Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mexico Unplugged

Hello! or should I say HOLA. I just got home from a little over 2 weeks in Mexico.  Last year I finally got my mom to go on a trip and she loved it so much we agreed we would make it an annual thing. I told her I would much rather she spend some money on herself doing something she always wanted to do and so that we could spend some time together instead of her holding on to her money and me getting an inheritance once she's gone.  My mom and I are really close and have always been more like sisters so we had alot of laughs, long walks on the beach, giggle sessions in our room at night and even had a few too many margarita's one night!  I didn't get many photos overall and not many of myself since it was mom taking the photos and most turned out blurry (hah hah).  A few shots of my casual wear.

I did run ALOT when I was  there, almost every single day at least 1 hour and there was a 5km stretch of beach where we were staying. Let me tell you, running 5km in the sand is good training alright!!  I had to lay by the pool all day to recover :)

I hope you are all doing well and having an awesome week!!