Monday, January 31, 2011

Green Leopard??

 And we are on to the last day of January! Whoa.. where did THAT go? It is very cold out.. you can tell by my RED nose and the scarf flapping in the wind. This scarf ladies, was a total of $1.50 and my favorite and secret thrift store. I find the BEST stuff there!!  This green is supposedly not my color but I again go against the fashion consultation I was given a few years ago (remember, I am also not supposed to wear low V necks either!!).

Reporting live from an old car insurance repair location where there is an old compressor. I love the old industrial and dumpster-type backgrounds that Jentine of My Edit uses so thats why when I saw this one I had to stop and do my shoot!  This brown top underneath is my brown cowlneck tunic but was too cold to take my jacket off to show you!!  By the way, the earrings are from an ex boyfriend from about 20 years ago if you can believe it. We were both really young but he had good  taste in jewelry. Can't believe I kept them actually cuz he turned out to be a bit of a weiner...

And Guess what?  I'm doing my very second  30 for 30 Challenge with Kendi Everyday and hundreds of other bloggers.  I'll finish picking my outfits and get that all coordinated tonight.   I'm also continuing my January Month of Color declaration on into February and will continue to focus on wearing colors as much as I can.

Who else is doing the 30 for 30? If you are, lets talk.. maybe we  could exchange some posts on each others blog like Fabienne and I did for the last one... leave a comment if you are interested.. would be FUN! xoxo J

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: Blogger Mechanics

Happy Friday to you!! Grab a tea or coffee and come and join me. If you are interested in joining us on Friend Friday, please go visit Katy at ModlyChic... she is awesome and will get you all set up. Okay, ready for this weeks answers?

Blogger Mechanics

1. What technology do you use in blogging? (computer, camera, video camera, tripod, etc...)
I have a Sony digital camera and a tripod. Then I download all my images on my MacBook Pro and backup all photos on an external harddrive.
 2. What computer and online technology do you use? (blogging system, photo storage, photo editing tools, etc..)
Blogging opened up the world of technology to me. I got a blogger account for my blog and I use picassa web album to link my photos. Basically, I download my photos, save them at the recommended size (800 x 532 pixels) for blogger. I have my day2daywear folder on my desktop and file photos by year in a subfolder for each month and day.

3. What is your process for taking pictures?
I take my camera and tripod to work with me then I go for a walk at lunchtime and snap my photos (in the park). On days that I take the car, I plan my wardrobe based on a backdrop I have in mind and I stop by the location and take photos on the way to or from meetings. I set up the camera, focus, set the self timer to 10 seconds and then run like an idiot and stand in front of the camera. Sometimes this takes alot of time, sometimes I luck out and it is quick!! And of course I am a magnet for strange people following and pointing at me!!

4. When it comes to backdrops for your photos what do you consider? Do you scout locations or shoot the same spot daily?
OMG!! THIS IS MY FAVORITE QUESTION!!! I love finding new backdrops and I have a long list of good locations based on a colored wall, or just somewhere funky (train tracks like Joanne :), etc. I even have other people in mind when I find locations and then I ask them if I can take them and do a photoshoot OF them there. Thats what Cinderita and I did with the new header we made for her blog!!! I love backdrops, that and learning photography has been sooooo fun!!!

 5. If you could splurge and get one new piece of equipment what would you be buying?
What I would do is spend money on a photography and/or photoshop course so I could make my photos look better and be more creative with them. Fancy equipment isnt much good if you don't know how to use it!! LOL

MY number one recommendation for any blogger using a camera: buy a tripod. It makes life WAY easier!!! xoxo Jodi

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Lady with the BROWN Belt

Okay, so kindof like Curious George and the MAN with the Yellow Hat. I am the LADY with the Brown Belt. Please, anyone, take a donation and send me a new brown belt.. aren't you getting tired of me wearing it by now?  It's not like I am a huge fan of brown but I just find this belt goes with everything!! LOL. Maybe I should add Brown-belt-aholic to my Black-aholic resume...!

Okay. Want some real Jodi today?  I am so challenged by one of my staff.  Everytime I turn around its something else.  I know there are lessons for me to learn in this, for me to grow and reflect and that its not about her, but about me and how I react and work through these opportunities (as Wayne Dyer my Husband would say :).  I went from having a perfectly great day to having my blood boiling just from an email she sent me.  It's not personal Jodi, Yes, I know this. AND boy its got me going. She is a very talented and smart person but boy oh boy that comes with some high maintenance behaviour if you ask me.  Okay. deep breath.  I am okay.  Wheres the vodka?????  LOL

AND LOOK! I almost never wear pants. This is one of the few pairs that are long enough... so there you go.. learning more and more about me each day!!  adios for now!!! oxoJ

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fashion Crime

Yes!! I made it home.  I got down to the seaplane terminal for the first flight and luckily they left on time!!  Okay, BUT. Walking home from the terminal I saw 2 opportunities to hand out fashion citations:

1.  Bad outfit/Big Smile
Lady wearing tight capri's (?) that ended ABOVE her knee, with knee high boots and BARE knees... not even any tights or anything.  I must admit, I am almost guilty of the too short capris/boots look myself, but this is just not cool. BUT she looked like such a happy person and walked confidently with a big smile on her face. Definitely gets bonus points for the personality. Now lets work on the outfit.

2.  Great outfit/Scowling
Next, I saw way off in the distance, this really striking red head with a beautiful pink wool fitted coat and  gorgeous soft grey tights and grey ankle booties. I was just about to comment on her outfit as she came closer to me and she had the biggest scowl on her face I have ever seen.  I waited and looked again and she still had it.  I even waited abit longer and looked again, and still had it... OH too bad.  I considered that maybe if I complimented her it could boost her mood but to be honest, I was too scared to!! LOL
Points for great outfit, but in my books the scowl ruined it  (disclaimer: yes, she may have been having a really hard day- I'm just going on quick pass here :).

As you can see, I actually do have, thanks to Cinderita, an official Fashion Citation note pad.  Luckily I havent had to give out any citations yet.... did you hear me??? YET... be careful, don't make me come over to your blog with one.. hah hah kidding of course!!!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

THE Hotel (Part II)

Guess what lovelies??? I got fogged in. Well, not ME, but my flight. Little ol seaplane apparently doesn't do to well with fog. So here I am staying another night unexpectedly in my hotel. Wanna know the WORST thing about this? I have to wear an outfit twice in a trip!!URGH. Wanna know the best thing about it? Shopping for a whole NEW outfit could be an option... (evil laugh.. bwah hah hah- ladies... ALWAYS look for the opportunity in a mishap!!!).

So, you get one more day of mirror photos (really new followers, this is NOT a pattern!!  I promise!!!) AND you get some photos as part of my "stuck in a hotel and its raining outside photo series"  and contrary to popular belief.. that IS water, not vodka.. although that sounds like a good idea!!! Dont you just LOVE the first photo??? 3 me's at once!!! that is too cool if you ask ME!!! And I even let you get a glimpse of my double chin in the side view (feeling generous for a moment there). Yes, the phone. I finish with the phone... I need to call the Big Boss in the sky and ask about whats going on with all this fog (sorry to anyone religious.. no offense meant :). And while I am at it I may put in an order for a new trench coat. Leopard please.

Monday, January 24, 2011

On the Road Again

Helloooo to  new followers!! So great to meet you and thanks for coming over to my little piece of the big ol internet world!! Well, I usually have better photos than this  but I am traveling for work and had to pack light-- bringing the camera was a big deal enough so forget about the tripod!! NO I am not a regular  mirror image photographer so do not worry your pretty little selves!!! I got to fly in a 10 seater seaplane (FUN) and am staying in a really nice hotel for 1 night.  Work meetings all day today and tomorrow. Lots of rain. How to pack light when you have a strict luggage weight guideline?
What I am wearing: purple top, purple scarf, brown skirt, brown tights, brown knee high boots and of course-- THE brown belt!
What I packed: turquoise turtle neck, 3/4 length pants (to wear with brown boots and brown belt).
And I must admit what took up most of the room is my running shoes, running clothes and bathing suit!! These are ESSENTIALS!!

Then of course are the laptop and files and my camera. I feel like an important photographer carrying my camera everywhere and kinda like it!! Maybe one day I will be discovered!! LOL

LOOK at my new leopard camera strap!!! Fiance bought it for me for xmas. He said it would personalize my camera and he ordered it all the way from Asia!! I think that is WAY too funny!!  

Later Gaters... xoxo J

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fashion Beauty Friend Friday

Well, lookey here! Hello from a coffe shop! I have joined Katy at ModlyChic's Fashion Beauty Friend Friday (FBFF).   The whole intention behind this is so fashion and beauty bloggers have the opportunity to share their thoughts on specific topics and get to know one another better. Each week there are questions posted that we answer and post on Fridays. How cool!! Thanks for starting this Katy!!  So here goes:

Blogger Authenticity 

1. Most readers and fellow fashion bloggers value authenticity in the blogs they read. How would you describe blog/blogger authenticity?
I like it when bloggers can share some things about themselves so you know they are Human. Like the quirky things that happen to them, the mishaps, the fat days, the bad hair, etc. And its also great to see bad outfits once in awhile, meaning people aren't trying to be super models, they are just wearing some creative concoction in their day to day lives (that sometimes go wrong LOL).

2. When it comes to your blog how to you infuse it with that true/ authentic feeling?
I HOPE my humour shines through! Gawd, I can only hope people understand my humour otherwise I am sure they would think I was weird... hmmm.. maybe thats why I only have 116 followers... and I like to make people smile. I know I look like a dork at times but can laugh and poke at myself and I like to share the little ideo-syncrities in life, the things that others can connect with and see that we are all real after all.

3. Have you stopped following a blog in the last three months? What made you lose interest?
Yes, there is one blogger in particular that I came across when I first started blogging. Hers came up in the google search so I went to her site and begin getting outfit ideas. As I read her blog regularly I just got so turned off by how much she was self promoting- like bragging up how great she was all the time... so all it took was one hit of the delete button in google reader, and POOF. She was gone.. geee, that would be a dangerous trick in real life!! LOL 

4. We can't communicate effectively on our blogs, something we don't live in real life... what are some ways you try to live an authentic life?
My number 1 motto in life is
"Without Integrity, Nothing Works"- meaning, all there is to do is be true to yourself and others and the rest falls into place.

5. Give a shout-out... Which bloggers do you think are truly genuine and why?
Please, no offense to the many bloggers I absolutely LOVE, but for simplicity sake I am choosing one. Its a simple pink blog. Clean simple photos. Content is so REAL.You HAVE to go over and visit Ralph at
Shybiker. I am totally inspired by the authentic sharing on a daily basis. I also love some of the really playful outfits!! Please do go and visit Shybiker, you are in for a treat!!

Blue 'Private Dancer'

Private Dancer.  No, I am NOT Tina Turner. I look NOTHING like her.. the killer body and hair...? Nope? BUT would you still love me in the morning if I told you I have been a pole dancing instructor? YES. Little ol grew-up-in-a-small-town-me!  I bet now you are thinking " time to shut it down, I wont be visiting this trashy second rate blog anymore"!!  For those of you daring ones.. read on!

I was approached a few years ago by a lady I know (nice normal lady), who knew I was a fitness instructor and very athletic. Well, she had just bought a business where you would teach pole dancing lessons in peoples houses and at ie. hen parties and such.  And, for ladies who were shy about dancing, etc.  So, from the fitness perspective, she asked me (since I was so fit) if I would help her at some of these home parties for ladies. Why not?? So I did!  I can tell you, holy man it is hard work and some of those moves...? well, let me just say I would end up with bruises on my legs from trying to wrap my leg around that fireman pole! Yikes!  You wouldn't believe the ladies at these parties. Most of them would be whoopin it up and laughing and cheering until it was THEIR TURN, when, at that time they usually would cry or run and hide in the other room. They were so shy and embarrassed. And the whole reason they would host the all girls party to begin with was to get more confident about themselves and their bodies.  Anyway, isn't it interesting how we have freedom in certain areas of our lives, and not in others. This pole dancing experience was an eye opener for me. In a good way.  Somehow it helped me to relate to people in another way, if that makes sense...  And no, I no longer teach this, or do it myself...but I do still have the pink feather boa and the cat likes to tear it up and suck on the feathers.  End of chapter.

I am now a member of Fashion Beauty Friend Friday.. so stay tuned for my post tomorrow!!!
Over n out  xoxo j

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

That sneaky Gnome

I rushed out of the house today so didn't get great photos. AND do you ever have something you love until you see it on you in a photo?  Thats what I thought about this top today. I like it (is dark blue) and have worn it several times.  EXCEPT, now that I see it on me in the photo I don't particularly care for it. To me it looks like a house lounging top so I  might just have to banish it to the second drawer for "cleaning the house and such" clothing!! Sorry top- not your fault.

And this sneaky little gnome.  Remember early in January when I posted one of my black and brown outfits (Blackaholic) and I photographed the gnome wearing my leopard scarf?  Well, this morning when I went out to take my photos, alas, there was the sneaky little bugger STILL wearing my scarf all frozen up he was and so was the scarf!! I had a good laugh about that.. so its been out there on him for 17 days to be exact!! Fashionable little bugger!!!

Now. I will stop complaining about the weather since I do realize that I cant do anything about it.
Do you know it is all because of (I will sound serious for a minute): El Nino and La Nina?  Yes, El Nino is the warmer-than-normal ocean surface temperatures in the eastern Pacific, while La Nina occurs when the ocean is cooler than normal-- causing rather annoying conditions for fashion bloggers around the world.  Local Ladies: I am now officially in the market for at least 2-5 indoor photoshoot locations!!

Read more about the wonders of why its hard to get good outdoor photos right now: El Nino, La Nina and other weather woes.  In the meantime, someone, anyone, please post something on 'Ideas for Photoshoots when the Weather takes a Big Crap!!

Thats all I have for ya today. Over n out. xoox J

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The GREEN Skirt

It's official! I am MAD at the weather. Okay. Imagine this. Out and about, weather is fine.  First opportunity of the day to stop and snap my photo. Get out of car. Set up tripod. Set up camera. Take test shot without me in it.  SUDDENLY the powers that be decide to rain down HEAVY. Grab camera, tripod, camera bag, jacket, car keys and run for the car.  Driving home. Swearing. More swearing.  Shaking my head.  So I come inside and have to find a way to get a nice photo in indoor light and in our small house.  I start in the mirror playing around and as a way to calm myself down. ALAS, maybe the yoga book can tell me a pose to relax myself-- I look up "de-stress from being mad-at-the-weather-pose". Nothing. OH WELL.  So now here I sit after snapping my photos with a big martini.  NOOOO I'm just kidding (about the martini!!).  Seriously, I need to find a good indoor location for days like this!!

Green skirt: $3 and is vintage linen.  I LOVE IT. And cant wait to wear it with a groovy leopard top I have.. I tried it together already and it rocks.  Might need to put out DANGER signs when I wear it cuz its hot!!

And by the way, today's outfit came out of my daydreaming during Harry Potter last night. Dont  be offended but those kind of movies are boring to me. I dont like Lord of the Rings or that kind of stuff so instead I thought up outfit ideas and watched the screen for good photography ideas (for angles and lighting...) so all wasn't wasted.  Over n out for today!! xoxo J

Oh yeah, and can you spot the 2 crows in the background? Thats another secret about me ( I think this one is secret 21: I like crows!!)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lady in RED

How bout the all red for a shock of color??? I borrowed this look from a magazine I saw and dont have the photo but it is pretty close. Clean, plain and RED!!  And it makes me feel powerful, like a fire engine or something. And my boots go click click click when I walk so double power!!!  Ha ha.  I had to work fast as its dang cold and windy out there today... walked through muddy grass to get to this location today so hope it works. I thought the green background with red.. you know, trying to make all the colors work!!  I love this skirt. WHY? its high-waisted and thats my favorite and am so glad that style is in style!!  I liked the detailing on the back also. AND I can wear it with animal print so cant wait!! Oh yeah and it was $3.00.  Super good deal wouldn't you say?? Supposedly deep V necks are not suitable for me so I am breaking a fashion rule today. So there. Come and get me Fashion Police, if you DARE.

Anyway, and I got my second Stylish Blogger Award!! Thanks to Jen from Jen Hemming and Hawing Again, that is very generous of you. I feel so loved! awwwww.

Date night with the fiance tonight. We are going to see Harry Potter at the IMAX. Romantic you say? Well, if I wear all red perhaps.. and if we sit in the back and darkest section.... ohhhh dont get ideas... ;P

Happy Monday!  Cant wait to color up the rest of the week!! xox oJ

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Well look what I got from Cinderita! This made my day, thanks Rita!!!  See what she wrote on Adventures of Cinderita:

"I would like to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award to someone I love to follow and read about. She inspires me to dress in a way I never considered in the past. She's stylish and cocky. She's part red neck, part fashion maven. She has made it so that getting up in the morning and putting clothes on isn't just something I have to's actually a way for me to express who I am through the clothes that I wear. And that is an amazing feeling. Jodi, at daytodaywear deserves The Stylish Blogger Award more than anyone else I can think of at the moment for the difference she's made in my life. Thanks Jodi!" 

I am one happy girl today!! Glad I am making a difference with my fashion adventure!! xox Jodi

Friday, January 14, 2011

Look, I'm a tree!

When I got dressed this morning I felt like I"M A TREE. All brown. Not very imaginative, but hey, IT"S NOT BLACK!!  And, these are old boots from a couple of  seasons ago and already they seem outdated (do you think so??).  This gave me the chance to use the colorful wall as a backdrop at any rate. "RITA we need to do some of you here!!!".  I just look at other peoples photo's and think, "wow, you are gorgeous", or "wow, how photogenic".  Do you ever download your photos and think, "who is that?", or " is THAT what I look like???"  I do. I sometimes think "boy am I ever looking OLD!".  Guess it could be all that chlorine I swim in 4 days a week? Speaking of which, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I always have massive goggle bags (from my swim goggles) under my eyes until at least 4pm. No kidding!! So there. That's my excuse on those days. I swim at 6am those mornings so am entitled to look bad (I think Fabienne said something like this but much nicer :).

Will be working on outfits this weekend so stay tuned!!  And plan on getting visiting time in with you all too. Guess what? I have a new red skirt to wear!! AND yes, I will give something away as per my OATH. (AS IF I WOULDN'T!! :P) Sheesh... police or WHAT??

Happy Happy Friday and have a super awesome crazy wild weekend. Or not. Up to you. xox J

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Red Green Show

I rushed this morning off to teach my spin class so threw these items in my bag and hoped they would look good together. I feel like a xmas tree. Red, Brown, Green. Or like the Red Green Show.  Its a weird Canadian show that has alot of jokes about duct tape. Not that I watch it but Red Green made me think of it.  And then I guess the grey of duct tape makes me think about my new grey boots... hmmm, the things to think about instead of finishing this report for work I should be doing right now...

I HAVE to plan colorful outfits since I don't HAVE alot of color in my closet.  So this weekend I will be busy working on some outfits.  I did almost reach for black this morning thinking "dah, Who cares..." BUT because of my Fashion OATH I couldn't do that. SEEEEEE ladies.. it works!!!

Maybe tonight I can come by to see you all.  Here's my question.  Do you have some good examples of outfits combining GREY and BROWN that you could refer me to?  I am still not sure about combining those 2 colors...  thats the homework for you for now my friends.. help Jodi look presentable and wean her off black!!! LOL

Toodle doo as my grammy would say. MWAH xoxo J