me it wasn't her favorite skirt on me (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE :) and someone else said they loved it.  I can't find the post, but one blogger wrote a really good post on the things to look for this season in thrift stores. It included things like leopard print blouses, leather skirts and I honestly can't remember the rest (oh am I losing my mind???).  The green of the top and skirt is hunters green but my photos sucked today so I played around with the color processing for fun. NOBODY SAID I WAS A GRAPHICS/DESIGN PERSON!!!

Went to Bikrams this morning and my head almost exploded it was so hot in there.. holy smokes- I guess thats what happens when the heater breaks down for a weekend.. they fix it up REAL good!!
Off to spin class tonight. Training begins!! woo hoo.  I will have sock lines on my lower legs from my knee highs but I dont mind looking like an old lady, heck, I am losing mind I might as well have sock marks too!!

Happy Tuesday Fashionistas around the world!! xoxo Jodi

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ragamuffin Saturday

I went on a 4 hour ride today and ended up coming home with completely frozen fingers and toes. Frozen to the point where I couldn't squeeze my hands to use the brakes.  I could have stayed in the bathtub all day if I hadn't drained the whole hot water tank of hot water. TALK ABOUT COLD.  So I have been chilled all day.  Then I had to go downtown to run errands...Do you have trouble finding casual clothes?  I have lots of work clothes and lots of workout and sports-like clothing but very little in the weekend casual category. Needless to say, half the time when I go downtown on weekends I probably set my fashionista reputation back  by leaps and bounds by the way I am dressed!!  And on these casual no-heels days  I often wear my very old beloved Blundstone booties that I used to wear back in New Zealand.  So, please do not hold it against me.. I am not always fashionably awesome- sometimes just a freezing cold athlete who has to go shopping when she doesn't want to!!

Happy Saturday!! xoxo J

Friday, November 11, 2011

Leopard Tights

My long journey to finding leopard tights is over. I found some in Montreal. Not exactly the pair I had been dreaming about but instead of not having any at all I splurged on these ones.  Got home late afternoon, threw on my brown tunic, tights and boots and went out to get some groceries and grab a quick cuppa with fiance.  Tonight we relax and watch movies. After being away all week for work the last thing I want to do is go out anywhere. I am hunkered down at home for the rest of the weekend-- except of course, for my run and bike workouts!!!

Hope you have an exceptional weekend yourselves!!! oxoxo Jodi

Friday, November 4, 2011

Leopard Shoes Camel Pants

It's a 24 dollar outfit day!!  Shoes- Nine West ($6), Pants- Banana Republic ($12), Sweater- Calvin Klein ($6). Well, I am not including the cost of my bra, undies and tank top.. will spare you the details on those (but the undergarmets ARE animal print of course :)... (and they are also NOT thrifted!!!).

Cinderita took my photo again today and its so much more fun having someone else take it for me!! Hmm maybe have to make this a regular thing.. (just saying :).  I rarely wear pants and actually am liking these ones, very comfy and versatile.  I have our triathlon team launch party to go to on Saturday night so can't wait to break out a funky outfit for that. Will make sure I get some photos for your viewing pleasure!!!  Most of the ladies dress all athletic in just plain jeans and fitted t-shirts so of course I stand out as a stylish one (which I LOVE!!).

Have a super Weekend everyone!! I am off to Montreal all next week and will do my best to get some outfit shots ala hotel room!!! Over n Out for this week. xxo Jodi

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vintage Retro blue and green

Oh I love this outfit. Another one I threw together this morning before teaching my spin class.. first time trying it on together was at the gym. Lucky it worked (yeah me!!).  This top is from the GREAT BAG SALE I went to where I stuffed as much as I could in a bag for $10 bucks.... once I counted all the items (and the blue trench was in there also) I think each piece ended up costing about 0.75 cents. YES I got ALOT of stuff in that bag let me tell you. Imagine what I am like a a buffet??? Not pretty.. heh heh.

Yes, I am actually (I dont want to admit this) getting into BLUE.  And I haven't worn this kind of empire waist before but I think this top works.    OH and if you would, please help me out by sharing any ideas you might have for new styles that could work on my body type.. or other bloggers that have a similar shape as me. I am looking for new ideas and then you get to say " I GET THE CREDIT FOR JODI'S NEW LOOK!!"  

Happy Thursday hotstuff bloggers.. hope you are looking Fantabulous today!!!  xoxo Jodi

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wardrobe Ideas -- I need help!

Blogger Friends!!  Can you help me?  I am looking for new wardrobe ideas.  Yes, it seems I am in a fashion rut and need to shake things up abit.  If you can think of other fashion bloggers who have a similar (curvaceous) figure like myself I would love it if you would pass on a link to their blog.  The best way to get ideas is to learn from others!!!

I am looking for other bloggers who:

  • are tall
  • defined waist
  • curves
  • suit fitted style clothing
  • have FANTABULOUS  style :)
Thanks tons!! I knew I could count on you!!   xoxo Jodi
Your wardrobe ideas/suggestions for things to try are also welcomed if you are so inclined!!!

Tunic Time

Bikrams at 6 am this  morning and I quickly threw this outfit in my backpack and luckily it worked out when I got dressed (meaning- it all matched and looked relatively okay).  My favorite outfit is boots and skirts.  I barely even own any dressy pants. I much prefer having my legs free and I feel sassy with short skirts and boots!!!  This tunic was ( I think) about $5.00 at a thrift store last year and is just on the edge of too bulky for me but hey- I like to live on the edge!!

Today's lunch hour rocked!!!  I went to the cemetery to do a photoshoot with Cinderita (cant wait to showcase the great photos we took of her!!!) and it was tons of fun.  And, today's photos are courtesy of Cinderita as well.. always a treat to have someone else take my photos!!

Hope you are all having a totally marvelous kinda day!! Love ya xox oJ

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Girlie Girl

Ruffles away! I feel like a girlie girl today.  All these flouncey ruffles jiggling and flapping when I walk. And with the click click click of my heels too!!  And see my red nose in the last photo? YEP. Cold. Thats for sure. BRRRR.  Total cost of the skirt and top ensemble today  $6.00- yes you read it correctly.  The top is a banana republic silk blouse ($2.00) and the skirt is Calvin Klein ($4).  The skirt is one that sits on your hips but since I have lost so much weight it doesn't fit me like that anymore so I hiked it up around my waist and nothin like a wide belt to finish up the job. Makes for a shorter skirt so I was a little bit of 'hussy' today at work but hey- I am the boss. I can do  and wear WHATEVER I WANT!! LOL

Hope you had a fantastic day. Better yet, I sure hope you LOOKED fantastic (whoops, did my INSIDE voice say that <GRIN>

YES AND I KNOW I NEED A HAIRCUT (its comin- Thursday :)
xo J

Monday, October 31, 2011

Grey and Blue

Wow it IS fall. It IS October 31.  As I write this kids are pounding on the door for candies. We have peppermint patties and cheezies to give them. AND I must say I feel guilty handing out candy to kids when its so unhealthy. Well. Technically its not me giving it to them. Its fiance. Does that make it okay on MY conscience?   I can proudly say I HAVE not and WILL not eat one morsel of that crap. True. Really. Promise.

I also used to hate blue. Simply because my mom told me I look good in blue. Blue is a boys color. So I never wore it. Until now.  I do love this trench. And it was one of the items I got from the big bag sale when I paid 10 bucks and could stuff as much stuff into a bag as possible.. back a month-ish ago when I went shopping with Moneca.

And do you like the fall flowers poking out of the leaves? I snapped that photo during my walk at lunchtime.  A nice delicate little splash of pink amongst all the red and orange.  Not afraid to be different.  Thats what I love about life. Everything is so unique and perfect as it is.  Pretty amazing if you ask me!!

Have a great night lovelies!! WMAH. xoxo Jodi

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Little Booties

Hello!! I was so busy over the weekend (in a course) and this week has just flown by so fast!! I am up early at at the pool or yoga first thing (before its light out) and then home when it's dark so  outfit photos haven't been so easy to take outside. AND too bad because if I don't say so myself- I have worn some pretty funky new combinations this week.   EXCEPT, how embarrassing-- I don't post for 1 week and then when I do I'm wearing the SAME sweater as last  Thursday... kinda funny actually!  Well, I could say I did it on purpose as  way for you to see a variety of ways to wear this kind of sweater :)

How has YOUR week been going dahlings??  xoxJ

Thursday, October 20, 2011

That 70's Skirt

Another outfit I came up with at the last minute this morning. I feel like 70's style and must admit I really love the fitted body hugging type of sweater ( navy blue and I got it for $2!!).  I like high waisted and fitted stuff, more suitable for my curves.  I finally came to the conclusion to embrace the curves rather than fight them. I always wanted a runners body- you know those flat chested, no hips kind of girls who are very athletic? Well.. I.DO.NOT.HAVE.THAT.KIND.OF.BODY.  No sir.  And I am okay with that (NOW). It took years to get to this level of self acceptance with my body and I am now loving it.

So. Enough about me. How is YOUR week going?  I am having another super day, having great conversations and getting some really good stuff accomplished at work, all is well in my world!!
xox oJ

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boots and Hemlines (from YouLookFab)

I find YouLookFab's website a very good resource.  A recent article on boots (YOU KNOW I LOVE BOOTS!!) you may like if you haven't already seen it:

Boots and Hemlines: Mind the Gap
Style guidelines often suggest leaving a gap of leg, skin or hosiery, between the top of tall boots and the hemline of your dress or skirt because the visual effect is more flattering. Of course, with on-trend longer hemlines, “the gap” is not achievable with tall boots. So what are we to do? 
Read more at YouLookFab...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tunic Time

I got up at 5am and got up to Bikrams ready to go. The instructor didn't show up. About 30 people standing outside in yoga shorts in the cold waiting. HMMM. It was interesting to observe what was going through my mind about that. So, instead I came home, did some stretching on my own and came into work early.  Trying to take my photo at 7am in the dark.. there was a neighbour about to walk her dog down past where I was. She saw me and stopped and hid behind a tree and was watching me. AS IF I COULD'NT SEE HER!  So I was quick, photos are blurred etc but anyway, you get the idea.  The tunic is brown and so are my boots and belt. This is black and white photo week so you must use your imagination on the color aspect of it :0.

Strong americano, poached eggs, organic apple, stretching and my favorite boots are what make my day awesome so far!!  How bout you???  How's the week going so far???

xox oJ