Monday, March 12, 2012

Call me Crash (in leopard top)

Happy Monday. A good start today for me- Its crazy windy outside and plastic bags flying through the air and a cat that wont go outside to do her business cuz its too cold out.  I make my famous make-shift studio and break the light on the side table while taping the sheet up to the wall. Then, I make my smoothie and the lid wasn't on the Vitamix properly so smoothie is now all over the kitchen ceiling!! LOL.  I am laughing and it hasn't made me feel grumpy in the least.. just have to laugh right?

I spent Sunday cleaning out my closet. I hardly have any clothes to wear anymore. I have lost quite abit of weight and none of my pants fit anymore (even though I have taken them in once already) and even my skirts are not fitting all that well.  SO time for some shopping.  AND I am really looking for a whole style change if I can find one. Growing the hair longer these days so also wanting to find some funky new look.  Any ideas you have would be lovely!!

Hope you are all having a great start to your week!!!  MWaH xox Jodi

Monday, March 5, 2012

Leopard and Bird

Well hello!! Happy Monday everyone.  Today I made a makeshift studio. Yes indeed, a very primitive one at that, however, what else is a girl to do on a very cold and windy day during her lunchbreak at home?

How to Make a Make-Shift Studio (a VERY professional one :)
1 roll of tape
1 wall
1 white (or color of choice) bed sheet

Just  tape the sheet to the wall and you are ready  to go!!

Now down to business... As you can see, I haven't been very regular on here for awhile, I have been a travel maniac lately.  Thailand, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Kelowna, Vancouver.  NOW.I.STAY.HOME.  No more multiday work trips for awhile and talk about relief.  So on to the outfit. Like my little birdie?  One thing you don't know about me is, I LOVE CROWS.  I must have just been born this way cuz I have no idea why they intrigue me so much.  I have a bunch of cute crow paintings and cards and the fiance gave me this little one for Valentines Day.  I keep it on the upper ledge of an old window frame I made into a mirror so it looks like he just flew in the house and is sitting on top of the window ledge.    And my outfit, oh yeah, guess I should mention it.. well, the wind blew my damn skirt up around my waist today when walking to work so all the people around me got a good look at my burgundy rear end!!  Cheap Thrills!!

Anyway, let me know how the Make Shift Studio instructions work out for you if you try it!! LOL