Saturday, January 1, 2011

Poncho Day

Happy 1/1/11. What a cool day.  Last night we went out for a really amazing dinner and then came home and had a bottle of wine and watched a foreign movie. Very low key.  I went for a run in the SUN first thing this morning, followed by homemade brunch and then a long lazy stroll to do a photoshoot.  Well. The plan was to go out for a cuppa tea and while getting ready fiance said " What are you doing?  This isn't a fashion show"... WELL. Little does he know.  Any outing is my own version of a fashion show (and half the time thats the whole reason for going OUT). What if some local reader SEES me out in public?  What about having the camera on hand to capture the outfit?  Sheeessshhh!!!

As for New Year's Resolutions. I don't do them. Instead I create a vision board.  I am almost done the one I'm working on and it has photos of things like ripped athletes, beautiful beaches in Fiji and Tahiti, healthy food, magical gardens and lots of great clothes!!  I will post it up for you all to see when it's done.  Also, while we began training in November, I am now officially back into serious Triathlon training mode which means multiple workouts per day, not as much chocolate and lots of water and vitamins, low stress, lots of rest.  So, get your eyes ready... you will begin to see me physically transform again over the next few months as I get ready for the 2011 race season!!  I  am excited!! I love racing!!!

For the first day of the year, we had an incredible sunset- this photo I took just 1 block from my house. How awesome is THAT!!!    Happy New Year everyone!!! xoxox J


  1. That photo can be added to my list of reasons to love Canada. It's beautiful!

  2. What an amazing picture. Beautifully shot.

    And I like how you think about going out: authentic fashion-bloggers are always looking for opportunities.

  3. I don't know that I knew you're engaged. I'm a little slow. Belated congrats! Fun peacock feather earrings! Beautiful shot of the sunset.

  4. I love your earrings, and those boots are the perfect colour!

    I love the idea of you vision board...such a great idea!

  5. LOVE it. way to start the year.

  6. I never would have thought to pair boots with a long short......but it looks great! They are fabulous boots.
    The sunset is gorgeous..thanks for posting it.

  7. Wow, that sunset is amazing. Great photo.

    I love your poncho. And every day is our own opportunity to do a fashion show. Why not be fabulous every day? And you are. Looking forward to seeing your vision board. Do let us have a look.

  8. Wow wow wow!!! Your entire blog is so amazing. The pictures, the locations, the outfits, your figure is awesome, and your sense of style...fabulous!!! You just seem completely fun! Happy New Year and what an incredible sunset!

  9. I love the first photo of you! And you did the sunset was stunning in life too. Yay for a new year of fashion photos!

  10. I'm so looking forward to being kept abreast of your training and how you're doing. What an inspiration! You guys are all going to have to read about my snowboarding because it's just about to start!

    Thanks for sharing the sunset with us. I really love that second picture of you, too. What great bone structure. Just beautiful, lady:)

    Happy New Year!

  11. love the earrings!
    cheers to your training endeavor!

  12. HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! You have just made me add a poncho to my wishlist for the new year. I'm glad to see your bringing the new year in with a smile and great style.

    ps. Good luck with your training and I can't wait to see your vision board! ;)

  13. Love the sunset are so cute in your rolled jeans...the poncho rocks too!!
    I dont do resolutions either, lol...Happy New Year!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  14. Hey girl!! I loved this post!! Of course for the new year, you get up and go for a run!! I swear you would be the best accountability partner EVER for working out!!! WOW!!
    This picture is gorgeous and I cant imagine your body getting any better!!!
    You rock my socks! LOL


  15. I love those earrings! And I totally agree with every outing being an excuse for a fashion show. It drives my boyfriend nuts when I have to get completely ready just to go to the grocery store.

  16. The second photo is absolutely gorgeous! You just radiate babe! There's a certain sense of calm and confidence in your face, I love it!

    I know you are ready for 2011! I missed ya!




    Happy, Happy New Year!


  17. Beautiful photos! And those earrings!? LOVE them!

    The idea of creating a vision board is fantastic. I love that and may have to make one of my own!

    Also... hope you don't mind but I was so inspired by one of your 30x30 outfits that I recreated it today! :)

  18. I love the sunset photo, it's pure gold. And the earrings are lovely! :)