Monday, November 4, 2013

Always have a backup plan

Today's Lesson: ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP PLAN. Yes. I learned this the hard way today. Big conference.  I am a guest speaker amongst some of the well known leaders in the field.  Presentation did not go as planned. Powerpoint goes frozen. Video does not play. I am hooped.  Something seemed to happen to my brain, like I was suddenly in stupid air and I could not seem to remember anything to talk about.  Lots of long silences.  I could feel my cheeks turning red.  Honestly-- I wanted to bolt from the room.  But I didn't. I stayed. I made a joke.  I poked some fun at myself and how the presentation was not going as planned.  I asked the audience some engaging questions.    

The voice in my head scolded: " what a crash and burn", "what an idiot", " they will think you are stupid" and on and on.  I quickly wrestled those voices to the ground and replaced them with "it's not the end of the world", "shake it off".   I don't know about you but boy my default inner conversations  are sure not supportive nor empowering.

Several people came up to me and made comments about their interest in some of my key points, complimented me on the presentation, and also said they could feel my pain when the technology all failed.  At any rate, I lived. I did not die (even though in the moment I wished a hole would open up and swallow me away).  A good reminder to not take yourself so seriously and just roll with what life throws your way in the moment!!!  LOL  What a day!!

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  1. Glad you recovered from the nightmarish tech failure and stood your ground. That takes guts. Life sometimes throws us a curveball and you managed to face it with courage. We're proud of you!