Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Okay. Please let me complain just once this year. I will be quick. Some idiot guy HAD to be standing on our street for 2 hours with a tripod and camera. What he was photographing, I have NO idea. But this was MOST annoying as I had planned to do my photos on the street by my house since I don't have a vehicle today. So instead I felt like I was held hostage in my house waiting for him to leave.  Instead I snuck out the back to our compost heap!! NICE. REAL fashion shoot here alright!!

I am seriously addicted to black. I am a blackaholic. I am breaking free of it though. I am on a black shopping ban at least.  I am so unimpressed with my boring winter wardrobe today.  Anyway- I am also working from home and had to go out for a quick meeting so this was the outfit. More black and brown for you. Not much for inspiration but hey, what's a girl to do? Plus it was darn cold yet again so I had to be quick!!

6am swim this morning. I felt like I was dragging a big bag of potatoes behind me.. ohhhh not fun!! Where did the extra weight come from??? (if you are smart- don't answer...)LOL


  1. You look great and not all black you added the leopard scarf which I think was a nice touch.
    As for the photographer...you have paparazzi at your door and your complaining...tisk tisk, lol.

  2. Maybe he was a fashion blogger but he didn't take any shots because someone kept looking out of the window at him? :-) Perhaps you should have asked him to be your photographer for the day. That's how I found Pete (not really).

    Love your bracelets and your gnome has great taste in scarves.

  3. I like black as well. Simple. Easy.


  4. Your gnome has real style with that scarf!

  5. Your accessories look great with the all black outfit.

  6. LOL thanks.. I wonder if thats what its like for famous people.. annoyed with all the photographers outside their door, and rooting through their mail etc... so glad I am not famous.. what a pain it would be... so a good reminder to not grow my blog too big too fast.. or I wont be able to handle the fame!! hah hah wouldnt that just be funny!!!

  7. 6am swim?! Where do you get that energy and can you pass some along to me

  8. Training is ramping up.. this means 6am swims Mon/Tues/Wed/Friday.... and then run and bike workouts in the evenings.. with core/ab work/weights during lunchtimes or early evenings... you have NO life when training for these races... well.. some fashion life.. LOL

  9. Way to ROCK the brown and black! Love the scarf on the gnome...too cute!

  10. OMG girl how annoying!! I always feel like when that stuff happens Im like OF COURSE!!!!
    WEll your outfit still looks fab anyways!! All black is always a winner in my book!
    And I dont think there is one comment left from you that I havent LMAO from!!!


    Everyone Loves Lipstick Style Blog

  11. I love black and brow together, they are such a great neutral mix.
    Sorry you didn't get to take the photos you wanted!

    Chic on the Cheap

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! :)

    xo Lynzy

  13. I love the way you're wearing your belt. It accentuates your killer bod even more. You are the master of black and brown!

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again