Monday, March 12, 2012

Call me Crash (in leopard top)

Happy Monday. A good start today for me- Its crazy windy outside and plastic bags flying through the air and a cat that wont go outside to do her business cuz its too cold out.  I make my famous make-shift studio and break the light on the side table while taping the sheet up to the wall. Then, I make my smoothie and the lid wasn't on the Vitamix properly so smoothie is now all over the kitchen ceiling!! LOL.  I am laughing and it hasn't made me feel grumpy in the least.. just have to laugh right?

I spent Sunday cleaning out my closet. I hardly have any clothes to wear anymore. I have lost quite abit of weight and none of my pants fit anymore (even though I have taken them in once already) and even my skirts are not fitting all that well.  SO time for some shopping.  AND I am really looking for a whole style change if I can find one. Growing the hair longer these days so also wanting to find some funky new look.  Any ideas you have would be lovely!!

Hope you are all having a great start to your week!!!  MWaH xox Jodi


  1. Hey there stranger!!! I love the make shift studio...cmon now, any photo you are IN, is better than one youre not, lol.

    Lovin your hair longer too!
    Miss you sister!

  2. A style remix sounds like fun...but make sure you keep it all Jodi!!
    Yesturday I had carrot soup all over my walls from the steam blowing the lid off my blender (even with my pushing down on it!)...and about a month ago I had it all over the kitchen and Vyla when she pushed the blender button on me....she learned that lesson pretty quickly she was lucky she didn't get major burns!

  3. oh...also maybe you should hold a challenge for your readers to create some outfits for you on polyvore to help you get your shop on...of course making sure to explain your bodytype, what you're dressing for, and styles you love/hate! That would be a blast!

  4. I love the longer hair - I'm excited for this. And it's crazy windy here today as well, at least its not cold though.

    Also, I love Natasha's polyvore challenge idea for your new look.

  5. Are you trying to loose this weight? You have always seemed so very fit to me.

    I'm afraid this series of mishaps would have made me REALLY grumpy. We had to repaint our kitchen to get rid of the evidence from a bottle of ketchup.

  6. LOL hey Teri, no I am not really trying to lose weight.. its all my training.. and I should have said lost inches.. cuz the scale hasn't really changed much but my pant sizes sure have!!!

  7. Get thee to a thrift store! You can experiment with a variety of new styles at prices so low that failure doesn't matter. You never know what'll appeal to you until you try it. Good luck!

    And, man, your fitness never stops impressing me.

  8. u are the fitness diva! cute leopard top!

    xo Nav

  9. good for you for being able to laugh it off. I think I would have gotten angry :)

  10. a reinvention of yourself
    how fun for you!!!