Thursday, December 1, 2011

Animal and Bling

And I pulled out my favorite top from the drawer (how could I have forgotten about this one???).  I felt sassy today.. with my boots and  tights all I needed was  a cape to feel like a full Superhero!!   Inside photos today... not my specialty but you get the idea about the outfit.  It's freezing here tonight so I am now all bundled up in stretchy pants (as my mom calls them) and a big thick hoodie on- oh yeah, with some rooibos vanilla tea also!!

I am also going through my closet tonight to try to find something to wear to our Triathlon team xmas party this weekend.... ohhhh I don't know what to wear!!!

xoxo J


  1. Not only is this top spectacular, but the way you present it with those boots and tights is amazing. You look gorgeous!

  2. tres chic, giraffe, ikat and tunic all in one
    what's not to love