Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wardrobe Ideas -- I need help!

Blogger Friends!!  Can you help me?  I am looking for new wardrobe ideas.  Yes, it seems I am in a fashion rut and need to shake things up abit.  If you can think of other fashion bloggers who have a similar (curvaceous) figure like myself I would love it if you would pass on a link to their blog.  The best way to get ideas is to learn from others!!!

I am looking for other bloggers who:

  • are tall
  • defined waist
  • curves
  • suit fitted style clothing
  • have FANTABULOUS  style :)
Thanks tons!! I knew I could count on you!!   xoxo Jodi
Your wardrobe ideas/suggestions for things to try are also welcomed if you are so inclined!!!


  1. I have absolutely no idea why you put yourself in the curvaceous category! In my eyes you are slim and very athletic...anywayzzz :)
    I will suggest this lady
    just because I think that her style is unique and very refreshing.
    I would suggest that in your outfits you should maybe enhance just one par of your body, upper or lower, depending on what you think looks better or not. So wearing dark colours in the lower part (as in skinny trousers - oh yes- or pencil skirts combined with opaque tights and high heels please) and bright ones in the upper part, plus 1 or 2 pieces of fashion statement jewelry is one suggestion. Also the revival of the 70's line would look great on you: Flowing midi skirts with high waist, combined with a feminine blouse or a simple (white!) turtle neck and an eye-catching belt (you got the waist for it!) plus a pair of knee high leather boots with a block heel!
    Hope that helped a bit. :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I am everything you said but tall! :(
    You have a nice shape that is perfect for clothes!! Here are some items I think would look amazing on you...
    1. a wrap dress
    2. Flared jeans and tie-neck blouse
    3. A cape style jacket, leggings and boots!

  3. woooo love these suggetions already!!! thanks ladies..!!