Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ragamuffin Saturday

I went on a 4 hour ride today and ended up coming home with completely frozen fingers and toes. Frozen to the point where I couldn't squeeze my hands to use the brakes.  I could have stayed in the bathtub all day if I hadn't drained the whole hot water tank of hot water. TALK ABOUT COLD.  So I have been chilled all day.  Then I had to go downtown to run errands...Do you have trouble finding casual clothes?  I have lots of work clothes and lots of workout and sports-like clothing but very little in the weekend casual category. Needless to say, half the time when I go downtown on weekends I probably set my fashionista reputation back  by leaps and bounds by the way I am dressed!!  And on these casual no-heels days  I often wear my very old beloved Blundstone booties that I used to wear back in New Zealand.  So, please do not hold it against me.. I am not always fashionably awesome- sometimes just a freezing cold athlete who has to go shopping when she doesn't want to!!

Happy Saturday!! xoxo J


  1. Look at you even in casual wear your gorgeous! You still made me proud!

    GUESS WHAT - your friend from Vancouver is going to get back into the Fashion Posts {what i wore} come Wednesday... now that baby is born Im getting back into the swing of things. That and my jeans... TeeHee

    Come by Little Miss Mama and see if you'd like, Id love to have you! And I still always serve Tea with a side of Giggles :)


  2. i think you did a great job
    love the pop of red
    being a popsicle all day is no fun

  3. I *always* have problems finding casual clothes! My closet 90% work clothes; 10% casual wear. And unfortunately, when I go casual, usually I go waaaay casual - like yoga pants and a hoodie! It's probably a common problem for all working ladies.

    PS - you're looking nicely pulled together for a self-proclaimed raggamuffin!

  4. Poor thing...I HATE being cold!!! I know how you feel....wayyy too many work clothes, not enough everyday "regular clothes....looking good hunnie!!

    Enter my Icelandic Design Knit Hat Giveaway!!

  5. Love those jeans on you, your legs look ten miles long.

  6. There is nothing like that post-workout chill. Last February, when I ran the Hypothermic Half-marathon in Winnipeg (possibly the coldest hypo half in Canada, although Edmonton is a pretty chilly one, too), I had to go to a Bikram class right afterwards to warm up. Even then, I was still chilled for the bulk of the day.

    Oh, and I think Blundstone booties are awesome! And so are you!

  7. Oh I hate that chilled-to-the-bone feeling! Well this look is amazing, so whether or not you were chilly, it didn't show. You look so beautiful and those jeans were made for you! Perfectly casual chic.

    Alexandra xo

  8. You've got some great shots! Keep up the interesting blogs :)

    Happy Holidays!

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