Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lobster Land

I had to stop and take some Lobster photos, how could I NOT?  You can't really see my cute plaid top but I love it and it's the perfect adventuring shirt. You get Day 2 of Jodi Unplugged ala New Brunswick style.  Please note that I do know that the red and pink are a fashion statement :)!!!
Rainy day today, got some shots with me and my zebra umbrella but the were blurry (my friend didn't have her glasses on so most of the photos she took of me weren't in focus.  OH I had better not say anything or else I will be jinxed with having to wear glasses one day!!

Having fun at any rate. Catch you tomorrow!!!  I had a visit from COLETTE.. wooo hooo miss you babes!! xoxo J


  1. And you have another one:) What pretty photos Jodi, love the closeup of you:) Looks like a wonderful time....go YOU:)

  2. Great photos. I didn't know that lobsters are so big or that you are so small. :)

  3. Welcome to NB! Hope you are having a wonderful time you look great!
    Fashion in the Fog: The Bluffs

  4. Love, love, love that top photo!!! Have fun in Lobsterland!

  5. I think I might love your runners!