Friday, November 15, 2013

Classic Blazer

Pouring rain Friday and I dressed so I could still commute by bike to my meetings downtown.  As I see this photo I have the thought that perhaps this blazer isn't the greatest on me. If it were a few inches longer it would better- however, thats just an inside thought now admitted to the whole world of the internet as my mom would say.

I don't think I introduced you to our new kitty(s) either. Well. After poor Deze left us I thought life would never be the same. And it isn't. Its now just different.  We adopted 2 Devon Rex cats. They are hypoallergenic so my man isn't allergic and all scratchy and itchy with these 2.  Of course, I will share more photos as time goes on (see one below). They came with strange names but we didn't have the heart to change them:).

Its that time of year where I feel FAT. Its a tough transition from training so intensely for so many months for races and then going to working out just for leisure (ie. TRX, bootcamps, etc).  It is partly mental but also physical.  Take away the training volume and intensity but the love of eating is still there!! Oh well. That too will soon change.  Training season has started and we have a long ride in the (RAIN) tomorrow!!