Monday, October 31, 2011

Grey and Blue

Wow it IS fall. It IS October 31.  As I write this kids are pounding on the door for candies. We have peppermint patties and cheezies to give them. AND I must say I feel guilty handing out candy to kids when its so unhealthy. Well. Technically its not me giving it to them. Its fiance. Does that make it okay on MY conscience?   I can proudly say I HAVE not and WILL not eat one morsel of that crap. True. Really. Promise.

I also used to hate blue. Simply because my mom told me I look good in blue. Blue is a boys color. So I never wore it. Until now.  I do love this trench. And it was one of the items I got from the big bag sale when I paid 10 bucks and could stuff as much stuff into a bag as possible.. back a month-ish ago when I went shopping with Moneca.

And do you like the fall flowers poking out of the leaves? I snapped that photo during my walk at lunchtime.  A nice delicate little splash of pink amongst all the red and orange.  Not afraid to be different.  Thats what I love about life. Everything is so unique and perfect as it is.  Pretty amazing if you ask me!!

Have a great night lovelies!! WMAH. xoxo Jodi

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Little Booties

Hello!! I was so busy over the weekend (in a course) and this week has just flown by so fast!! I am up early at at the pool or yoga first thing (before its light out) and then home when it's dark so  outfit photos haven't been so easy to take outside. AND too bad because if I don't say so myself- I have worn some pretty funky new combinations this week.   EXCEPT, how embarrassing-- I don't post for 1 week and then when I do I'm wearing the SAME sweater as last  Thursday... kinda funny actually!  Well, I could say I did it on purpose as  way for you to see a variety of ways to wear this kind of sweater :)

How has YOUR week been going dahlings??  xoxJ

Thursday, October 20, 2011

That 70's Skirt

Another outfit I came up with at the last minute this morning. I feel like 70's style and must admit I really love the fitted body hugging type of sweater ( navy blue and I got it for $2!!).  I like high waisted and fitted stuff, more suitable for my curves.  I finally came to the conclusion to embrace the curves rather than fight them. I always wanted a runners body- you know those flat chested, no hips kind of girls who are very athletic? Well.. I.DO.NOT.HAVE.THAT.KIND.OF.BODY.  No sir.  And I am okay with that (NOW). It took years to get to this level of self acceptance with my body and I am now loving it.

So. Enough about me. How is YOUR week going?  I am having another super day, having great conversations and getting some really good stuff accomplished at work, all is well in my world!!
xox oJ

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boots and Hemlines (from YouLookFab)

I find YouLookFab's website a very good resource.  A recent article on boots (YOU KNOW I LOVE BOOTS!!) you may like if you haven't already seen it:

Boots and Hemlines: Mind the Gap
Style guidelines often suggest leaving a gap of leg, skin or hosiery, between the top of tall boots and the hemline of your dress or skirt because the visual effect is more flattering. Of course, with on-trend longer hemlines, “the gap” is not achievable with tall boots. So what are we to do? 
Read more at YouLookFab...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tunic Time

I got up at 5am and got up to Bikrams ready to go. The instructor didn't show up. About 30 people standing outside in yoga shorts in the cold waiting. HMMM. It was interesting to observe what was going through my mind about that. So, instead I came home, did some stretching on my own and came into work early.  Trying to take my photo at 7am in the dark.. there was a neighbour about to walk her dog down past where I was. She saw me and stopped and hid behind a tree and was watching me. AS IF I COULD'NT SEE HER!  So I was quick, photos are blurred etc but anyway, you get the idea.  The tunic is brown and so are my boots and belt. This is black and white photo week so you must use your imagination on the color aspect of it :0.

Strong americano, poached eggs, organic apple, stretching and my favorite boots are what make my day awesome so far!!  How bout you???  How's the week going so far???

xox oJ

Monday, October 17, 2011

Some Classic

I had a totally different outfit on this morning.. starting with the pants. I had an outfit in mind.. put it on and it was frumpy so then I pulled stuff from the closet.. big heap of discards on the bed and finally came up with this.  Very simple, yes, lots of  black.. but I like it. And the pants are comfy-- the boots are made for walking so I am one happy girl!!

And to start my week having an exceptional Monday: 1 hour yoga/weights, good strong americano coffee, organic grapefruit and egg whites for breakfast, brisk walk to work. Oh yeah, and feeling sassy in my outfit!

And, for a photo of Saturday night.. I am in the back (since I am tall).  Julie's dress was hot.. was totally made for her!!  Thanks to Benny for the group shot!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Wear


Almost dinner time here at home.. a very relaxing day. I went for a run on my favorite run route with a good friend I haven't seen for quite awhile.  Did some grocery shopping at this really awesome fruit and veggie market and then came home and just did some light housecleaning and overall  relaxing!!

Last night was totally fun. There were about 28 ladies for dinner and 20 in a limo afterwards for Julie's stagette party.  We had a 'man hunt' and had to drive around town looking for a range of different guys (DJ, cowboy, bartender.. etc) and Julie got her photo with each one of them.  Not the kind of thing I have ever done before so it was an experience alright!!  I unfortunately was having difficulty with my camera so ended up not being the photographer and not getting good photos- sorry-- I dont have any to showcase this time around!!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend.. and here's to one of the best weeks you could ever ask for. I mean really-- what if you took on making this upcoming weeks one of the BEST weeks of your life so far?  What would you be doing? How would you be being??  I don't know about you, but thats what I  am taking on!!!

MWAH. xoxo J

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pink and Leopard

 Woo hoo its friday and I have 2 girls outings this weekend. This means the opportunity to come up with 2 evening outfits!!  And I can't wait to showcase some of the girls on my blog also!  Today is casual day- I am in the office doing paperwork and getting alot done.  By the way, I love pink and leopard together.. have seen some good ideas on various blogs and can't wait to come up with some other combinations!!  Happy Weekend everyone!!  Hugs, J

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall is HERE

I went to the beach at lunchtime. Good thing too cuz I needed to decompress from a project at work. Nothing like the sound of waves to bring peace to ones life!!  For some reason I love this blouse. I got it several years ago off the sale rack at Macy's for like $5.00 or something.  Not like I have gotten compliments on it or anything, I just love wearing it. Maybe because the fabric feels good, its a bit flowing and I like the neckline. Any way, I have to find something  else to wear it with since I have lost weight and this skirt is now too big (you can't see the back with all the gathers from me hiding all the extra waist line there :)

Apologies for the dark photos.. I had my camera on the wrong setting and realized it too late.  Not much else to share today except I had a totally awesome weights workout this morning.  I am doing alot of Bikrams Yoga and weights these days and as result am starting to see the results physically and am liking it. EXCEPT it means I have to buy new clothes.. (oh geeee... tooo bad!!)

toodle doo for now!! xox  J

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time for Boots

Okay, what happens when it rains in October??? Well- I pull out my boots! YEHAH. Boots are my fav of all times! BUT. The rain makes my hair go crazy. This is what it looks like at the end of the day after walking around outside with an umbrella.. it goes all fuzzy and big!!  I can't believe I have like Farah Fawcett hair, or some flashbacks of the 80's here.  That said, I am actually liking my hair these days... OH BOY!!  I got this funky laptop bag at a thrift store recently and was excited to find something stylish. Now I can match my laptop bag to my outfits. Yes, very important.

We have a Stagette party this weekend for a friend and we all have to wear black except her. I am so excited because on my walk home from work I came up with an outfit idea--a combination that I haven't worn before-- promise to get photos of us all!!

Hope you had a super day.  All I can say is I'm glad the work day is over!!!
xo J

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend (Jodi Unplugged)

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!  I got home from New Brunswick totally exhausted and it took a few days to get back to normal after a 4 hour time difference!  My commitment this weekend was to relax and I have accomplished this so far!! We went for a drive out to a local farm and got some good veggies and a pumpkin to carve for Halloween.  Sunday I spent the day raking the leaves up and washing the exterior of the house. What's with those stupid t-shirts they give out at races anyway? They are always cotton and never the kind of top you would wear running!! So, as you can see, I make use of my old runners and race shirts while I  work in the yard. Go Jodi Go!!  LOL

This morning we drove out to our favorite lake to run the 10km loop around it... as you can see it was pretty rainy on the way out there so we stopped in for a coffee and waited for the rain to pass.  Well the rain didn't stop so we ran anyway and got really wet and dirty.  Now at home taking it easy. I actually wish I had 1 more day off but hey, what's a girl to do!!

I hope your'e enjoying your weekends!!  MWAH Jodi

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lobster Land

I had to stop and take some Lobster photos, how could I NOT?  You can't really see my cute plaid top but I love it and it's the perfect adventuring shirt. You get Day 2 of Jodi Unplugged ala New Brunswick style.  Please note that I do know that the red and pink are a fashion statement :)!!!
Rainy day today, got some shots with me and my zebra umbrella but the were blurry (my friend didn't have her glasses on so most of the photos she took of me weren't in focus.  OH I had better not say anything or else I will be jinxed with having to wear glasses one day!!

Having fun at any rate. Catch you tomorrow!!!  I had a visit from COLETTE.. wooo hooo miss you babes!! xoxo J