You want good ideas?  Check out some of these resources I've found on other fashionista blogs!!  The next step is putting those good ideas into action and try them, play around, experiment with color and different looks, snap some pics... hey, its FUN!!

25 ways to wear a scarf (in 4.5 minutes:)
Necklaces that don't compete with your belt
Co-ordinating Jewelry to Necklines
What Jewelry to Choose when you have a Short or Wide Neck
Tights wearing cheat sheet

Closet Organizing
Save money by spending time in your closet
Wardrobe strategy: fewer options can be fab
Creating a working closet (Part I) Purge
Creating a working closet (Part II) Assess
How can I organize my closet to make my morning easier
Effective inventories and honed style
Grouping: and easy route to a happier closet

How to add more color to your wardrobe
Ways to wear the Classic white shirt

Hairstyle Ideas
Hair tutorials for medium/long hair
Fun hairstyle ideas

How to layer cardigans over dresses
Layering without lumps

How to wear a leather skirt
Leather Jackets for business casual

How to wear long pants that are cuffed or rolled

How to wear patterns away from your face
Pattern mixing for beginners
The best tops for patterned skirts

Colorful Backdrops- how to choose them
Learning how to pose
I'm a poser baby: 7 Steps for posing naturally in photos
Organizing and storing images

Shoes and Boots
How to Choose Boots for your Body Type

Seasons of retail shopping

Thrift Stores
Secondhand Strategy
Thrifting tips and tricks on Thrift Thursdays
Upgrade You

Wardrobe Challenge
How to start a wardrobe challenge
30 for 30  (30 items worn over 30 days)

What to Wear Ideas
What to wear ideas: July 2010