Monday, November 25, 2013

Casual Walk

Hello!! I hope you all had a fan-tabulous weekend!!  I was busy sorting, packing, running, TRXing etc all weekend!  Then, got to go for a nice long beach walk in one of the great parks along the ocean. There's a spot along the path where there's an old abandoned building and a bunch of junk.  Do you know what this red box is?  Well, luckily its really old and dried up so is safe to go near :)  Not much of an outfit post but this is how I often look when out and about on a cold day.  Yes and the HUGE sunglasses were $2 at my fav thrift store.

Talk soon!!! mwah

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Like a Tree

Hello there! Today I' disguised as a tree. An outfit that makes cycling to work easy. An outfit that leaves me comfy while I sit at my desk all day long.  See what is written on my whiteboard in my office?  I use the Getting Things Done system by David Allen. Its a productivity system that I find highly effective. Anyway, his premise is that our minds are like water and unless we capture (right down, or document in some way) information, we will most likely forget it. This is indeed accurate. I use Evernote on my iPhone to keep track of things when I am out and about and I even have a running list of photoshoot locations (ie. nice backdrop walls, graffiti, train tracks, etc) so that when I have the chance to get out for photos I can easily find good locations.  What about you? What do you use to track information, to manage your projects?

Day 2 of the Wild Rose Detox Cleanse as well. I pretty much eat simple regularly anyway so this is not so hard to do, just helps to cut back on the dark chocolate :)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Classic Blazer

Pouring rain Friday and I dressed so I could still commute by bike to my meetings downtown.  As I see this photo I have the thought that perhaps this blazer isn't the greatest on me. If it were a few inches longer it would better- however, thats just an inside thought now admitted to the whole world of the internet as my mom would say.

I don't think I introduced you to our new kitty(s) either. Well. After poor Deze left us I thought life would never be the same. And it isn't. Its now just different.  We adopted 2 Devon Rex cats. They are hypoallergenic so my man isn't allergic and all scratchy and itchy with these 2.  Of course, I will share more photos as time goes on (see one below). They came with strange names but we didn't have the heart to change them:).

Its that time of year where I feel FAT. Its a tough transition from training so intensely for so many months for races and then going to working out just for leisure (ie. TRX, bootcamps, etc).  It is partly mental but also physical.  Take away the training volume and intensity but the love of eating is still there!! Oh well. That too will soon change.  Training season has started and we have a long ride in the (RAIN) tomorrow!!



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Conference Wear

NOOO I don't have a naturally smiley face as you can tell. I do feel better after yesterday's ppt and video fiasco though!!! I did also get alot of compliments even today for the great presentation I pulled off so its all good after all!!  Fitted clothes are my friend even on "I feel fat" days.  And don't you just love it when you find a blazer to match pants/skirt that just happens to be almost the exact same material?  Just dandy!!

Yes. Thats right. Red. Fitted. And a green computer. Not to mention animal print shoes. A good day all in all.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Always have a backup plan

Today's Lesson: ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP PLAN. Yes. I learned this the hard way today. Big conference.  I am a guest speaker amongst some of the well known leaders in the field.  Presentation did not go as planned. Powerpoint goes frozen. Video does not play. I am hooped.  Something seemed to happen to my brain, like I was suddenly in stupid air and I could not seem to remember anything to talk about.  Lots of long silences.  I could feel my cheeks turning red.  Honestly-- I wanted to bolt from the room.  But I didn't. I stayed. I made a joke.  I poked some fun at myself and how the presentation was not going as planned.  I asked the audience some engaging questions.    

The voice in my head scolded: " what a crash and burn", "what an idiot", " they will think you are stupid" and on and on.  I quickly wrestled those voices to the ground and replaced them with "it's not the end of the world", "shake it off".   I don't know about you but boy my default inner conversations  are sure not supportive nor empowering.

Several people came up to me and made comments about their interest in some of my key points, complimented me on the presentation, and also said they could feel my pain when the technology all failed.  At any rate, I lived. I did not die (even though in the moment I wished a hole would open up and swallow me away).  A good reminder to not take yourself so seriously and just roll with what life throws your way in the moment!!!  LOL  What a day!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

An Imposter Photographer

I was asked by a friend to take some photos at a stagette party not that long ago.  Since I'm working on becoming a better photographer I jumped at the chance.  Here's a few shots- my favorite one is the last one :)
Happy Weekend.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Red Turtleneck

Well Helloooo abit of a zoolander face today:)  I really feel like I have lost my fashion mojo!!  Right now in the face of packing for our move I am finding all these clothes that I have been hanging onto for years that I never wear but keep since you NEVER KNOW when it may be in fashion again.  It feels good to purge all that stuff.  Also- I have all kinds of crazy things from thrift stores that I don't wear, or some of them that I DO wear-- I shouldn't :)   For me this is an exciting phase of redefining my look-- out with the old and in with the new.  I will be more intentional with the new stuff however, and only buy stuff that is POW!! SHAZAM!! DAMN AWESOME!! No more 'just okay and I will buy it because its only $2.00!!'

You know that feeling when you put on an outfit and you feel amazing VERSUS that frumpy outfit and you feel frumpy?  I find that strange given our happiness is an experience rather than to be sourced from something external.  Anyway-- just a thought or question.

Do you think your outfit is what makes you feel good/not good?  And if so why?